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Robinson - Van Patten - Wright Family Bible

Submitted by Warren Beaven

Published in 1866 by William W. Harding of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Exterior of the Bible measure 12 by 9 by 3.5 inches, bounded in red naugahyde with gold-leaf (including a gold leaf rendition of DaVinci’s  “Last Supper”.)  
The following pages are bound between the last chapter of Second Maccabees  and the frontpiece for the New Testament.  
On a page entitled Marriages
(in the hand of Eunice Wright Robinson)
On the 17th of October 1822                         On the 6th of January 1856   
by Z. Bruce Esq.                                    By the Rev. A. Deifendorf
William M. Robinson                                 James Robinson To
To Hester Vanpatten                                 Margrett S. Moot  
On the 17th of October 1844                         On the 12 of Jan. 1861
by the Rev. Burnside                                by the Rev. B. Deifendorf
Cornelius Johnson To                                Christopher Robinson
Jane Ann Robinson                                   To Mary Ann Leape  
On the 18th of March 1846                           On the 3th of Dec. 1862
by the Rev. B. Deifendorf                           by the Rev. C. C. Boorn
William Robinson To                                 Jesse Robinson To
Gitty Ann Fox                                       Sarah Ostrom  
On the 21st of Nov. 1850                            On the 17th of Feb 1869
by the Rev. b. Deifendorf                           by the Rev. C. C. Boorn
Aaron H. Robinson                                   Milo Robinson To
To Olive Whorton                                    Eunice Wright  
On the 8th Jan. 1852                                On the 10 of Oct 1889
by the Rev. B. Deifendorf                           George Brown 
Harmon Robinson                                     (then the pen or hand changes)
To Ellen Bates                                      To Mary E. Robinson 
                                                    On the 8th of July 1896
                                                    Emory Robinson to Edith Bidwell  
                                        On the 1st of May 1902
                                              Frank Robinson to Florence Bidwell  
On a page entitled Births
(in the hand of Eunice Wright Robinson)  
William M. Robinson                                 Jesse Robinson was born
Was born April 18th 1792                            March 8th 1841  
Hester Robinson
Was born March 25th 1804                            Milo Robinson was born
                                                    August 16th 1846 
William Robinson was born  
September 23th 1823                                 Eunice Wright born
                                                    January 11h 1850 
Jane Ann Robinson
was born January 28th 1826  
Aaron Humphrey Robinson
was born July 30th 1828
Harmon Robinson
was born May 3th 1831 
James Robinson was born
June 10th 1834  
Christopher Derias Robinson Was born
March 9th 1837
On a second page entitled Births
(the first four entries in the left hand column being in the hand of Eunice Wright Robinson)  
Mary E. Robinson
November 10th 1869  
Cora Robinson
December 18th 1870  
Emery Robinson
July 26th 1874  
Frank Robinson
May 6th 1876 
[Carol Robinson Beaven made the following two additions:
birth Hyndsville
death July 22 1952]
In the right hand column someone, probably Eleanor Holmes Robinson, has added:  
Emory & Edith Robinson
Jessie – married Ernest Buhrmaster – 1 girl Helen
Chester – not married
Raymond – 1 daughter & son – Paul
Howard – not married
Norman – married Katherine of Florida – 2 sons
Leland – married Mary Saceer of Penna
           John & Joan – children
Then expanding across the bottom of both columns is the following information
(in the hand of Eleanor Holmes Robinson)  
[Frank Robinson]                  --             Feb 22 1905 married
                                           Julia Ann Steenburgh 
                                                  Born 9/20/1874
                                                 Additions by Carol Robinson Beaven
                                                        Born Bramans Corner
                                                        Died Jan 24 1972  
An arrow points down to a son of Frank and Julia Robinson  
Charles Avery Robinson                     June 15 1941 -- married
Nov. 26 1913                               Eleanor Hazel Holmes
Son of Frank Robinson                      born 6/11/13
                                                  To which Carol R. Beaven
                                                  Born Lawyersville, NY
                                                  Died 1/15/91
                                                  Zephyrhills FLA  
Avery’s children  
Carol Anne Robinson                    -- Aug 23/ 69 (looks like a 4, but I know it is a 9)
  Born 6/26/43                           Rev. Warren S. Beaven of Baltimore, Md.
                                         born 2/23/45  
Hazel Mae Robinson                    to which Carol Robinson Beaven added
 Born 6/18/45                   & Charles Roy Peters   8/87 Oklahoma City, OK  
            To which Carol Robinson Beaven added
            d. 2/3/99 in OK 
James Avery Robinson            An addition in what appears to be Patricia Ward Robinson
      Born 8/1/48                      hand
                                Patricia Ann Ward --   6/13/70 Windsor, NY
                                                             (their wedding date)
                                       b. 3/17/49  
Then in the right hand margin the following information is record:  
Children of Warren Beaven and Carol Robinson:
       Larissa Carole       b. 4/1/74
       Tjark Ryan           b. 10/3/78  
Children of James Robinson and Patricia Ward:
       Michael Joseph       b. 9/29/71
       Denise Christine     b. 7/15/75
       Jeffrey James        b. 7/18/78  
Then on a page entitled Deaths
(In what appears to be Eunice Wright Robinson’s hand)
William M. Robinson                                  Cora Robinson
Died June 16th 1877                                  died July 3rd 1873  
Hester Robinson                                      Matie Robinson Brown
Died May 7th 1886                                    died April 17, 1910  
William Robinson                                     Milo Robinson
Died (no date recorded)                              died Jan 4 1919
                                                     Dorloo, Scho. Co. NY
Aaron H. Robinson                                    12:20 A.M.
Died August 11th 1913
                                                     Emory Robinson
Harmon Robinson                                      died August 20 1928
Died (no date recorded)                              Seward Center, Scho NY
                                                     Monday 2:15 P.M.
James Robinson
Died August 31st 1911                                in hand of Eleanor Holmes Robinson
                                                     Eunice Wright Robinson
Jane Ann Robinson                                    Died June 19 1931
Died (no date recorded)                              St. Petersburg, Fla  
                                                     Frank Robinson
                                                            at Hyndsville
                                                     July 22nd 1952  
                                                     Julia Steenburgh Robinson
The bible is currently (July 2004) in the possession of Carol Robinson Beaven who lives in Bellport, New York  11713

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