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McNeill Family

The [following] is a very simple descendancy chart from the progenitor through the sixth generation with limited data. I have a more complete manuscript on the families with copies available through me, or folks can find it at the Old Stone Fort in Schoharie, NY.
                                                                                                                             Linda A. Roorda

Descendants Of
See also:
“The McNeill Family of Carlisle, Schoharie County”
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
Vol. 139:123-129, Vol. 139:217-229 (Vol. 139:313, corrections to NYGBR editor’s errors)
by:  Linda A. Roorda
Please contact author for a more extensive manuscript with family data. 
Author also looks forward to hearing from, and sharing with, other descendants. 


1.0-John McNeill, b. say abt. 1718, d. by 1759, parents unknown; m. Hannah Caldwell, dau of James Caldwell and Lettice Murdock, b. abt 1732, d. 1755, Londonderry, NH.  One child: 


2.1-John Caldwell McNeill, b. abt 1755, prob. Londonderry, NH, d. 1840, Carlisle, NY; m. 1781 Hannah Caldwell, dau of Samuel Caldwell (brother of John C.’s mother Hannah b. 1732) and Elizabeth Brown, b. 1763, Merrimack, NH, d. 1844, Carlisle, NY.  Ch.: 


3.1-Betsey McNeill Tobie, b. abt 1781, d. 1857, m. Moses Mudgett, b. abt 1787, d. unk.  Ch.:
            4.1-Moses Mudgett, b. abt 1808, m. Aurinda Boynton, b. 1810.  Ch.:
                        5.1-Mary S. Mudget, b. 1831, m. George L. Emerson, b. 1828.
                        5.2-Adam(s) Mudgett, b. 1832
                        5.3-George S. Mudgett, b. 1833, m. Elizabeth/Lizzie Buckland, b. 1838.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Herbert A. Mudgett, b. 1856, m. Georgette P., b. 1860.  Ch.:
                                    6.2-Ellen/Ella/Ella Lee Mudgett, b. 1859
                                    6.3-George Everett Mudgett, b. 1874, m. Elizabeth Clough, b. 1876. Ch.
                        5.4-Ezra T. Mudgett, b. 1836, m. Ella/Lura L. Richards, b. 1839.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Lena M. Mudgett, b. 1872, m. Henry H. Brown, b. 1864.
                        5.5-Roxanna L. Mudgett, b. 1837, m. Joihn R. Hadley, b. 1830.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Sarah J. Hadley, b. 1852.
                                    6.2-George Frank Hadley, b. 1853, m. Emma Dora/Doris, b. 1855. Ch.
                                    6.3-Harry A. Hadley, b. 1857, m. Lucy A., b. 1859.  Ch.:
                                    6.4-Hattie A. Hadley, b. 1856.
                                    6.5-Ezra M. Hadley, b. 1858.
                                    6.6-William R. Hadley, b. 1867, m. Minnie E. Peaslee, b. 1867. Ch.
                        5.6-William S. Mudgett, b. 1840.
                        5.7-Franklin G. Mudgett, b. 1842, m. Mary, b. 1858.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Clara L. Mudgett, b. 1867.
                        5.8-Helen A. Mudgett, b. 1848.
                        5.9-Albert Otis/Otis Albert Mudgett, b. 1852, m. Mary A., b. 1858.
            4.2-Esther Mudgett, b. 1810, m. Nathan Philbrick, b. 1802.  Ch.:
                        5.1-Charlotte A. M. Philbrick, b. 1830, m. William J. Campbell, b. 1820. Ch.:
                                    6.1-Eugene L. Campbell, b. 1850.
                                    6.2-Louella/Lewella A. Campbell, b. 1852.
                                    6.3-William A. Campbell, b. 1855.
                                    6.4-Pliny M. Campbell, b. 1869.
                        5.2-John Brooks Philbrick, b. 1832, m. Hannah Elizabeth/Lizzie Bailey, b. 1831.
                                    6.1-Romeyn A. Philbrick, b. 1860, m. Alice A., b. 1886.
                        5.3-James N. Philbrick, b. 1835, m. Ellen Gove.
                        5.4-Hannah Elizabeth Philbrick, b. 1841, m. 1) Joseph Gove, b. 1835.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Nathan P. Gove, b. 1860.
                        Hannah m. 2) Daniel Gregg, b. 1824.  Ch.:
                                    6.2-Zella Gregg, b. 1881, m. Walter Richardson, b. 1878.
                        5.5-William Henry Philbrick, b. 1849, m. Flora Gregg, b. 1850.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Guy Maurice Philbrick, b. 1886, m. Olive M., b. 1886. Ch.
                        5.6-Olive A. Philbrick, b. 1854, m. Joseph Warren (William?) Loveren, b. 1846.
                                    6.1-Nellie E. Loveren, b. 1873.
                                    6.2-Henry H./A. Loveren, b. 1874.
                                    6.3-John Frank Loveren, b. 1875, m. Mabel R., b. 1882. Ch.
                                    6.4-Mabel J. Loveren, b. 1877.
                                    6.5-Fannie E. Loveren, b. 1878.
                                    6.6-Arthur W. Loveren, b. 1886.
                                    6.7-Martin L. Loveren, b. 1891. 

