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submitted by Wayne E. Weatherwax
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Schoharie Co., Peter Weatherwax - Sharon A2-93

of the town of Sharon in the County of Schoharie and State of New York

I the said Peter Weatherwax considering that any continuance upon earth is soon to be terminate Did having the past time experienced the good Help of God and reposing entire confidence as to the Future in his mercy and justice and though ------ down by disease my mind memory and judgement Are yet unencumbered blessed by God for his continued favor. And that justice may be done among My living family. I have seen fit to direct the following disposition of my real and personal estate as is Herein set forth. And firstly to a merciful just creator through the savior I commend all my concern Of a future state I will order and direct that all just debts and funeral charges that shall be due from me at the time or After my decease not originating in this my last Will shall firstly be fully paid by my executor herein after Named which with the legacies herein after made and dected to be paid with the support and maintainance Of the several persons herein after specified are declared to be charges upon the real and personal estate Herein after bequeathed to Rensselaer my son and to Jeremiah P. Young and Caroline Elizabeth his wife. In consideration of valuable services for me rendered by my son Rensselaer P. Weatherwax since he Arrived at lawful age. I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs and assigns twenty eight acres of land Upon which is situate the dwelling house and other out buildings by him occupied in such. I have as ------ Be most advantageous to his I did devise and least priors to the remainder of the farm. The residue of the farm the whole estimated to contain 171 acres of land is devised and given in equal Half parts to my said son, and to Jeremiah P. Young and Caroline Elizabeth his wife, and to their respective Heirs and assigns forever. My son to have the full equal half part quantity quality and value to be considered adjacent to the twenty eight acres devised to him. And the other full equal half part aforesaid To said Jeremiah P. Young and wife to be such that part upon which my dwelling house and other buildings are situate and if any dispute when division shall be required should arise it is my Will under the said divisions shall otherwise agree that my executor herein after named shall determine the same whose decision in the matter shall be conclusive upon those who may be interested in the concern I will order and direct that my aged Mother should she call for it be decently supported at the equal expense of the before named devises during her natural life. To my beloved and industrious wife Elizabeth In consideration of her past care industry and prudence and in the ------ I stead of ----- and her anticipated Future use ---- to the living family I will order and direct it shall be at all times provided for her a good sufficient and ample support and maintainance both in health and sickness and in the later case all needful medicine and attendance during The full and term of her natural life or while she shall require it. As my widow at my dwelling house and Of the should ---- to live by herself in that case a room to be by her selected in my said house shall be set Apart for her use A supply of fire wood made consistently ready for use with full suppoty of all kinds of ---- are at all times to be kept in supply during the term aforesaid for her use that of Catharine my daughter and Emily my grand daughter while they shall continue in the family and by their labor ---- shall faithfully contribute to advance the interest of the family living. To my said wife is also given for her use and to be kept responsible for the equal expense of the before named eleven ------ good milk cows, six sheep all indoor moveables and ---- goods not herein after otherwise bequeathed,except cider casks and the clock is to be for her use in the dwelling house during her said life and thereafter said clock is given to my before named son and Jeremiah P Young and Caroline his wife. Also a promissory note for about forty eight dollars to me made by Martin Marelay. ----- in the sume of forty eight dollars ----- of said note I give and bequeath and hereby order to be delivered to my daughters herein after named the sum of two Hundred dollars to each of them at the times and in the manner herein after specified. To Harriet Eve my Eldest daughter shall be paid the interest of one hundred dollars in one year next after my decease and Said interest thereafter yearly until the third from my decease when to her shall be paid one hundred Dollars and thereafter during three years the yearly interest of one hundred dollars and the said one Hundred dollars itself and in the one year after my decease and when demanded to her shall be delivered One good milk cow, four sheep,feather bed,bedstead, and bedding and such other furniture as shall be Equal in quantity and quality to that which has been delivered to my daughter Caroline Elizabeth To Ann Eliza shall be paid the interest of one hundred dollars in two years next after my decease and Thereafter yearly during three years and the sum of one hundred dollars and there after yearly the interest of one hundred dollars until the end of six years next after my decease when the remianing one hundred dollars hall become payable with a like milk cow, 4 sheep , bed, bedstead, bedding and other furniture such as in directed to be delivered to her elder sister as aforesaid whenever she shall be married or demand the same not less than two years after my decease. To Catharine my daughter shall be paid the interest on one hundred dollars in four years next after my decease and thereafter the interets of that sum yearly until seven years next after my decease and then also one hundred dollars and thereafter yearly the interest of the remaining one hundred dollars until she shall be married or have arrived at the age of twenty one years When the latter one hundred dollars shall be paid with the like cow , sheep, bed , bedstead, bedding and other furniture directed to be provided and delivered to her elder sister aforesaid. My before named son-in-law Jeremiah P. Young is to pay and satisfy the bequests in cash to the eldest daughter, and my son the cash claims of the two younger daughters their stock and furniture is to be provided at the common and equal expense of both. And should any dispute happen to ---- as to value of the respective outfits and she shall be then living. The division shall be made by my before named wife whose determination as to the sufficiency shall be conclusive upon who may be interested. To be determined according to the value of what had been received by Caroline Elizabeth aforesaid

All of my outdoor moveable property including cider casks, beast farminh tools and including cash Goods chattles and credits not therein bequeathed are given in equal half part to my said son and son In law, but except my Blacksmith tools which should the said son and son in law conclude to have Separate estates shall belong to my said son exclusively- 

And lastly for the due and faithful Execution of this my last Will and testament I do hereby appoint my confidential friend Henry Bryce Executor there of trusting that he will see all my assigns herein before mentioned carried into effect Faithfully and without partiality in such manner as with continue my name without reproach Hereby revoking all former Wills be me made In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal The Twenty Eighth day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Five.

(signed) Peter Weatherwax s.s.
signed sealed published and declared
by the before named testator to be his last
will and testament in the presence of us
who having hereunto subscribed our names
as witness in the presence of the testator
and each other

(signed) Jedediah Miller of Cobleskill in the County of Schoharie and state of NewYork
(signed) Joseph C. Weatherwax of Sharon in the county and state aforesaid

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