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Resolutions of Respect for George Scutt

January 26, 1933

So let 'him sleep that dreamless sleep.,
     Our sorrows clustering 'round his head;
Be comforted, ye loved who weep,
     He lives with God, he is not dead.
     In memory of Brother George Scutt who died January 13, 1933.
     Once again hath summoned a Brother Odd Fellow, and the golden gateway to the Eternal City has opened to welcome him to his home. He has completed his work in the ministering to the wants of the afflicted, in shedding light into darkened souls and in bringing joy into the places of misery, and as his reward has received the plaudit, well done' from the Supreme Master.
     And Whereas, the all-wise and merciful Master of the Universe has called our beloved and respected Brother home, and he having been a true and faithful member of our j beloved Order, therefore be it Resolved, that La Bastile Lodge, No. 494, I. O. O. F. of Schoharie, in  testimony of its loss, drape its Charter in mourning for thirty days and that we tender to the family of our deceased brother our sincere  condolence in their deep afflition and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family.
                                                                     F. PHILIP BETZ
                                                                        William Brayman
                                                                           Cornelius Van Voris

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