Abstract of The Last Will and Testament of Johannes Scheffer

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Abstract of The Last Will and Testament of Johannes Scheffer 

Family History Library Film # 468,003 Albany County Wills-----1787 - 1791

Will -------------- JOHANNES SCHEFFER----------- recorded Feb 1788

Johannes Scheffer of Schoharry

Oldest son: Johannes Scheffer
Daughter: Elizabeth Kniskern, wife of Hendrick Kniskern
Son: Jacob Scheffer . . . . 1/2 of 471 acres at Cobuskill
Son: Martinus Scheffer. . . . also Negro man, Jack, little trunk with all my writtins. . . .
Grandson: Johannes Scheffer and son to Martinas Scheffer
Grandchildren: Johannes Scheffer, Lambert Scheffer, Catharine Scheffer, and Hendrick . . . . 1 full 1/4 part of 1/2 part of 471 acres lying and being at Cobuskill in the 18 thousand acre patent to me belonging. . . . . . share and share alike. . . .
Son: Johannes Scheffer
Son: Jacob Scheffer
Son: Martinas Scheffer
Son: Adam Scheffer
Daughter: Elizabeth Kniskern

. . . . all children of my son Hendrick Scheffer, deceased . . .. Johannes, Lambert, Catharine, and Hendrick Scheffer

Signed: 16 July 1771

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