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Dr. Velmore Huse obituary

May (1916?)

Velmore Huse, M. D.

Dr. Velmore Huse died at the Alston Sanitarium, New York city, Friday morning, May 7th, after a week's illness of peritonitis, following an operation for appendicitis, in the 34th year of his age. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Huse, of Livingstonville, N. Y. After leaving the public school of his town, he attended a medical college in Baltimore, we believe, and in due time graduated therefrom with high honors. Ten years ago he located in New York city for the practice of medicine, a plucky act for a newly graduated country boy, but he at once began to ascend the ladder of medical skill, and rapidly built up a fine, and growing practice, so that he stood in the front rank of his profession, and commanded the admiration and respect of the profession, and the love of the people with whom he came in contact, and for whom he gave the best years of his life. To him there was no distinction, and the rich and poor alike were beneficiaries at the shrine of his skill and tender affection, little children being objects of his tenderest care, and at his tomb all stood with bated breath and tear bedimmed eyes, over five hundred children, beside hundreds of men and women within the scope of his practice, calling to view his remains and shed a tear over the casket of one they loved, ere he was taken from the city to his final resting place in Livingstonville, where in boyhood days he mingled with his friends, grew into manhood's estate, and established a character which has never been tarnished or invited reproach. The funeral services took place at 8 o'clock on Saturday evening, May 8th, from his late residence, 784 Van Nest Avenue, New York city, Rev. Brown of the Episcopal Church, officiating, and later at night the remains started for the home of his parents at Livingstonville, where services were held in the M. E. Church on Tuesday, and were attended by scores of neighbors and friends who came to pay respect to the boy they knew so well, and to sympathize with the bereaved father, mother and brother, and other relatives. The eulogies by the three clergymen officiating were fine in conception and presentation, and most worthily bestowed. Dr. Huse was a member of Tammany Hall, being in politics as ardent Democrat, also belonged to the Order of Red Men, and many other organizations and social clubs, which organizations contributed the most beautiful floral remembrances we ever saw, as will be seen by the list given below:

Wreath of costly flowers from the Tammany Hall General Committee; wreath from the four Van Nest churches; pillow from the Imperial Order of Red Men of Van Nest; wreath from the Fordham and Chipawar Clubs; wreath from Mr. and Mrs. S. Kopaldl floral design from Mrs. M. A. Eastburn, New York city; anchor from Mrs. J. C. Gerlach; roses from Mr. and Mrs. Webarg, Jr.; floral design from Major H. B. Hall; wreath from Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner; wreath from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott; a "Long piece" from Mr. Kohlback; lilies from Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Mulbury, of Windham, N. Y.

All of the above were evidences of the love and esteem in which Dr. Huse was held by those who knew him for what he was, a christian, a gentleman, a scholar, a friend. He was a self made man, and went to the front because of his sterling character, spotless life, and splendid attainments along all lines. From a boy he was noble, true and good, and while itt is to be regretted that in the activity of his young manhood he was cut off, yet ours it is not to question why, but to remember that He knows. To the bereaved family we extend our feeble sympathy and bespeak for them that peace which comes from a belief in Him who gave and who was taken away, remembering that Velmore is not dead simply having stepped from this life with all its burdensome limitations, over the threshold of the door which ushered their boy into the higher and better life, where he shall develop as never before, and enjoy the unfoldings of an unincumbered soul, as life's mysteries unravel and are made plain. We may be pardoned for mentioning the following tribute, which simply illustrates the worth of the young man by one who knew him well. When Velmore Huse was a boy about seventeen years old, a period when boys are apt to think well of their shrewdness, and often attempt to be smart, he attended the school at Livingstonville, of which the wife of the editor of the GAZETTE was teacher, and a few days since she said to the writer, "I always could trust Velmore Huse, and I never had to watch him. I knew he was a gentleman and that I could depend upon his devotion to his school work. To me his courtesy and gentlemanly bearing are pleasant remembrances." Few words they are, but volumes are written therein, illustrating the worth of the man of whom they were spoken.

Undertaker B. J. Farquher had charge of the funeral in New York city, and F. M. Dunkle at Livingstonville.

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