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Nellie "Helen" May Gordon obituary

contributed by Helen Hiller Hills

New Bedford, MA Standard Times
January 1967

Mrs. Helen Hiller, 90, Dies in Nursing Home

     Mrs. Helen M. (Gordon) Hiller, 90, of 49 Union St., Fairhaven, died Sunday at a Mattapoisett nursing home after a long illness. She was the widow of Charles E. Hiller.
     Born in Carlisle, N.Y., she was an area resident for 65 years and was active in the Society of Friends and the American Friends Service
Committee. She was a member of the North Dartmouth Friends Meeting.
     Surviving are five daughters, Dr. Mary Leiby of Philadelphia, Mrs. Helen Downer of Marion, Mrs. Lydia Frink of Newington, NH; two sons,
Ira Richardson Hiller of Mattapoisett, and Eldredge Milton Hiller of Scarsdale, N.Y., 24 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

Notes and pictures from Helen (Hiller) Hills (April 12, 2007):

This obituary is for my grandmother who died in 1967 here in Massachusetts. I have a lot more information about her after she was married in 1902, but very little about her family. Her parents are buried with her here in Marion, MA, in the Evergreen Cemetery. The story is that a highway was being put through the cemetery in NY and the graves had to be moved. I could send photos of the headstones, if anyone is interested. She was a cousin of Lillie (Gordon?) Vanderwerken whose obituary I found on your site, and for which I thank you very much.

my grandmother's parents:

Daniel Gordon 20 Feb 1834 - 2 Feb 1925, born in Carlisle, NY, died in Flushing, NY, buried in Evergreen Cemetery

Mary E. Hemstreet 23 Aug 1850 - 27 Dec 1921, born in Cobleskill, NY, died in Flushing, NY

Gordon tombstone

my grandmother:

Nellie "Helen" May (Gordon) Hiller 24 March 1876 - 1 Jan 1967, born in Carlisle, NY, died in a nursing home in Mattapoisett, MA

Nellie Gordon Hiller  Hiller - Gordon tombstone

I have a scanned photo of the farm where my grandmother was born in Carlisle, taken in 1936 when my dad brought her on a visit to "Cousin
Lillie" Van Derwerken, who lived on a farm near Sloansville.

Gordon Farm, 1936

The Gordon farm in Carlisle (I have never visited it so have no idea where it is/was), two shots, front and back, of the shared headstone for my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, and one picture of my grandmother, Nellie Gordon, taken about 1905. No one seems to be sure which baby this is. She had nine live births, seven survived to adulthood.

The headstone is in Evergreen Cemetery in Marion, MA on Mill Street and Converse Road.

The picture of Nellie and baby was taken at the Hammond Farm in Marion, where the family lived in the summer. My grandfather, Charles Hiller, was a native of Marion with Hiller ancestors here since 1629, descended from Hugh Tilly/Hiller (his surname varied and our branch settled for Hiller). I don't think the Hillers I've found in Schoharie County are connected. My mother, Margaret Crane, was from New Jersey, so I suspect there's no connection there either to the Cranes in Schoharie.

By the way, Nellie was my grandmother's given name. When she attended normal school in Oneonta, NY, they insisted she have a "proper" name, so she chose "Helen."

My grandfather Charles Hiller worked for American Colortype in NYC, hence their home in Flushing, NY. When Daniel and Mary (Hemstreet) Gordon got too old to manage on their own, they went to live with my grandparents in Flushing. According to my aunt Martha (now age 98), Grandpa Gordon was a cranky old coot, and very demanding. I think Daniel and Mary did more traveling after they died than they ever did before (they died in Flushing, were buried somewhere upstate, and their caskets were moved in the 1950s to Marion).

I have no idea which of the many Gordons in Schoharie was Daniel's father. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know. I suppose I'll have to apply for death certificates for Daniel and Mary and hope that has the information. I do know that Charles Hiller and Nellie Gordon were married on 5 October 1901 at 679 Broadway (their home) in Flushing, NY, by Oliver Hemstreet. He was an outspoken Presbyterian minister and some sort of relation to Mary Hemstreet.

My grandmother Nellie Gordon was raised Lutheran, I think, but my grandfather's family was Quaker. She embraced the Quaker doctrine with the typical fervor of a convert.

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