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Last will and testament of Henry Foland, Sharon, Schoharie Co., NY, dated 25 January 1836, probated 23 March 1836, filed in Schoharie County Surrogate's Office, Court House, Schoharie, NY; Will Book A, 1832-1842, pages 253-256, inspected by HWW, 6 May 1996:

"....my estate to my two sons Philip and George Foland......To my wife Anna Maria Voland one good cow, 5 sheep...back room of my new house where I now dwell in and privilege of the chamber rooms, stoop and cellar and keeping for said cow and sheep or other wise instead of said keeping thirty dollars a year, and a decent maintenance out of my real estate which I hereafter give and bequeath unto my two sons Philip and George. I also give my dear and beloved wife all the household furniture (excepting) such as I bequeath to my daughter Eliza as long as she lives..."

"to my son Zachariah (difficult to read) Voland $1.00...."

`to my son Henry Voland, $1.00"

"unto my daughters Polly, Eve, Margaret and Laney (Sarrey?), $2.00"

"to daughter Hannah, $15.00"

"to daughter Eliza $20.00, my cherry table, my cherry stand, and cherry cradle, one blue (?) chest very good bedstead, good bedding for one bed with a good feather bed and the choie of the bed curtains, also one cow, two good sheep and as much more furniture as to make a decent out setting"

"to sons Philip and George residue of personal estate and chattels ... the farm on which they now live. ....Philip to have the south side on half Lot number thirty three and George to have the north half of the said Lot number 33"

`Lastly to sons Henry H. Voland and George Voland .......... appoint them execurtors of this my last will and testament ......."

William L. Beckman
Levi Empie

Signed: Henry Voland

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