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In the name of God Amen this eleventh day of June Annoque Domini One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight I John Snyder of the Town of Schoharie in the County of Schoharie Yeoman being very weak but of a sound mind memory and understanding and knowing that it is appointed unto men to die I do by these presents make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in the manner and form following, first & principally

I do Recommand my Soul unto the hands of Almighty God my Creator trusting in full confidance through the meritorious death of my Ridemer Jesus Christ to obtain my salvation through mercy. My body I recommand to the earth to be entered in a decent and Christian like manner at the discretion of my wife and children

My worldly estate which I have enjoyed I dispose of in manner following (to wit) My real estate all my lands and tenements houses barns out houses and appertunances I do give devise and bequeath unto my son Jacob Snyder to have and to hold the said real estate unto my said son Jacob Snyder his heirs and afsigns for ever - provided thathe my said son Jacob his heirs
executors or adminiftrators do bona fide pay or cause to be paid the sum of four hundred pounds lawful money of the State of New York to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of George Mann of the Town of Cobuls Kill in the said Schoharie County to be paid to her order in four yearly instalments to wit one hundred pounds yearly until the four hundred pounds are paid without

To my son Jacob his heirs and afsigns I do give and bequeath all my horses, also all my utensils of whatsoever demoninutions he may be to the farm belonging to my daughter Elizabeth her heirs and afsigns

I do give and bequeath one compleate father bead with curtins pillows pillow cases sheeting blankets and coverlets also another bed without curtins but furnished like the other bedd all the pewter ware shall belong to her

To my widow Cathrina her heirs and asigns I do give and bequeath one compleata father bedd with curtins pillows & pillow cases sheeting and blankets coverlets compleate for one good bedd - besids her owne bedd and her chests and other things she brought with her I also give and bequeath her my weaving loom with all its tackling geers and appurtunanus aso a good cow & two yearling haffer being spotted like a young deer & three sheep and all the wool of the present years sharing

The remaining sheep I give and bequeath to my Grandson John the son of Jacob Snyder

After all the bedding thus given and bequeathed there will ye5t one bedd remain not disposed of which I give to my son Jacob and whereas this my aforenamed widow Chatrine has been the former widow of the late William (Reese?) and might after my decease be distitute of a dwelling house and comfortable living I do ordain and charge my son Jacob to let her live in and enjoy
any one of the houses she chuses to live in or as he and she can agree with a garden adjoining and to let her occopy and enjoy one acre of good arable land for planting corn during her widow hood, also that my said son Jacob shall sow for her half a bushel of flaxseed and to let her have appels for her own use and if appels planty to make a barrel of sider for her and that he shall and will provide pasture for her cow heffer and sheep with his cattle in summer and foder in winter & stabling for the same and lastly all the remaining personal estate not bequeathed I will and do ordain that the same shall be divided share and share alike among my son Jacob my daughter Elizabeth and my within named widow Chaterina to have and to hold to them their heirs and afsigns

And finally I do nominate constitute and appoint my son Jacob Snyder and my son in law George Mann to be my lawfull executors of this my last will & testament & witnefs wherof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day and year written within

John Snyder (signature) {L.L}

Signed sealed published
and declared by the Testater
John Snyder as and for his
last will and testament
in the presence of us and
in presence of each other

William (his mark) Enders
Jacob Schoolcraft
Peter Wifsmer

County of Schoharie } Be it remembered that on the second day of July in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and eight personally appeared before me Storm A Becker Surrogate of the County of Schoharie Jacob Schoolcraft & Peter Wifsmer of the County aforesaid and being duly sworn on their oaths declare that they did see and each of them John Snyder sign & seal the written ---- instrument purporting to be the last will & testament of the said John Snyder and heard him publish and declare the same at the time thereof he the said John Snyder was of sound and disposing mind & memory to the best knowledg and belief of them the deponents saw William Ernders the other witnefs to the said will subscribe their names as witnefs thereto in the Testators presence

Storm A Becker (signature) Surogate

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