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Grant Lipe obituary

submitted by Harriet Geywits

Grant Lipe
Sharon Man Dies Suddenly
Feb. 13, 1922

It is with profound regret that we record the passing of Grant Lipe of Sharon Springs, on Friday, February 10 at his home in Engleville, death being due to apoplexy.

The deceased had just passed his 57th two years and had suffered several severe attacks but on the morning of his death he had seemed bright and stronger.

Toward the last afternoon Mr. Lipe went to the barn and shortly afterwards was found by his younger son in a state of collapse but it was impossible to render aid. Although neighbors rushed to his assistance, death intervened and he expired immediately.

The deceased had suffered more or less from his birthday, having been born February 6, 1865.

Our departed friend was a much respected citizen and a devout Christian man. For many years he was a loyal member of the Leesville Baptist Church and at the time of his death he was church clerk and one of the senior deacons.

He was a staunch friend and supporter of the church, Sunday school and the pastor and his passing away has plunged the church into grief, yet we sorrow not as those who have no hope, for he has but gone before, to be with Christ which is far better.

Funeral services were conducted by the pastor, Rev. Austin Phillips at the home and church on Tuesday, February 14th. Among the floral tributes were pieces tendered by the Baptist Men's Bible Class, the Baptist Ladies' Aid Society and Sunday School. Mrs. Kenneth Baxter and Mrs. Morgan Lynk sand a duet, "No Need of Shadows" and Mrs. Lynk also rendered a solo, "Some Day 'Twill All be Over."

During the services the pastor spoke feelingly of the late brother's Christian integrity and also of the deep fraternal love existing between them which time will never remove.

Mr. Lipe was a member of the Maccabees, Sharon Springs Tent. The remains were placed in the local cemetery vault until spring, when interment will take place.

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