3.2-Samuel McNeill, b. abt. 1873, d. unk; m.1) unknown, ch.:
            4.1-Male McNeill, b. bef. 1810 census.
            4.2-Female McNeill, b. bef. 1810 census.
            4.3-Prob. Martha Ann McNeill, b. 1814/1815, d. 1903, m. 1) Martin M. Tillapaugh, b. 1810, d. 1854.  Martha m. 2) Adam Seeber, b. 1810, d. 1885, no ch.  Tillapaugh ch.:
                        5.1-Norman Tillapaugh, b. 1833
                        5.2-Louisa Tillapaugh, b. 1834, m. Arba O. Mabie, b. 1831.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Oscar D. Mabie, b. 1860, m. 1) Addie Persons, b. 1858.  Ch.
                                    m. 2) Anna Waish/Walsh, b. 1873.
                                    6.2-Eva L. Mabie, b. 1862, m. 1) A. Winne, b. 1873.
                                    m. 2) William Smith, b. 1871.
                                    6.3-Elmer A. Mabie, b. 1864, m. Minnie Lovejoy, b. 1866.  Ch.
                                    6.4-Gifford Mabie, b. 1865, m. 1) Alice Rhodes, b. 1866.  Ch.
                                    m. 2) Clara M. Kniffen, b. 1869.
                                    6.5-Dorr Mabie, b. 1871, d. 1872.
                                    6.6-E. Maude Mabie, b. 1875, m. Homer M. Thompson, b. 1877.  Ch.
                        5.3-Charles Tillapaugh, b. 1836, m. Mahala Seeber, b. 1841.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Arthur Tillapaugh, b. 1865, m. Mattie L. Palmer.  Ch.
                                    6.2-Floyd James Tillapaugh, b. 1868, m. Lelia Maude Miller, b. 1868.
                        5.4-Eveline/Eva Tillapaugh, b. 1839, d. 1870.
                        5.5-Marcia Jane Tillapaugh, b. 1843, m. William Gifford, b. 1841.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Minnie A. Gifford, b. 1866, m. Charles L. Farrar, b. 1864.  Ch.
                        5.6-Oscar Tillapaugh, b. 1845, m. Ellen Gardner, b. 1848.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Anna Mae Tillapaugh, b. 1876, m. Edward S. Granger, b. 1873. Ch.
                                    6.2- Frank G. Tillapaugh, b. 1879.
                        5.7-George Tillapaugh, b. 1848, d. 1849.
                        5.8-George M. Tillapaugh, b. 1850, m. Orcelia Keller, b. 1853.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Lillian Tillapaugh, b. 1871, m. John W. Brown, b. 1860.  Ch.
                                    6.2-Revo Tillapaugh, b. 1881, m. Anna G. Gendall, b. 1875.  Ch.
                        5.9-Irvin A. Tillapaugh, b. 1853, m. Clara Maguire, b. 1855.  Ch.:
                                    6.1-Ina Tillapaugh, b. 1879.
                                    6.2-Herbert J. Tillapaugh, b. 1882, m. Margaret W. Griswold, b. 1889. Ch.

3.2-Samuel McNeill m. 2) Maria Sommer, b. 1789, d. unk., dau of Nicholas Sommer and Anna Appollonia Lowenstein (Livingston).  Ch.:
            4.4-John William McNeill, b. 1816.
            4.5-Elisa Jane McNeill, b. 1818.
            4.6-Daughter McNeill, b. abt. 1820.
            4.7-Frederick Gilbert McNeill, b. 1824.
            4.8-Apollonia Livingston McNeill, b. 1826, m. William Smyth, b. 1809.  Ch.:
                        5.1-Frederick Gilbert Smyth, b. 1843.
                        5.2-William S. Smyth, b. 1845.
                        5.3-Eva Smyth, b. 1851.
                        5.4-Arthur L. Smyth, b. 1857.
                        5.5-Edward Smyth, b. 1862.
                        5.6-Earnest L. Smyth, b. 1862.
                        5.7-Child Smyth, b. unk, d. unk.
                        5.8-Child Smyth, b. unk, d. unk.
            4.9-Sarah McNeill, b. 1829.
            4.10-supp. Peter McNeill, b. unk. 

