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Sarah Lamont Utter obituary

contributed by Barry Schinnerer


     Seventy-five years ago on an old family farm nears Shults Corners, one March day there was born to William and Magdalen Richtmeyer a daughter to whom they gave the name Sarah. With the years she grew into a vivacious , sparkling black-eyed girl-the prettiest girl men averred for miles around.
     While yet in her teens she married Edward son of the late Judge William C Lamont and for almost thirty years as hostess she maintained the generous life gracious hospitality of Lamont Farm-one of those fortunate farms where life was not so crowded with workaday tasks but that there was time and room for other things.
     It was a home of fine traditions where so frequently there were extra plates on the board and quests at the gate
     Edward Lamont on in 1906, she subsequently married Lewis Utter and for more than twenty years they to have made their home and enjoyed an honorable place in the life of the Lawyersville community.
     She was a women of rare charm of manner and possessed that happy disposition which under almost any circumstance looked out on life with sunny, smiling eyes.
     Throughout her life, including her last active Sunday in the world she sang in the Lawyersville church choir.
     By nature she was endowed with rare musical ability. Of technical training she had almost none but in earlier years her voice was in demand far and near where ever music was called for in the surrounding countryside.
     She was a women zealous for good works. Her whole life was centered around the Lawyersville church and her hopes and prayers followed it until the end. Now we may say of her as of the Saints of old “She rests from her labors and her works do follow her”.
     And still her earthly personality caries on. “Give her fruits of her hands and let her own words praise her in the gates”
     She is survived by her husband Lewis Utter of Lawyersville, a daughter Mrs. Jared Van Wagenen, Jr. and four grandchildren, Mrs E B Terbush of Ellenville, and Loraine Margaret and Jared Van Wegenen III, of Lawyersville, There are also three great-great grandchildren.

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