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Paul Dietz Family Bible (Mattice Bible)

Submitted by Dan Stifflear

I have in my possession a family Bible, probably that of the Paul Dietz family. The Bible was printed in Cooperstown, NY by H. & E. Phinney in 1835.

The following information is contained within the Bible and the handwriting is obviously that made during the 1800's. The information is shown in the order it appears on the various "Family Record" pages:


Mr. Paul Dietz to Anna Maria Dietz Dec 31st 1834.

Mr. Paul Dietz to Catharine Best March 22 1849.


Paul Dietz was born May 3 1813.

Anna Maria Dietz was born July 19 1814.

Catharine Best was born February 7 1818.


David Best died Jan 10th 1836.

Lana Best died Feb 20th 1871.

Elizabeth Best died Mar 29 1893.

Catharine Dietz died 26 Apr 1893.

Anna Maria Dietz died Oct 8th 1847.

Pasted in the Deaths section is the obituary of Paul Dietz, printed in the Schoharie
Republican at Schoharie on Thursday, June 17, 1880:

Paul Dietz, Esq., one of our most well known citizens, was found dead in his bed at an early hour on Tuesday morning. Mr. Dietz had not been quite well for some time past, but on Monday was about as usual. Mrs. Dietz was not well on Monday and that night they occupied adjoining rooms. At 12 o'clock at night Mrs. Dietz was awake and called to her husband asking him if he wanted anything. He replied "No, I'm all right". At 3 o'clock in the morning his room was again visited and it was supposed he was asleep. It was probably the sleep of death; for at an early hour when his wife went into the room and called to him, he not answering, she took hold of his hand, he was dead and cold. Mr. Dietz was in his 68th year, having been born in Berne, Albany Co., May 1813. At the age of 18 he came to Schoharie. Here he learned the mason's trade and afterwards embarked in business and settled down to agricultural pursuits. He accumulated a competence and for years has lived at ease. He was a noble-hearted genial old gentleman who won the respect and esteem of all who knew him. He passed away as quietly as he had lived. His funeral will be attended from his late residence this (Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock.

The Bible does not list any children born to Paul by either of his 2 wives. As shown below, he was the father of 4 Dietz children who were living in 1882.

Dan Stifflear
Ocala, FL


The "History of Schoharie County, New York, 1713-1882", by William E. Roscoe, in Volume 2 on page XX, states the following about Paul Dietz:

Dietz, Paul, mason and builder, born in Albany County in May 1813, settled in county in 1831, died June 15, 1880, owned homestead; wife Catharine Best, of Schoharie, born in 1818, married in 1849. Her father, David Best, born January 10, 1789, died January 10, 1836; wife Lana Dietz of Schoharie, born in 1791, died February 10, 1871; children living four.

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