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Mrs. Ida E. (Bassler) Van Wormer obituary

Editor's Mother Buried Today in Local Cemetery
Mrs. Ida E. Van Wormer Dies in Eightieth Year
June 1929

     Mrs. Ida Elizabeth Bassler Van Wormer, born March 22, 1850, died June 2, 1929.
     Sunday, June 2, at twenty minutes after mid-day, Mrs. Ida E. Van Wormer, in her eightieth year, passed to her Eternal Home, to which her eldest daughter had gone several years ago on the same day of the week and at the exact same hour and minute. This fine Christian character has left a profound impression upon the family and the community and to-day is walking the golden streets with her Savior.
     Mrs. Van Wormer was a daughter of Augusta Tibbits Bassler and David Bassler and was worn in Huntersland seventy-nine years ago last March. many years ago Mrs. Van Wormer, with her parents, brother and sister moved to this village and lived in the residence opposite the M. E. Church. Here she and her sister were both married and from here she and her brother, Wellington, went to Starkey Seminary where they met the present Mrs. Bassler. The friendship of this trio was there cemented. Mrs. Bassler visited Mrs. van Wormer on her first honeymoon. From this house Mrs. Van Wormer's parents, husband, two daughters and son were buried. her husband, Peter, preceded her eight years ago,
     She was a mother of eight children, five of whom are living and all were at her bed side when she passed away. She was a mother devoted to her family, a great reader, excellent character and the inspiration of her noble life will always be felt.
     About two weeks ago she was taken with a fainting spell and fell. A doctor was called and she soon revived and in a few days was about her work as usual, and had planned to spend Decoration Day and the remainder of the week with her son, John, and family at Breakabeen. he came for her Wednesday, the day before Decoration Day, when she was taken with another spell, from which she never revived. A specialist from the Albany hospital was called and a trained nurse was in attendance. Everything was done that possibly could be. her Master called her and she was ready to go.
     She was an active member of the M. E. Church of this village, having transferred her membership from the Christian Church at Huntersland. Her activities were mostly through the Ladies' Aid Society, the Missionary Society and the W. C. T. U. She was a genuine optimist and greeted all with a genial smile.
     She is survived by her five sons, David L. a farmer of this village, Wellington E. a Professor of New York City, John H. a farmer of Breakabeen, Gordon S. Editor of this paper, and Harry B. a farmer of Blenheim; one brother, Wellington E. Bassler former Editor of this paper and one sister Mrs. Ella B. Hyde, both of this village; nine grandchildren, Mrs. Floyd C. Barber and Gideon Van Wormer of Schoharie, Wellington D. of this village, Peter J., Allen R., Francis G., Doris K. and Bernice A. of Breakabeen, and Harold of Blenheim; three great grand children, Mary E., Hilda J. and Mildred J. Van Wormer of Schoharie.
     Funeral services were held to-day (Wednesday) at 2 o'clock) from her late home, Rev. F. J. Ball, pastor of the M. E. Church, officiating. After him the Eastern Star conducted their services in honor of their departed sister.
     Burial in family plot in local cemetery.

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