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Will of Howland Baker 

I Howland Baker of the town of Summit, Schoharie Co. New York make and declare this my will, as follows,

First I give and devise to my wife Ann Baker a home and reasonable support including everything necessary for her comfortable and proper maintenance at my homestead suitable & proper for her in her situation in life. This means food, clothing, medical attendance and care in sickness and in health, during her natural life at my said homestead. I also give to my said wife annually in each and every year the sum of Fifty dollars to be paid to her as hereinafter provided, during her natural life. But if at any time after my death, my said wife shall see fit to and does leave my said homestead, then my Executor hereinafter named shall then pay her the sum of One Thousand dollars in money. And upon the payment of said one thousand, her said support & maintenance shall cease at said homestead, and she shall not receive after such payment of $1000, any part of said $50, payable to her annually as here in before provided. The foregoing provisions in favor of my said wife to be in .....................as to my estate.

Second, I give and bequeath to my sons, Frank A Baker, William Baker, Stephen Baker, Hiram Baker, the sum of $500 dollars each. To my son Walter Baker $300 dollars. To my daughter Sarah Van Voris wife of Walter Van Voris, the sum of $500 dollars and to my daughter Julia Baker, the piano which is now in my house and the sum of $550 dollars. The foregoing provisions, in favor of my said wife and the foregoing l----s are hereby declared a lien and charge upon the real estate of which I may die seized. And the said legaeias to my children to be paid within 2 years after my decease.

Three. All the rest residue and remainder of my property, I give and devise to my 2 sons, Henry and Gilbert. Have and have alike.

Fourth. I appoint my son Frank A Baker and my son in law Walter Van Voris to be the Executors of this my will and to execute and carry out the provisions of this, my last will and testament. I hereby authorize and empower my said executors, if necessary, to sell and convey any and all of my said real estate. This however is to be within the discretion of my said executors and not to be done unless necessary, to carry out the provisions of this my will. In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of March 1889.

Howland Baker

Probated 7/7/1894

Summit Volume 14 page 35

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