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Ephraim B. Vroman


Lieutenant Ephraim Vroman, of Revolutionary fame, was the grandfather of the subject of this sketch. That patriot had four children that survived the Revolution: Bartholomew E., Josias E., Maria (Mrs. Peter P. Zielie) and Harmonus, a child of his second wife. Bartholomew and Josias married sisters, they being daughters of Colonel Peter Dietz, whose patriotism made the name historic and his memory live as long as literature exists. Josias E. has but two sons at present living, Haqrmon and Ephraim, who have arrived at advanced ages. Our subject is the only living heir of Bartholomew and was born upon the old farm in Vromansland on the 18th of August, 1806. He was reared as a farmer and strictly adhered to that occupation till within a short time, when he retired.

Mr. Vroman received but a meagre common school education, yet inheriting the natural characteristics of the two families from which he sprang, but few men possess equal business tact or a better practical judgment, as shown in his individual affairs and those of the public in which he has from time to time been urged to transact.

We are assumed by those of greater age, who were personally acquainted with several of the old stock Vromans, that he is a true type of that sturdy race in form, features and general appearance. He has five children as follows: Mrs. Alonzo Best, Mrs. Harmon Vromanm, Mrs. Addison Cornell, George A., and Charles W., the latter two occupying the old farm that has been in the Vroman family since 1711. Although Mr. Vroman is naturally reserved, yet he is firm in his convictions, and free in his expressions of right, and in the community in which he resides, as in his family, is looked up to as a wise counsellor, generous neighbor and an unflinching patriot. It was Mr. Vroman's grandmother and youthful aunt that were murdered at the foot of the Onistagrawa by the Indian Seths Henry and his accomplice, Beacraft, the demoniac Tory. His father also was made to feel the vengeance of the unmerciful foe, in being their prisoner and forced to endure insults and hardships, which planted a hatred of Indians and Tories in the family breast that has been transmitted, and will be undoubtedly for several generations, and gave birth to a staunch patriotism that truly is undying.

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