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Submitted by Loretta Buel

born 1765, married 1804, died January 13, 1818. Book B, page 260 262

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jeremiah Bull of Broome in the County of Schoharie and state of New York being weak in body but of sound memory, blessed be God, do this twentieth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, (1817) make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following (that is to say).
First I give and bequeath to my son Joseph the one equal third part of the land on which I now live so as to include the half of the house and barn.
I also give to my son Resolved, the one equal third part of the said farm to include the half of the remaining half of the house and barn.
I also give to my son Daniel the one equal third part of the said farm, with the equal half of the said house and barn with Resolved which will be to Resolved and Daniel each one quarter of the said dwelling house and barn.
I also give to my sons Jeremiah, Milo and Peter my lease farm to be divided equally between them.
Of my personal property, I give to my son Resolved my black horse.
To my son, Daniel, I give my young horse.
I also give to my son Jeremiah, my black mare.
I also give to my son Joseph, my oldest yoke of oxen and to Resolved my yoke of Staggs. Also to my son Daniel my youngest yoke of oxen.
It is my will that my sons Joseph, Resolved, and Daniel give to their brothers Jeremiah and Milo each a horse when they shall come to the age of twenty one years and to their sisters Hannah, Harriet, Sally and Charlot each sixty dollars, at the time they shall severally marry or come to the age of eighteen years.
Also to my daughter Betsey it is my will that my said sons Joseph, Resolved and Daniel give the sum of two hundred dollars at the time she shall marry or go away from this present home to live. I also give to my daughter Betsey one cow and six sheep.
Also I give to my daughter Polly ten dollars, as I have heretofore provided for my son Eli as well as I can do for my other children. I give to him five dollars out of my estate.
To my daughters Hannah, Harriot, Salley and Charlotte, I bequeath each six sheep when they shall become of age or marry to be paid to them by my sons Joseph, Resolved and Daniel.
It is my desire that the family be kept together and that my three youngest sons to be placed as apprentices to learn a trade. And it is my will that my youngest son and daughter have their support and learning out of my estate until my said son be placed to a trade, and my daughter shall be able to provide for herself.
It is my will and I enjoin it upon my sons Joseph, Resolved and Daniel to pay the several legacies herein contained and mentioned punctually at the times specified and required herein of them to pay, and that they settle and pay all debts that may be due at my decease and all my goods and chattles and personal property undisposed of by this will, I give unto them the said Joseph, Resolved and Daniel.
I have mentioned the support and learning of my youngest daughter in a particular manner. It is also understood that my daughters Hannah, Harriet and Sally be supported out of the estate, till they can provide for themselves or until they come of age.
I make and ordain my sons Joseph, Resolved and Daniel, executors of this my last will and testament and have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered by the said Jeremiah Bull
as for his last will and testament in presence of us, who Jeremiah Bull (LS)
here present at the signing & sealing thereof

Peter Schemerhorn
David Sage
Christian Patre
John Reynolds

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