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Submitted by Lisa Dougherty, Castleton, NY


To the Surrogate of the County of Schoharie:

The petition of John C. Decker of the town of Broome in the County of Schoharie showeth, that more than eighteen months have elapsed since letters of Administration were granted on the estate of Patrick Decker late of the town of Broome in said county deceased by the said Surrogate to your petitioner and Dorothy Decker and that said Administrator and Administratrix have not rendered a final account of their proceedings as such Administrator and Administratrix before the said Surrogate- That the said deceased left the said Dorothy Decker his widow and six children his heirs at law and next of kin, all residing in the town of Broome in said county, to wit, Sally Thornton, wife of Ezra C. Thornton, Cornelius Decker, Jacob Decker, Henrietta Decker, Margaret Decker, Stephen Decker. That all of said children except Sally Thornton are minors under the age of twenty-one years.

That there are no creditors to said estate to the knowledge of your petitioner, the debts of said deceased having all been paid by him. That said Administrator and Administratrix are desirous of rendering a final account as such Administrator and Administratrix of their proceedings before the said Surrogate and your petitioner prays that a citation may issue by the said Surrogate requiring said next of kin to appear before the said Surrogate and attend said final settlement- Dated March 26, 1841.

John C. Decker

Schoharie County ss: John C. Decker being duly sworn deposeth and saith that the facts set forth in the foregoing petition are true to the best of his knowledge and belief and further saith not-

John C. Decker
Sworn and Subscribed
this 26th day of March
1841 before me

Thomas Smith, Surrogate

To the Surrogate of the County of Schoharie:

The undersigned widow of Patrick Decker, deceased, late of Broome in the County of Schoharie, respectfully represents that the said Patrick Decker died on the twelfth day of March last at Broome aforesaid intestate as far as the said petitioner believes- and your petitioner further represents that the personal estate of the said deceased will not exceed in value the sum of six hundred dollars- and your petitioner therefore may that letters of administration may be granted to your petitioner and that John C. Decker of Broome aforesaid may be associate with her as administrator aforesaid.

Dorothy Decker
her mark

Schoharie County ss: Dorothy Decker being duly sworn says that the points set forth in the above pettion are true-

Sworn before me this 18th day of April 1839

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