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Memorial Resolutions for Maude V. Mattice

November 1922

     Resolution of the Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church of Breakabeen, N. Y.
     Whereas, It has pleased God in His wise providence to call to her eternal home our beloved sister, Maude V. Mattice., Nov. 27, 1922, it being the close of a long illness which she bore with cheerfulness and resignation, and
     Whereas, Sister Mattice was a member of this society and always cheerfully performed the duties placed upon her, and in her departure from this life, the Church, the community and this Society has sustained the loss of a member whose influence was always for good.
     Resolved, That in the death of our departed sister, it becomes us as members of this Society to apply ourselves with renewed energy to the work of the Society,
     Resolved, That we, as members of this Society, though our hearts are sad, recognizing His omnipotent hand, that we deeply sympathize with those near and dear to her, be it further
     Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes a copy of them sent to the bereaved family and published in the Middleburgh papers.
     Mrs. Ezra Coons, Mrs. W. H. Mann, Mrs. A. Spickerman, Com.

     Memorial resolutions of Breakabeen Grange No. 767:
     Whereas, Death has summoned our Sister Granger, Miss Maude Mattice, to that Paradise not made with hands eternal in the Heavens and as her reward has received the plaudit "well done" from the Supreme Master
     And Whereas, the all wise and merciful Master of the Universe has called our beloved and respected sister home and she having been a true and faithful member of the Grange, therefore be it
     Resolved, That we as members of Breakabeen Grange No. 767 tender to the bereaved family our sincere Condolence in their deep affliction and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family and spread upon the minutes.
     Mrs. W. H. Mann, Mrs. Floyd Barber, Hugo Williams, Com.

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