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Gov. William C. Bouck and Hon. Charles Bouck


Charles Bouck, son of the late ex-governor Bouck, was born upon Bouck's island September 7, 1829. In his youth he attended the district school, in which his distinguished parent was so punctual in attendance, and the Albany City academy where he passed an academic course of studies. Not aspiring to high life--but inheriting the natural characteristics of the family, he chose agricultural pursuits. He married a daughter of Benjamin Best and settled upon the old homestead and extensively engaged in such productions as are peculiar to the soil and climate.

Mr. Bouck's choice of life was well made, as a more productive soil and romantic spot than the Bouck farm and its surroundings, is hard to find--particularly in the latter feature. Upon the west stands the bold Panther mountain in all its primeval grandeur and appearance, with the Schoharie river running at its base--whose waters after tumbling and tossing over craggy cascades and disturbing rapids--idly flow, as if reluctant to break the reverie in which nature seems to be enwrapped--and do honor to the associations that here cluster, so full of modesty and unassuming dignity. Around the island clings a halo of pleasing remembrances of a people's just and active chief magistrate--whose honesty and simplicity of greatness that won reverence and renown were here infused from the heart of a humble and exemplary father and the yearning soul of a christian mother. Quiet and unostentation reign as they did in the active life of the Governor, while the genial hospitality of Mr. Bouck and family is truly refreshing to the many that yearly visit the Island House. Being thus content to pass his life, Mr. Bouck has but few times felt constrained to accept public positions. In 1859 and 1865, he was elected by his townsmen to the board of Supervisors by almost an unanimous vote. In 1878 he was sent to the Legislature and served upon several important committees. In each public position the performance of the duties attending them were characterized by faithful and earnest regard for the people's interest, and free from scheming peculations for farther official promotions.

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