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Margaret Becker obituary

Gallupville Visited By Death Angel
Mrs. Margaret Becker Died At Home Of Daughter
Her Funeral Was Attended By A Large Circle Of Friends
January 1927

     Death has deprived Gallupville of one of its finest citizens when it took away, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Margaret Becker who passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Daniel Wolford.
     Mrs. Becker was born in the town of Knox in 1841. She had the advantage of a good education, graduating from the Albany Normal College after which she taught school for a few years. She was twice married, her first husband being the Rev. Hiram Harris and the second, Mr. Jacob Becker, who preceeded her thirteen years ago. She is survived by two children, Mrs. Daniel Wolford of Gallupville and William E. Backer of Berne.
     Her funeral took place Friday, one o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Daniel Wolford, where she had lived for fifty-two years, and was attended by a wide circle of friends notwithstanding the difficult snow-filled roads. her pastor, Rev. F. J. Ball, pastor of the M. E. Church, chose as his text the last words of scripture she had strength to utter: There remaineth a rest for the people of God. He made reference to her prolonged life of service and devotion both to home, community and church. She had discovered the great secret of growing old beautifully and that lay in her splendid religious faith. Coming out of a generation that had not known radios, automobiles or moving pictures, she had known something greater and deeper and more lasting and in all true living was an example that this age might well follow. Truly a mother in Israel has fallen. A trio "Peace, Perfect Peace, was sung by Mrs. and Miss Morton and Rev. F. J. Ball. Rev. Ball also read the following lines composed for the occassion by her nephew, Mr. Allen Gallup.
     Good rest to the weary frame and tired brain.
     Which has trod this earthly way for more than eighty years.
     Give thoughts of sweet remembrance, not regret.
     That on her life the earthly sun has set.
     For the tottering limbs and feeble brain
     Shall with youthful vigor thrill,
     And a brighter, broader, grander life,
     shall replace her earthly ills.
     For the eye that closed in a dying hour,
     Did open the next in bliss,
     And a welcome did sound on the other shore,
     Ere the farewell was hushed in this.

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