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Josiah Lape

 Josiah Lape

Josiah Lape, born May 30, 1841, the youngest son of Samuel and Lany Neer Lape, managed the Lape farm during the last third of the 19th century. He was the builder of the Lape Homestead, Lutheranville, NY, completed in 1887.  Josiah was Commissioner of Highways, Town of Summit, in the 1890's. He grew hops and sold them to dealers for the making of beer.  He also sold dairy goods and maple syrup to his brother, Simeon, at the General Store in Charlotteville, in exchange for household items.

Lape Homestead

The Lape Homestead
Completed in 1887 by the builder, Josiah Lape, this colonial farmhouse contained a kitchen, pantry, dining room, sitting room, utility room, six bedrooms, six fireplaces and five entrances. It housed the Lape family members from 1887 - 1960, after which time it was sold. According to Deliah Lape, it took "from spring to fall to clean the house, only to have to start over again." This house replaced the original log cabin used by Samuel Lape, Sr., and family when he moved in 1814 to Lutheranville from West Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, NY. This picture was taken about 1895. Pictured are Deliah Terpening Lape, Josiah Lape, and "Buck & Bright."

Josiah married Deliah Terpening, daughter of Cornelius Terpening, Sr. and Axena Smith, on May 17, 1862.  Deliah was the granddaughter of Jacob Terpening, a Private in December 1782 in the company commanded by Capt. John L. Hardenburg belonging to a regiment of the levies of militia raised for the defense of the state during the revolutionary War.  Josiah and Deliah had five children while living at the homestead.

Josiah Lape died on February 22, 1917, Deliah Terpening Lape dying in 1912. Both are buried in the Charlotteville, NY, cemetery.

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