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Submitted by Ejvor Merkley


Albany County Wills, Liber 37 , page 171

In the name of God, Amen. This 4th day of April, 1784. I, Nicholaus Merckel, at Shoharry, Albbany County, being week in body, I leave to my godson, Nicholaus Merckel, son of my eldest brother, Johannes, 8, which shall be paid to him, or to his mother, six weeks after my decease. To "my lovely Maria." daughter of my brother , Henry Merckel, 8, paid to her or her father or mother six weeks after my decease. To my godson, Jacob Sittnich, son of my brother-in-law, William Sittnich, 8. To my godson Nicholaus Rightmeyer, son of my brother-in-law, Christian Rightmeyer , 8. To all my brothers and sisters and to "them two" children of my brother Peter named, Johannes and Henry Merckel, and Jacob Merckel; Barbel, wife of Christian Sands; Elizabeth, wife of Christian Richtmeyer; Lisabeth, wife of William Sittnich, and Jacob and Catherine Merckel, two children of my brother, Peter Merckel, all my reel and personal estate equally divided. I appoint Christian Rightmeyer and Willem Sittnich, my two brother-in-laws, executors,

Witnesses, Ludwig Bremer, yeoman; Lawrence Schoolcraft, George F.Reinhard, schoolmaster.

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