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Mrs. Jane (Spaulding) Myers obituary

Mrs. Jane Myers
October 8, 1931
The Cobleskill Times

     The sudden death of Mrs. Jane Myers of Warnerville was a great surprise to this community. Friday fore-noon Oct. 2nd she was about her usual tasks and on the street. After dinner she lay down on her couch for a nap. her neighbor, Mrs. Milo Hadsell, soon called and found her dead. As Bryant said, "Like one that wraps the drapery of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams".
     Her maiden name was Jane Spaulding, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Spaulding. Her mother was Louisa Crawford. Her early days were spent on Fulton Hill, attending church and school there. She is survived by Charles, Frank and Virgil Spaulding brothers and by Mrs. William Wayman and Mrs. Adeline Gorse sisters.
     Mrs. Myers was born in 1856, and married twice. First to Silas Dibble of Dibble Hollow, to them was born a son, Leverne Dibble now of Cobleskill. Several years after the death of Silas Dibble she married Rev. Samuel Eugene Myers. For many years they served several Methodist churches in the New York Conference. When they retired they purchased a horm in Warnerville so they might be near her son, Leverne.
     Rev. Myers died Oct. 23rd, 1923. Mrs. Myers staid in her home and during several winters has lived with her son in Cobleskill.
     Mrs. Myers like her master, went about doing good, visiting the sick and taking them some delicacy or flowers. Her cheerful and unselfish disposition endeared her to all. She was a member of the W. C. T. U. and Supt. of Sabbath Observance for years. Early in life she joined the church and she shared the joys and cares of the Parsonage life. The last Sunday of her life found her in church and bible school, as her custom was. Her dutiful son and wife helped to crown her happiness. We all shall miss her smiling countenance and words of encouragement.
     Her funeral was held in the Warnerville church, Monday Oct. 5th 1931. Rev. Fox of West Fulton read the Scripture based on Righteousness. Rev. Comstock of Stamford, a relative, offered prayer. Her Pastor, Rev. Grant L. Bice preached the sermon. "Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father". A beautiful Christian life was hers. She was buried in the Cobleskill Rural Cemetery.

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