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Mrs. Mandane Selleck obituary

A Tribute
May 1917

    It is with extreme sorrow and grief that we write of the death of Mrs. Mandane Selleck which occurred at her late home on May 15th. She had reached the beautiful autumn of life and as the western sun was sinking to rest it was then her gentle and loving spirit was wafted beyond the misty blue, and her blessed Savior whispered, "It is enough, come up higher." Her life needs no eulogizing, for to us who knew, honored and respected her, the uprightness of her character is a sufficient eulogy for time and eternity. He who controls the destinies of men has called her home and she is now singing the song of the redeemed in a home not made by hands eternal in the heavens. She leaves three children to mourn her loss, Mrs. Lewis Chichester, Mrs. Hobart Mace and Mrs. Tompkins S. Watson, who have the deepest sympathy, but sympathy cannot alleviate the suffering of a broken heart and fill the aching void that is left by the removal of a dear and loving mother. Truly the dear ones left behind have no regrets as mother to them was first in all things and the daughter that has been permitted to be her companion through life and whose joys and sorrows were shared together has the consoling thought that willing hands and loving words were kindly administered as her footsteps were serenely descending the path of life that led to the mystic river. The dear ones left will retain sweet memories of mother and from the long years that will pass sweet echoes will float and will be as the perfume of sweet flowers along their pathway. The church and all connected have lost an earnest and devoted worker, and the community in which she lived has lost one whose life was spent for the happiness and comfort of others. Her funeral was held at her late home, Rev, A. D. Parker officiating, and the floral tributes presented were a loving token of the esteem and respect in which she was held, and in that heavenly clime, pastures green and fadeless flowers will her spiritual eyes now behold. She was tenderly and lovingly laid to rest to await the resurrection morn, and as the gentle evening breezes softly fan her last resting place, and the silent stars keep watch at night, we will gaze upward and faintly murmur, ever remembered by what she has done— 
Then think of her still as the same, I say;
She is not dead—she has just gone away. 

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