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Levi Mann Family Bible

submitted by Terry Schinnerer


Married 10/13/1869
Levi B Mann of Richmondville NY and and Cynthia L Moore of Jefferson NY
by Rev  A Gaylord Pastor of M.E. Church 
Witnesses by Mrs. Kate Gaylord

Nathan A Mann to Permelia R Guernsey 11/2/1830
Robert W Moore to Polly E Ward  1/20/1841
Ward Mann to Maude Stewart  8/22/1909


Levi B Mann 11/27/1837
Cynthia L Moore 8/13/1845
Robert A Mann 1/13/1872
Ward G Mann 10/5/1884
Nathan A Mann 9/10/1807
Permelia R Gurnsey 6/19/1807
Robert W Moore 6/15/1812
Polly E Ward 4/7/1822


Nathan Aldis Mann 11/4/1880
Permelia Gurnsey Mann 10/9/1878
Robert W Moore 2/2/1887
Polly E Ward Moore 9/26/1893
H Ellen Moore Sillman 9/6/1901
Levi B Mann 7/5/1905
Cynthia L Mann 7/1/1915
Robert A Mann
Ward G Mann 11/7/1962

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