3.3-John McNeill, b 1786, d 1860; m. Sarah Alice (prob. Briggs) b 1792, d 1864. Ch.:
            4.1-Barzillai McNeill, b 1814, d 1897; m. Caroline (Paulina) Riley, b 1812, d 1902.
                        5.1-Loraine R. McNeill, b 1839; m. Jared Van Wagenen, b 1835. Ch.
                                    6.1-Jared Van Wagenen, b 1871; m. Magdalena Eliza Lamont, b 1874. Ch.
                                    6.2-Albert Riley Van Wagenen, b 1876, d 1891.
            4.2-Sarah Ann McNeill, b 1815, d 1904, never married.
            4.3-Mary McNeill, b 1817, d unk; m. William Shafer, b 1818, d unk. Ch.
                        5.1-Mary Emeline Shafer, b 1842, d unk, m. unk.
            4.4-Squire McNeill, b 1818, d 1866; m. Julia Ann (__), b 1817, d 1893.  Ch.
                        5.1-Mary Elizabeth McNeill, b 1843; m. Henry Jerome Staley, b 1837. Ch.
                                    6.1-Bertha J. Staley, b 1867; m. Henry I. Larkin, b 1862. Ch.
                                    6.2-Eva L. Staley, b 1871; m. Dow S. Pierce, b 1870.  Ch.
                                    6.3-Lucy M. Staley, b 1881; m. Fred E. Hemstreet, b 1882.  Ch.
                        5.2-Lucy E. McNeill, b 1846; m. James H. Myers, b 1849.
                        5.3-Menzo McNeill, b 1849; m. Flora Bernstein, b 1869. Ch.
                                    6.1-Nellie G. McNeill, b 1903.
            4.5-James McNeill, b 1819, d 1888; m. Eliza (____), b 1819, d unk.  Ch.
                        5.1-Lucretia McNeill, b 1841; m. Robert H. Scott, b 1833. Ch.
                                    6.1-Alice Scott, b 1857.
                                    6.2-James Scott, b. 1859.
                        5.2-George McNeill, b 1844; m. Elizabeth (___), b 1851.  Ch.
                                    6.1-May/Mary McNeill, b 1874.
                                    6.2-Harry Y. McNeill, b 1879; m. 1) Leao (?) (__), b 1884;
                                    m. 2) Annette (__), b. 1875.  Ch.
                        5.3-Harrite/Hattie/Hettie McNeill, b 1847.
                        5.4-Emma McNeill, b 1850.
                        5.5-Barzilla/Barsilla McNeill, b 1853, d 1896.
            4.6-Briggs McNeill, b 1822, d 1850.
            4.7-Lucy Jane McNeill, b 1825, d 1904; m. James Daniel Machin, b 1824, d 1904. Ch.
                        5.1-Miller M. Machin, b 1853; m. Kate A. Lynn, b 1861. Ch.
                                    6.1-Mary A. Machin, b 1884; m. (____) Gardner.  Ch.
                        5.2-Alice B. Machin, b 1857; m. David Seeley Adams, b 1856.  Ch .
                                    6.1-J(Jane?) Lucy/Lucille Adams, b 1885; m.Fred Zimmerman,b 1880.Ch.
                                    6.2-Kate Adams, b 1890; m. (____) Hoffman.  Ch.
                                    6.3-Belle Adams, b 1894.
            4.8-John Henry/Henry John McNeill, b 1828, d 1887; m.Margaret E.Fox, b 1831, d 1917.
                        5.1-Ella/Ellen McNeill, b 1852; m. William Van Valkenburg, b 1849.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Lana  Van Valkenburg, b 1871.
                                    6.2-Clara Van Valkenburg, b 1873.
                                    6.3-Maggie Van Valkenburg, b 1875.
                                    6.4-Edgar Van Valkenburg, b 1880; m. Luella (_), b 1891.  Ch.
                                    6.5-Helen Van Valkenburg, b 1882; m. Willard Kilts, b 1873.  Ch.
                                    6.6-Anna Van Valkenburg, b 1884; m. Harry Brown, b 1873.  Ch.
                                    6.6-McNeil/Neal Van Valkenburg, b 1888, d 1917; m. unk.  Ch.
            4.9-Merritt McNeill, b 1833, d 1909; m. Eliza Delilah Ten Eyck, b 1833, d 1909.  Ch.
                        5.1-John McNeill, b 1860; m.1) Katie C. Bauder, b 1861, d 1903;
            m.2) Viola Lovern, b 1874.  No ch.
                        5.2-Alice McNeill, b 1862; m. Henry Ottman, b 1855.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Jessie M. Ottman, b 1893; m. Ralph Brown.
                                    6.2-Marian E. Ottman, b 1902; m. Allen Mickle.  Ch.
                        5.3-Charles McNeill, b 1866; m. Marian (__), b 1873.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Eliza McNeill, b 1898.

