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Melvin O. Dutton

submitted by Edward Dutton

Melvin O. Dutton was born 20 Dec 1842 (Dick Dutton). The evidence is substantial by location of Horace Dutton in Rice County (see Horace Dutton source records), and that the son of Horace Dutton and the Melvin O. Dutton in the Civil War are the same person (Old Military Records). Dick Dutton's file listed his middle initial as "B.," but the military records record him as Melvin O. Dutton.

Melvin Dutton is shown on the 1850, 1855, and 1860 census with his parents and siblings at Durham, Greene County, New York. In 1860, he was a Pedlar. Since his father, Horace, is shown on the 1840 census at Middleburgh in Schoharie County, he was probably born near there in 1842.

He enlisted at Fort Snelling Minnesota April 27, 1862 for a period of three years. His Minnesota regiment was sent to Missouri; there it was in action in campaigns at Iuka, Corinith, Jackson, Vicksburg, Mechanicsburgh, and Richmond. Melvin Dutton is also shown at Muster at Younge's Point, Louisiana in March and April, 1863. Aside from musters, he spent a lot of time at Divsion Headquarters as a Wagonmaster. After encountering a lingering intestinal infection, he was transferred to Fort Snelling, Minnesota on August 28, 1963, suffering from fever and chronic diarrhea, returned to duty status in Fort Snelling, then suffered "varicosle" veins in January, 1864. He served in Fort Snelling in the Invalid Corps, later renamed the Veteran Reserve Corps. While there, he was sent to Faribault in Rice County to recover. His 3-year enlisted would have expired about April 27, 1965, but he was probably mustered out with his unit at Fort Snelling in September, 1865.
Melvin O. Dutton enlistment April 27, 1862 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, age 21, born Schoharie County, New York, enlistment period 3 years. The occupation on enlistment was as Carpenter. The second card heading looks more like Melvin B than an "O," but twenty-one records show Melvin O. Dutton. There are about 18 Cards of Personnel Records of Enlistment, Musters, and stations, plus four hospital reports (Old Military Records, NARA).

The above mentioned Muster Rolls: Capt. E. Clark's Co, 5 Reg't Minn, Inf. Apr 27-30, Ft Snelling, Pvt. Co. I.; also May & June, July & Aug. Sept & Oct 1862 at Company I.

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