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Mayham Memorial
from postcard collection of Joyce Riedinger
Moving The Mayham Memorial Stone Into Place
South Gilboa Near Stamford, N.Y.

After purchasing this postcard at a Post Card Show in Stamford, NY this past weekend, I wrote to Teena Schroeder asking if she knew anything about this photo. Here is her response.

Surprise, Surprise! Yes, I am familiar with the photo. A friend sent me a copy of the newspaper photo which appeared in the Mirror Recorder on May 28, 1985. It was a "Help!" what and who is this kind of thing. I looked into my family history book and I replied back to my friend who in turn submitted the following to the Mirror Recorder. This appeared in the Mirror Recorder on July 2, 1985.

Memorial Rock...Editor's Note:
We're still receiving information on the "Mayham Memorial Rock" photograph that appeared in the May 28 Mirror Recorder. Kathy Erickson of Stamford forwarded a letter she received from Teena Schroeder of Bridgewater, New Jersey, who is a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Henry Mayham. The letter reads in part:

"The Mayham Memorial Stone pertains to William Mayham, first son of Henry Mayham and Catherine McGlothlin Maham of Blenheim Hill near the Brimstone Methodist Church. I must agree that the man and the dog on the rock looks like it was superimposed on an original picture. "It looks to me that perhaps the photo was taken near Mayham Pond but in front of the railroad tracks. You can see what looks like railroad tracks in the photo. The creek may be a piece of Bear Kill. Now the one question is when was the photo taken? The stone was moved from the Bear Kill in 1905 to a place near the house, then moved again in 1930 to Stamford. My guess is this is the move, the one from the Bear Kill. "The second big question, who are these people? William Mayham was born April 22, 1789 and died in South Gilboa June 2, 1877. His son, Benjamin S. Mayham was born October 13, 1824 and died February 1, 1910 in Delhi, New York. Benjamin's son, Frank Baird Mayham, was born in 1851 and died in 1920. The man on the rock could possibly be Frank Baird Mayham since he would have been approximately 54 years old in 1905. Or it could be Benjamin S. Mayham, who would have been approximately 81. Or, if the picture really is superimposed, perhaps it is an old photograph of William Mayham made to look like he and the dog are sitting on top of the rock which was his memorial."

Mrs. Schroeder also included a copy of a page from "The Family of Henry Maham of Blenheim Hill, Schoharie County, New York" by Grace Raymond. According to that information, the original inscription on the boulder read: "In memory of William Mayham, his wife, Abigail Howard, and their son, Benjamin S. Mayham, who changed this valley from wilderness to paradise."

April 30, 1997 Note: "In 1930, the rock was acquired by the Stamford D.A.R. and removed to the present park in Stamford. The Mayham inscription is obliterated and the D.A.R. Memorial tablet added." The rock is in a small war memorial park in the middle of town on Main Street or Rte. 23. Teena Schroeder

Joyce's Note: The postcard was 1 cent postage card. This might help in figuring out a date.

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