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Mrs. Jane Ann (Shafer) Bouck obituary

March 1927

     The remains of Mrs. Jane Ann Bouck were buried by the side of her husband the late Daniel Bouck, in the Breakabeen cemetery last Sunday afternoon.
     Mrs. Bouck dies at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank James who resides in Los Angels, California, on March 21, 1927 and funeral services were held on March 23. At the burial services Rev. Max Truby of North Blenheim offered prayer and preached a short sermon which was listened to with interest by those present.
     Besides Mrs. Bouck's three surviving brothers, Albert Shafer of Oneonta, Joseph Shafer of Breakabeen, and Edward Shafer of Middleburgh, the following relatives and friends were present:
     Gordon Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Shafer and daughter Kathryne, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shafer, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Zelie, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Parslow, Gertrude Parslow, Mr. and Mrs. William Kniskern, Mr. and Mrs. David Fancher, Mrs. Joseph Zeh, Mrs. Mary Keyser, Mrs. Miranda Shafer, Mrs. Wm. Cornwell, Mrs. Jay Keyser, Mrs. Wm. Armstrong, Mrs. Wm. Chapman, Mrs. Alice Van Voris, and Mrs. Elizabeth Travis.

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