3.4-Sarah/Sally McNeill, b 1787, d 1854; m. Andrew Slaght/Slack, b 1783, d 1868.  Ch.
            4.1-David Slack, b 1810; m. Betsey (__), b 1811.  Ch.
                        5.1-Mary E. Slack, b 1841; m. Thomas W. Abney, b 1831.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Francis E. Abney, b 1862; m.1) Leah (__), b 1868.  Ch. 
                         m.2) Letha J., b 1886. Ch.
                                    6.2-Walter L. Abney, b 1865; m. Mary A. (__), b 1872.  Ch.
                                    6.3-Asbury Alfred Abney, b 1867; m. Ursula E. (__), b 1868.  Ch.
                                    6.4-Harry Abney, b 1874; m. Johnnie May (__), b 1885.
                        5.2-Edward S. Slack, b 1843; m. Mary Antonette (__), b 1843.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Grace/Gracie Slack, b 1869.
                        5.3-Ida Slack, b 1857.
            4.2-Hannah Slack, b 1812, d 1885; m. Franklin Humphrey, b 1808, d 1877.  Ch.
                        5.1-Sarah m. Humphrey, b 1835; m. Lavinias Marshall, b 1816.
                        5.2-Adelbert Humphrey, b 1842; m. Amelia (Minnie) H. Stevens, b 1847. Ch.
                                    6.1-Josephine (Jessie) F. Humphrey, b 1877.
                        5.3-Charles Luther Humphrey, b 1849, d 1866.
            4.3-Daughter Slack, b 1816.
            4.4-Jeanette Slack, b 1820, d unk; m. Sumner P. Stone, b 1819.  Ch.
                        5.1-Lora F. Stone, b 1844; m. George L. Stone, b 1844.
                        5.2-Josephine Stone, b 1847.
                        5.3-Edson L. Stone, b 1849; m. unk.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Lora J. Stone, b 1875; m. (__) Freeland.
                        5.4-Albert Stone, b 1854; m. Annie (__), b 1858.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Lillie Stone, b 1878.
                                    6.2-Clara Stone, b 1879, d bef 1900.
                                    6.3-George Stone, b 1880.
                                    6.4-Elizabeth/Lizzie Stone, b 1883.
                                    6.5-Laura Stone, b 1884.
                                    6.6-Anna Stone, b 1888.
                                    6.7-Mabel Stone, b 1899.
                        5.5-Andrew Stone, b 1857.
                        5.6-Orra/Orvis P. Stone, b 1860.
            4.5-Jeremiah Slack, b 1823, d 1862; m. Elizabeth Burrington, b 1814, d 1885.  No ch.
            4.6-John M. Slack, b 1826, d 1887; m. Caroline Lovisa Longyor, b 1826, d 1884.  Ch.
                        5.1-Myron Clark Slack, b 1854; m.1) Nettie Tupper, b unk.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Myron Clark Slack, Jr., b 1875.
                                    6.2-Nettie Slack, b 1881, d 1899.
                                    m.2) Lucy Abigail (Libby) Cheney, b 1852.  Ch.
                                    6.3-James Garfield Slack, b 1882; m. Ella Clark.
                                    6.4-Sydney Clark Slack, b 1883, d 1899.
                                    6.5-Clara Geraldine Slack, b 1885; m. Charles Turnbull. 
                                    6.6-Walter Longyor Slack, b 1888; m. Eufa Grant.
                                    6.7-William Raymond Slack, b 1890, d 1911.
                                    6.8-John Cheney Slack, b 1893; m. Emma Halvorson.
                        5.2-Irving John/John Irving Slack, b 1859, d 1862.
                        5.3-Clara Eliza Slack, b 1861, d 1881.
                        5.4-Walter Longyor Slack, b 1863; m. Minnie Eloise Knapp, b 1870.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Walter K. Slack, b 1899; m. Ruth L. McClelland.
                                    6.2-John L. Slack, b 1902; m. Margaret Byrne.
                                    6.3-Son Slack, b 1907, d 1907.
                                    6.4-Helen E. Slack, b 1910; m. (__) Emery.
                        5.5-Delmar Merrie Slack, b 1868, d 1898; m. Nina Woodworth.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Esther Slack, b 1893; m. George W. Bedell.
            4.7-Andrew L. Slack, b 1828, d 1888; m. Emily F. Davis, b 1841, d 1905.  Ch.
                        5.1-Mary H. Slack, b 1860; m. John W. Mayberry, b 1842.  Ch .
                                    6.1-Mary E. Mayberry, b 1880.
                        5.2-Walter K. Slack, b 1861; m. Sarah E. Robinson, b 1861.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Robina Slack, b 1889.
                        5.3-Abba Florence Slack, b 1864, d 1865.
                        5.4-Edgar S./L. Slack, b 1867; m. Caroline E. Ehron, b 1871.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Ellard Lake Slack, b 1892; m. Aina E. (__), b 1892.  Ch.
                                    6.2-Doris M. Slack, b 1896.
                        5.5-Ellard D. Slack, b 1874. 

