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Mrs. Martin K. Blenis obituary

A Good Woman Has Finished Work Here
Mrs. M. K. Blenis Buried at Breakabeen
She Was a Woman Beloved By All and a Great Blow To Community
Marach 20, 1926
(The Middleburgh News)

     The community again was saddened to hear that on Saturday Mrs. Martin K. Blenis had passed away.
     She was taken sick with bronchial pneumonia on Thursday, March 11th and died just twelve days later, March 20th. She was born sixty-nine years ago in the homestead near Husons Corners, in the town of Fulton.
     Mrs. Blenis was a Christian woman, loyal to the M. E. church of which she was a member, never missing services as long as she had her health. It was the pleasure of the writer on Sundays to usher she and her husband to their seats. She was a woman that always took an active part in church work, and always ready to extend a helping hand in time of need. She had a loving disposition and one that will be greatly missed in her home and the community, but her life will long linger in the hearts of many.
     She was twice married, her first husband being Peter Chichester and they lived at Carlisle Center, after which they moved near East Cobleskill where he died. Later she married again, her second husband being Martin K. Blenis. She is survived by her husband, one son Frank by her first husband, one sister, Mrs. Wm. Travis, and one brother, Ira VanWormer, both of Breakabeen, and also two grandchildren which she loved. The funeral was held at the house Tuesday at 2 o'clock, Rev. A. J. Sunderland officiating. Burial at Breakabeen.

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