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John B. VanBuren obituary

submitted by Angeles Oakes

John B. VanBuren was born some time in 1833 in the town of Summit. He was the first born son of Hiram VanBuren and Margaret Unknown (poss. Smith). He was also the grandson of John B. VanBuren who is buried in the Old Stilwell Cemetery. He was the husband of Jane A. Cornell. He was the father of 7 children; Margaret J., Catharine "Kitty", Walter E., Lillian, James Hiram, Hattie E. & Minnie A.
John B. VanBuren died on 10 February 1868 at the age of 35. He is buried in the Waterloo Cemetery, Section D6, Lot 7, next to two of his young daughters, in Waterloo, Iowa. This has been verified through pension afidavits, cemetery interment cards and his headstone. Through guardianship & pension records we have found that John B. was 1/2 owner in the "Central Meat Market" located in Waterloo, Iowa. His death seemed unexpected. 
The news paper is typed as it was printed, with both years 1867 & 1868. Angeles Oakes

John B. VanBuren

Column 2

Below, we publish the resolutions passed in respect to the memory of J.B. VanBuren, Esq., who died on the 10th inst, in this city. Mr. VanBuren was highly esteemed by all our business men and wherever he was known. Fortunately for his family, he had taken a policy on his life for $2,000, about six months ago, in the Northwestern Life Insurance Company of Chicago. His remains were followed in the grave by a large number of our citizens, by the Masonic and Odd Fellow Orders, and the Red Jacket Fire Company, in all of which he held a prominent membership. A very appropriate and able discourse was preached on the occasion of his death by Rev. W.L. Hunter


Feb. 17th, 1868 }

At a regular meeting of Blackhawk Lodge No. 72, I.O.O.F., held this day the following resolutions were adopted.

WHEREAS, It has pleased our Heavenly Father, in his righteous and all wise providence to remove from our midst our beloved brother, John B. VanBuren, late Vice Grand of this Lodge;

Resolved, That in his death we lose a kind friend, a beloved brother, and a good citizen.

Resolved, That while we deplore his death, we part with him in the firm assurance that when we all shall be summoned into the presence of the Great Grand Master of the Universe to be judged for the deeds done in the body, he will be found to have been a faithful Christian and will enter into his reward.

Resolved, That to his family and friends we offer our tenderest sympathies pointing them for consolation to Him who doeth all things well, and whose ways, though mysterious, are always for the best.

Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be sent to his family and also published in the Waterloo Courier and the Odd Fellows Companion.


T. WILEY, } Com.


Column 3

Resolutions of Respect,

Adoped by Red Jacket Fire Company No, 1, Feb. 10th, 1867;

WHEREAS, It has pleased an all wise Providence to remove from our midst, John VanBuren, late a member of this Company.

Resolved, That in the death of Mr. VanBuren the Company loses a faithful and efficient member and this community a good citizen.

Resolved, That to the widow and friends and relatives of the deceased, in this affliction, we tender our condolence and heartfelt sympathy.

Resolved, That, as a mark of esteem and respect for the deceased, the Company attend the funeral ceremonies in a body.



Waterloo Courier; 20 Feb 1868; Pg. 4 Col 2 & 3

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