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Rev. Grant L. Bice obituary

Rev. G. L. Bice Dies After Short Illness
September 1932

     Rev. Grant L. Bice, for many years pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church on the Mineral Spa. circuit, died last week, following a several weeks' illness.
     Rev. Bice was born Oct. 23, 1868, at the farm home of Minard R. and Delia Pitcher Bice at West Fulton. He was a graduate of the Cobleskill High School and from Albany Normal School. He was active in all branches of Sunday School work and for several years was an officer of the State Sunday School Association. He also held a position of trust in the Methodist Conference for years.
     Surviving are his wife, his sister Effa Mae, teacher at College Point, L. I., and his father in law, former County Clerk Martin A. Akeley.
     Funeral service's were held Thursday afternoon in the Cobleskill M. E. Church.

50 Preachers Sing "Sweet Bye And Bye at Funeral Service Of Grant L. Bice Held Thursday
Methodist Church Auditorium and Sunday School Assembly Room Filled in Farewell Service
The Cobleskill Times
September 29, 1932

"It is worth dying to have a day and a service like that?' was the expression of more than one of the nearly 50 ministers who had gathered around the casket of a departed brother preacher in the Methodist church in Cobleskill last Thursday afternoon and feelingly sang "The Sweet Bye and Bye."

                                                           A Beautiful Tribute
     No greater tribute hag ever been paid a preacher and citizen of Cobleskill than was voiced and pictured at the funeral service for Rev. Grant L. Bice.
     The main auditorium of the church was filled, and the open doors of the spacious Sunday school assembly room revealed this space also filled with those who had come to pay final tribute to a man whose life had been an inspiration and a help.
     A profusion of flowers was expressive but more expressive was the multitude that came with sorrow reflected in faces that knew the reward for faithful service.
     It was a service of sorrow yet a service of joy in its revelation of reward for the useful life.
     Rev. John H. Cole, pastor of the Cobleskill Methodist church was in charge of the funeral rites. He and Rev. Freeman S. Kline, district superintendent, Dr. A. J. Higgins, a former pastor here, and Dr. Fred L. Decker of Gloversville, paid eloquent tribute to a life the influence of which will long be left not alone in Cobleskill and Schoharie County but in many places throughout the state.
     Following the church service many followed the body to the Old Stone Fort cemetery at Schoharie where burial was made.
Hundreds of letters of sympathy have been received by Mrs. Bice and the home group, extracts from some of which are here given:
     From W. H. Sidney, attorney at law, Central Bridge.—"I don't know of a man who has lived in the County who it seems to me has made his life more useful than did Mr. Bice. The news of his death will bring sadness to hundreds of people not only in this County but throughout Methodism in this State."

     From Edgar S. Ryder, Cobleskill. —"What a useful and wonderful life he led and in the days to come hundreds shall rise up to call him blessed."
     From Elizabeth France, Glens Falls.—"His smile of cheer, his word of sympathy, his helping hand and his cheery greeting have helped many over rough places. He has truly lived the Christ Life."
     Rev. Freeman S. Kline, Albany, N. Y.—"What a life, and what a triumph! Surely there was an entrance."
     Ernest F. Tripp, Secretary, Troy Conference, Amsterdam. — "Personally and on behalf of the Conference I extend to you Christian sympathy in your bereavement through the death of Brother Bice."
     Rev. John H. Cole, Cobleskill.— "Another influential figure in the history of this church and the religious life of this county has been removed. He served this church well as Church school superintentendent, his near-by country parishes well as a faithful "Dominie," and his Conference well as the efficient treasurer."
     Gladys L. Mickel, Liberty, N. Y.— "Mr. Bice was a man who will be greatly missed in his community as well as his home."
     L. W. Fellows, New York.—"Our loss is small compared with his glory."
     Hon. Dow Beekman, Middleburg.— "He was my ideal of a genuine minister of the gospel—always devoted to good works wherever and whenever he could be of service."
     Rev. Thomas M. Bishop, Troy.— "A fine and brotherly man, valuable to the conference which he served, so long and so well, and worthily."
     Dr. Cortis E. Torrence, Syracuse. —"My sense of loss is very acute since I realize that a true friend of mine is gone forever so far as this world is concerned; likewise the church has lost a faithful servant and an efficient workman."
     Rev. Wm. G. Boomhower, Jersey City.—"An inspiring influence for me and for so many people."
     Thomas E. Finegan, Rochester.— "We had many happy times together. He was a choice comrade and a friend as true as steel."
     E. B. Underwood, Salvation Army. —"On behalf of Commander Evangeline C. Booth also Commissioner John McMillan, our leaders, I am desired to convey to you and his loved ones their tender sympathy in the great loss you have sustained."
     Rev. Chas. D. Geiger, Cobleskill.— 'His ministry of almost a score of years in this community was characterized by love, patience, faith and courage. Nothing was too much for him to do if he could help someone else."
     Rev. A. J. Higgins, Delanson.— 'It would be worth dying to have a day and a service like that. As Mrs. Higgins and I said coming home—Grant deserved it all."

           At His Command
God needed teachers in this land
To mold the youth" into the man.
Grant Bice, his services gladly lent,
And made true friends where're he went.

God needed leaders here below
And Grant L Bice was called to go.
He served his loved ones as their pastor,
And fulfilled the wishes of his Master.

God needed angels at his side
To do his bidding there on high,
Reverend Bice heard the command,
And entered into the Promised Land.

He has worked hard and labored Iong,
With never a sigh but always a song.
His deeds stand out, though he has gone,
And the echo comes, "Well done! Well done."
                              Miss Florence Shaver,
                                   Mineral Springs, N. Y.

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