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Memorial Resolutions for Wash B. Rosecrans

May 29, 1931

     The following resolutions have been adopted:
     Whereas, In the Providence of Almighty God there has been of late removed from our midst as a people one who served us for so long as an officer and co-laborer in the person of Wash B. Rosecrans, we, the members and congregation of the Breakabeen Presbyterian Church, respectfully submit the following resolutions:
     Resolved, First, That in the absence at Mr. Rosecrans from us we feel the loss of a steadfast, earnest and most faithful elder and devoted member in our congregation whose presence is greatly missed by us,
     Resolved, Second, That as an organization we express to his family and loved ones our mutual regard and sympathy to them in the absence of one whom both they and we very much miss for what he has been to both them and us till he was called higher,
     Resolved, Third, That in his departure from us the whole community is called upon to lament the going out from us a resident whose presence will always be remembered as a very helpful member of our village,
     Resolved, Fourth, That we draw up and send to the surviving members of the family a copy of these resolutions as a token of our appreciation for what Mr. Rosecrans has been to us as well as to them and as an expression of our sympathy to them in their bereavement.óWilliam B. Frith, Howard D. Kling, Brewster Bouck, Mott Key
ser, Committee.

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