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Ira Warner Bible

Submitted by Dorothy Bruce Hicock

1834 Bible was stereotyped, printed & published by H & E Phinney, Cooperstown, NY

Not entirely in same handwriting and some capitals are difficult to read.

Ira Warner m. Feb 10, 1810 to Asenath Hitchcock
Alonzo Franklin Warner m Lincklaen?sp Dec 29, 1838 Lydia Ann Converse
Harriet N Warner m. Dec 25, 1838 Lewis Nash
Asenath H Warner m. Oct 10?, 1840 Weston Payne
Esther W Warner m. Sept. 30, 1841 Lorenzo Sampson
Mary Ann Warner m. Dec 6, 1842 Isaac M Samson
Eliza Ann Warner m. Mar 25, 1851 Titus B Davidson
Sarah Jane Warner m. June 5, 1850 Franklin Crofoot
Abel P Warner m. mar 26, 1856 Selina M Young

Ira Warmer, son of Abel Warner & Sarah Cook b. Dec 24, 1786
Asenath Hitchcock, dau of Samuel Hitchcock, b. Oct 15, 1784
Alonzo F Warner, son of Ira Warner, b. Nov. 18, 1810 Cuyler, NY
Asenath H Warner b. Nov 15, 1811
Abel W Warner b. May 11, 1814
Harriet Newell Warner b. Oct 2, 1815
Esther Wells Warner b. Apr. 15, 1818
Lorenzo C Warner b. July 11, 1819
Eliza Ann Warner b. Feb 15, 1821
Horace Horatio Warner b. Mar. 25, 1822
Mary Ann F(?) Warner b. Jan. 6, 1824
Roswell K Warner b. July 17, 1825
Abel Parker Warner b. Jan. 6, 1827
Sarah Jane Warner b. Apr. 4, 1829
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Alonzo F Warner b. Nov 18, 1810 at Cuyler, NY
Lydia Ann Converse b. Dec 25, 1815 at Butternuts, NY
Ira Dever Warner b. Mar 26, 1840 at Lincklaen, NY
Lucien Calvin Warner b. Oct 26, 1841 at Cuyler, NY

Alonzo F Warner married Dec 24, 1838 at Lincklaen, NY to Lydia Ann Converse

Ira Dever Warner married Sept. 24, 1862 to Lucetta M. Greenman

Lucien E Warner married Apr. 12, 1868 at McGrawville, NY to Keren Osborne

Abel W Warner d. Mar 11, 1816
Asenath, wife of I Warner d. Jan. 15, 1838 at Cuyler, NY
Ira Warner d. Mar. 30, 1840 at Cuyler, NY
Alonzo Franklin Warner d. Dec 31, 1846 at Union, NY
Esther W Samson d. Sept. 20, 1847
Franklin Crofoot d. Apr. 11, ??1856 changed to 1855
Mary Ann Samson d. Apr. 18, 1863
Selina May Young, wife of Abel P Warner d. Mar. 9, 1870 at Chicago, Ill.
Lydia Ann Converse Warner Breed d. Mar. 5, 1886 at Union Valley, NY

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