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Houck Family Bible

Submitted by Susan Norris September 25, 2004

Houck Family Bible transcription

The Bible is Scott’s Family Bible, vol. 1 published in Philadelphia, 1816. The entries are done in at least 6 different hands, and perhaps as many as 8. Not being a handwriting expert, it is hard to judge accurately.

Family Record – Marriages

Margaret Mann was married to John Houck November 14th 1824
Nancy Houck was married to Peter S. Enders May 1824
Maria Shaver was married to Jacob Houck November 1829
Maria Houck married to M. B. Goff October 21st 1834
Diana Kilmer was married to Jacob Houck November 13th 1856 [marginal note: Jacob Henry Houck]
Minnie K. Houck was married to Will S. Freemyer October 19, 1880
Maggie Elizabeth Houck was married to C. J. Morehouse Sept. 13th 1882
Minnie K. Freemyer was married to Will F. Brazil Oct. 14th 1906
J. Houck Freemyer was married to Bertha Jean Robinson July 17, 1907


John Houck was born October 17th 1797
Jacob Houck was born August 26th 1803
George Houck was born November 9th 1808
Nancy Houck was born September 20th 1805
Caty Houck was born October 12th 1810
Maria Houck was born January 19th 1812
Betsy Houck was born September 29th 1814
David Houck was born September 4th 1817
Births – new page – left column
Jacob Henry Houck was born April 26th 1828
Catharine Magdalene Houck was born September 29th 1830
Christina Margaret Houck was born Feb. 26th 1833
Minnie Kate Houck was born Jan 27th 1858
Maggie Elizabeth Houck was born 9 December 9th 1859
Mary Houck was born Sep 27th 1862

Right column

Margaret Mann was born July 26th 1800
David DeForest Morehouse was born July 2nd 1883
Emma Houck Freemyer was born Feb 28th 1885
Jacob Houck Freemyer was born Jan 29th 1888
Minnie Kathryn Freemyer born Oct 22, 1909
Bertha Jean Freemyer Born Oct 1st 1912


Henry Houck Jr. departed this life September 14th 1822 [marginal note "half brother to Peter"]
Caty Houck departed this life July 16th 1811
Nancy Houck departed this life January 19th 1836
John Houck departed this life April 11th 1836
Margaret [marginal note: "Mann"] Houck departed this life September 27th 1849
Jacob Houck departed this life August 1st 1854
Margaret [marginal note: "Kniskern"] Houck departed this life Nov 1st 1856
Maria Goff departed this life October 2nd 1863
Christina M. Shout departed this life April 6th 1891
Betsy Houck Gardinier departed this life Jan 18th 1895
David Houck departed this life May 9th 1903
Jacob Henry Houck departed this life Jan 29th 1906

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