Will of Johan Philip Peter Voland

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submitted by Sandra L. Sanchez


Schoharie Co. NY. Recorded May 17, 1791

In the name of God Amen. I Philip Voland, in the town of Livingston, county of Albany in the State if New York, am very old and weak of body, but sound of mind, for which I am thankful to God. Since it is said to bring your house in order before you die, I am reminded that I have to die also, therefore I am writing my last will and testament herewith, as it should be done.

First, I will leave my soul in the hands of my savior, Jesus Christ, who gave it to me and who has redeemed and bought me with his true blood. From the earth from which I came, I do not doubt that I will be received again and my soul will be reunited at the resurrection, when it will say -rise all you dead and come before the judgement, in Christ's name, Amen.

First the oldest son Philip of my deceased oldest son Henrich, since he is the first born, should have the right to the sum of six shillings cash money. It is my will and testament that my son Zacharius or his heirs receive 60 pounds cash money. what is left from the expenses of my upkeep shall be equally and brotherly divided among all my named heirs, but my son Jacob shall receive 20 pounds cash money less then the others: My deceased son Henrich's children . My son Phlip. My son Zacharius. My son Whilelmus. My deceased son George Adam's surviving children. My daughter Elizabeth, wife of Henrich Albrecht. My daughter Margrida, wife of Walter Traber. The children of John Kalster. Catrina wife of Johan Frederich Dolle. Susanna, wife of Isaac Bierhaus. My daughter Anna, wife of John Denbert. All these shall dived the above goods and money which is not mentioned, into equal parts six weeks after my death. But so there will be no misunderstanding, the meaning of the above matters are that the grandchildren only receive their father and mothers inheritance and divideit between them one as much as the other, according to the inheritance of their father, this is my last will and testament . That my land and the harvest that my son Jacob brought in be given to the executors of the Estate and that my son receive the money to divide in equal parts among all, this is my will and testament. So that everything be done the Christian way without differences and arguments, I ask my two sons Zacharius and Philip , and my good friend Henrich Benner junior, to have the will read them by the executor of the estate, so that they can distribute the fair share to each of my above named heirs, for them to have and to hold forever.

This is my last will and testament, I denounce all previous wills and testaments I have written. I put my signature and seal on everything, so done in the town of Livingston in county Albany in the State of New York, in the year of Christ one thousand seven hundred eight and eighty, on March 10, 1788---Philip (X his mark) Voland. These words and goods I have undersigned and blessed. Signed sealed and declared as my last will and testament in the presence of the undersigned witnesses:

Henrich Benner
Johan Christoff Blatner
Konrad (X his mark) Benninger

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