Will of William C. Burton

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Will of William C. Burton

Will of William C. Burton

I, William Cyrenius Burton of Cobleskill, NY of sound mind but in feeble health, do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

Item 1st. I direct my executors hereinafter named to first pay all my just debts, funeral charges and erect a suitable monument or tombstone at my grave to be paid out of my personal property.

Item 2nd. I give and devise to my wife Betsy and my two daughters Orcelia and Milla the farm on which I now live, to them, their heirs and assigns forever.

Item 3rd. I give and devise to the heirs of my daughters Hellen and Catherine the farm of about 140 acres now occupied by Abram Bice to them and their heirs forever, share and share alike, subject however to this provision in faith? Of Hellen and Catharine the use and profits arising from said farm to be used if necessary for their personal benefit and enjoyment for a period of twenty years, but at the discretion and judgment of my executors, and after said period to be divided equally among my grandchildren, the heirs of Hellan and Catharine aforesaid.

Item 4th. For my grandson William Shafer who now lives with me the sum of three thousand dollars when he becomes of age and upon the condition that he is dutiful and obedient to his grandmother and his Aunts Orcelia and Milla, it being my desire that he remain with them and work for them during his minority.

Item 5th. To Mary Shafer, sister of William, my granddaughter the sum of five hundred dollars when her brother William Shafer becomes of age.

Item 6th. I give and devise to my grandchildren, the children of my daughter Mary Jane, the farm on Petersburgh called the Murphy farm when they shall arrive at the age of twenty one years or the proceeds of the sale of said farm, if it shall be deemed best to sell the same before said children come of age.

Item 7th I hereby authorize and empower my executors to sell and convey and real estate of which I am the owner at my death.

Item 8th. After the payment of my debts, legacies and the expenses of executing the powers and duties of this my last will and Testament, I give devise and bequeath all the rest, remainder and residue of my property to my beloved wife Betsy and my two daughters Orcelia and Milla Burton to them, their heirs and assigns forever.

Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint my wife Betsy executor and Jacob Van Kriser Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In testimony whereof I have this 18th day of March 1873 set my hand seal

W. C. Burton L. S.

The above instrument consisting of part of two sheets was at the date thereof signed sealed and declared by the said testator to be his last will and testament, in our presence and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses herto

W. S. Lamont of Cobleskill
Susan Drum Central Bridge
Wm. C. Richtmyer
John I. VanDreser

Probated May 16, 1872

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