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Mrs. Laura (Frisbie) Beekman obituary

February 9, 1933
(Middleburgh Gazette)

     Death coming peacefully while she slept, Friday ended in the passing of Mrs. Laura Frisbie Beekman at her home on River Street, a life devoted to her family and to the welfare of her community. Ill health for some time had compelled her retirement from active participation in the affairs in which she had great interest and while her death was not unexpected it was nevertheless a great shock to her family and to her many friends who loved her and admired her for the good she had done.
     During the years of good health, Mrs. Beekman had been active in the affairs of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, of which she was a member and had held various executive offices in its many societies, discharging them all with conscientious devotion. In civic affairs through membership in the Twentieth Century Club of which she was a Charter Member and the Middleburgh Co-Operative Club, she had striven to make her community a better place in which to live. These accomplishments will endear her memory to many for years, but probably her greatest pride was her part associated with her husband, Hon. Dow Beekman, former County Judge, in forming and fostering the first Boy Scout Troop in Middleburgh and in Schoharie County. Her spacious home was opened to these boys for fourteen years and in each she took a motherly interest, watching their development into manhood with eager pride and she lived to see them become useful men in the community. An appreciation of this interest was manifest in the attendance in a body of the present Troop at her funeral services Sunday afternoon.
     Mrs. Beekman was born March 15, 1863 in Middleburgh, the daughter of the late Grandison N. Frisbie and Kate Dodge Frisbie. She attended the Charlorie's Classical Institute Middleburgh and later completed her education at Hartwell Seminary and later took the regular course in vocal music and elocution in the New England Conservatory of Music at Boston. In 1891 she was married to Dow Beekman, then a young attorney who in 1911 was elected County Judge and re-elected for three successive terms. Two children were born to them, Marjorie, who passed away at the age of 12 and Douw F. Beekman. Intensely devoted to her home and to her children, yet Mrs. Beekman found time to practice a natural aptitude and her paintings won wide commendation for their artistic execution.
     Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at her late home, the ancestral Frisbie home where she was born and were conducted by the Rev. W. D. Worman, pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church of Middleburgh and the Rev. Morris Skinner of the Lutheran Church of Richmondville, a former Boy Scout in whose career she took active part. Floral remembrances were many and expressed the esteem and love of relatives and friends. Bearers were former members of Middleburgh Troop of Boy Scouts namely Leslie V. Warner, G. Arthur Wheeler, Henry V. Pindar, J. Lawrence White, Bryan and Harry West. The funeral services concluded with the solo 'Abide With Me' rendered by Miss Alace Dutton. Burial was in the family plot in the Middleburgh Cemetery.
     Surviving are her husband, Judge Beekman, a son, Douw F. Beekman of Schenectady; a sister, Emma N. Frisbie of New York City; a brother, George D. Frisbie of New Haven, Conn.; two grandchildren, Douw and Sarah Elizabeth Beekman and several nieces and nephews.
     Among those from out of town attending the funeral were: Mrs. L. H. Kunhardt, the mother of Mrs. Douw F. Beekman, of Boston; Mr. and Mrs. George D. Frisbie, New Haven, Conn.; Miss Emma N. Frisbie, Miss Katharine Frisbie, Miss Marion Frisbie of New York City; Mrs. Horace L. Mann and Mrs. Paul Romberger of Buffalo; Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lloyd, Willard Lloyd and Helen Lloyd of Pulaski, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harley, Grand Gorge; D. C. Dow Jr., John T. Dow, Mrs. Minnie Ten Eyck, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Miller and Miss Lillian W. Kling of Cobleskill; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Frisbie, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Scribner and Mrs. Anna Kniskern of Schoharie; Dr. and Mrs. William Richtmyer, Mrs. Bessie Richtmyer, Irvin Richtmyer and Dr. Andrew MacFarlane of Albany; Hon. W. W. Wemple, Jr., Naylon and Irving P. Escourt of and Robert H. Ostrander, Mr. DeCamp VanVranken, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton F. Williams, Judge Daniel Nayon and Irving P. Escourt of Schenectady, Miss Dorothy E. Brown, Alexander Brown, Joseph Guyol of Salem, New York, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Crounse and Mrs.Harry Weaver of Altamont.

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