3.5-Unknown Female McNeill, b perhaps 1790. 

3.6-Robert McNeill, b 1794, d 1876; m. 1) Matilda Crego, b unk, d 1839.  Ch.
            4.1-Chauncey McNeill, b 1819, d 1865; m.1) Clarissa E. Bacon, b 1824, d 1848;
            m.2) Tryphena Hinsdale, b 1825, d 1888.  Ch.
                        5.1-Willis McNeill, b 1858; m. Flava A. Hall, b 1865.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Vera Belle McNeill, b 1886, d 1888.
                                    6.2-Vada McNeill, b 1892; m.1) (_) Hall; m.2) Leroy P. Robinson, b 1898.
                                    6.3-Bernadine (Bonnie) McNeill, b 1904; m.Maurice H. Sandwith, b 1906.
                        5.2-Clarissa/Clara McNeill, b 1860; m. George James, b 1857.
            4.2-Enfield McNeill, b 1821; m. Anthony Case, b. 1820.  Ch.
                        5.1-Mary M. Case, b 1844; m. Albert Van Riper, b 1843.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Maggie Van Riper, b 1869.
                        5.2-Melvin A. Case, b 1861; m. Sarah (__), b 1868.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Milo A. Case, b 1887.
                                    6.2-Hazel E. Case, b 1893.
            4.3-John M. McNeill, b 1824, d 1881; m.1) Almina Reynolds, b 1827, d 1851;
            m.2) Mary M. Hinsdale, b 1827, d 1882.  Ch.
                        5.1-Almina/Elmina McNeill, b 1856; m. Albert Boynton Smith, b 1859.
                        5.2-Mary Helen McNeill, b 1859; m. David Skillen, b 1855.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Grace Skillen, b 1884.
                        5.3-Frances Folsum McNeill, b 1861; m. Newell (Nick) F. Allison, b 1859. Ch.
                                    6.1-Eva N. Allison, b 1887.
                        5.4-Alice Stannard McNeill, b 1863; m. Alfred Emory Putnam, b 1866. Ch.
                                    6.1-Harold M. Putnam, b 1890; m. Lois Holland.  Ch.
                                    6.2-Nathan Clyde Putnam, b 1893; m. Opal L. Wolfe.  Ch.
                                    6.3-John A. Putnam, b 1902; m. Dorothy Minola Skees.  Ch.
                                    6.4-Paul A. Putnam, b 1904; m. Virginia Miley.  Ch.
            4.4-Elizabeth McNeill, b 1830, d 1902; m. John Arner, b 1819, d 1880.  Ch.
                        5.1-John DeWitt Arner, b 1856, d 1901.
                        5.2-Gipson Crego Arner, b 1859, d 1929.       
                        5.3-Rhoba Enfield Arner, b 1860, d 1924.
                        5.4-Alvinza/Elvinza Arner, b 1862, d 1924; m. Florence Allett.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Robert Arner, b 1902, d 1908.
                                    6.2-Donald Arner, b 1904, d 1908.
                        5.5-Louise Matilda Arner, b 1865, d 1918.
                        5.6-Ambrose Clark Arner, b 1868, d 1941; m. Minnie Inez Tenny, b 1883, c 1915.
3.6-Robert McNeill m.2) Catharine Vosburgh Coe, b 1809, d 1899.  Ch.
            4.5-Phebe A. McNeill, b 1843, d 1923; m. Albert Shepard, b 1834, d 1904.  Ch.
                        5.1-Fred H. Shepard, b 1866; m. Louise (__), b 1870.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Gilbert Shepard, b 1914.
                        5.2-Harvey John Shepard, b 1878; m. Emma T. (__), b 1885.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Katherine Shepard, b 1913.
            4.6-DeWitt C. McNeill, b 1845, d 1868; m. Carrie (__), b 1848. 
            4.7-James McNeill, b 1848, d 1918; m. Eliza (__), b 1847, d 1929.  Ch.
                        5.1-Grace E. McNeill, b 1878; m. F. Scott Smith.
            4.8-Cornelius McNeill, b 1853, d 1872. 

