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Jacob L. Shafer


Jacob L. Shafer is a descendant of Hendrick Schaeffer, one of the early settlers of Brunen "dorf." His grandfather, Jacob Schaeffer, as particularly stated in a preceding chapter of this work, settled upon the farm now owned by Mr. Shafer, several years previous to the Revolution. Here his family of five sons were born, some of whom Americanized the name from Schaeffer to Shaver or Shafer, according to their fancy. The sons were Hendricus, Garrett, Christian, Marcus, and Jacob. Hendricus, as will be seen, settled in Schoharie; Garrett retained the old place now belonging to Jacob L.; Christian located upon the opposite side of the creek; and Marcus settled in Sharon. Jacob was a mute and remained single.

Jacob L. is a son of Garrett Shafer, and is the only male descendant in the town of Blenheim, excepting his sons. He was born there February 27, 1815, receiving but a meager education in his youth, yet strictly tutored in the school of honesty, industry and frugality.

Being of a reserved disposition, Mr. Shafer has never aspired above agricultural pursuits, but has kept steadily on, improving and adding to the inheritance derived from the father. Holding no official trust, but minor local ones, he has confined himself strictly to his own and family affairs, yet never refusing proffers of aid to the unfortunate, nor embracing an opportunity for taking the advantage of anyone.

But few men are held in greater esteem by their townsmen than Mr. Shafer, for his adherence to Christian principles in every position in which he can be placed. His honors lie in his integrity, and not in his accumulations. His children are: Mrs. Daniel Bouck, Mrs. Hiram Kniskern, Gideon, Albert, Joseph A., Walter, Mary, William G. and Edward D. They have been carefully guided through their youth, in the life principles of their parents, and are now active and useful citizens.

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