3.7-James McNeill, b 1796, d 1870; m. Esther Ellen Lord, b 1812, d 1907.  Adopted child.
            4.1-Henry McNeill, b 1854, d 1890; m. Clara D. Whitney, b 1853.  Ch.
                        5.1-Ellen Esther (Blossom) McNeill, b 1885, d 1886.
                        5.2-Carol McNeill, b 1888; m. Clarence Link, b 1883. 

3.8-Prob. Polly/Mary McNeill, b perhaps 1799, signed family deed/mortgage as Polly McNeill. 

3.9-Jesse McNeill, b abt 1802, d 1846; m. Elizabeth Ostrom, b 1806, d 1885.  Ch.
            4.1-Alexander McNeill, b 1827, d 1906; m.1) Sophia Louisa Richtmyer, b 1829, d 1856.
                        5-1-Irving McNeill, b 1849; m. Josephine Ottman, b 1851.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Laura Eliza McNeill, b 1890; m. Leo Jacob Tillapaugh, b 1887. Ch.
                        5.2-Erskine McNeill, b 1851, d 1925.
                        5.3-Barsillai/Brazill McNeill, b 1853, d 1926; m. Elnora Garlock, b 1859, d 1902.
                                    6.1-Earl McNeill, b 1887.
                                    6.2-Ella May McNeill, b 1889; m.1) Frank Adebahr, b 1890, Ch.;
                                    m.2) Patrick J. Fox, b 1871.
                                    6.3-Harry McNeill, b 1892.
                        5.4-Sherman McNeill, b 1854; m. Millie A. Ward, b 1867.
            Alexander m.2) Jane Nesbit, b 1838.  Ch.
                        5.5-Jesse McNeill, b 1858; m. Nora Grosvenor, b 1862. Ch.
                                    6.1-Lillian May McNeill, b 1883; m. John Louis Dahl, b 1881. Ch.
                        5.6-Mary Caroline (Carrie) McNeill, b 1860; m. Charles B. Niles, b 1855.
                        5.7-Wallace McNeill, b 1861, d 1915.
                        5.8-Nancy/Nannie McNeill, b 1864; m. Dow B. Holmes, b 1859.
            4.2-Martha McNeill, b 1831, d unk; m. Valentine Cornell, b 1826, d 1877.  Ch.
                        5.1-Frances/Francis Cornell, b 1852.
                        5.2-Clara Cornell, b 1855.
                        5.3-Washington Cornell, b 1857; m. Maryett (__), b 1863.
                        5.4-Wellington Cornell, b 1857.
            4.3-Mary Ann McNeill, b 1833, d 1910; m. Simon Cornell, b 1829, d 1907.  Ch.
                        5.1-Jesse McNeill Cornell, b 1854; m. Etta Florence Clark, b 1860.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Ray Charles/Charles Ray Cornell, b 1882; m. Minnie (_), b 1879. Ch
                                    6.2-Neil Clark Cornell, b 1887; m. Ethel Alice Peters, b 1886.  Ch.
                                    6.3-Mable Cornell, b 1892; m. Edwin Howard Buck, b 1887.  Ch.
                                    6.4-Jesse M. Cornell, Jr., b 1894; m. Viola R. Schummer, b 1890.  Ch.
                                    6.5-Florence E. Cornell, b 1896; m. William J. Kaufman.
                        5.2-Orville D. Cornell, b 1857; m. Mary D. Terk, b 1861.  Ch.
                                    6.1-Maude M. Cornell, b 1884.
6.2-Charles Cornell, b 1889; m. Bertha (__), b 1898.

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