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Grosvenor Ellis obituary

March 1931

     Grosvenor Ellis, seventy-two, of Keyserkill, died at his home Tuesday, March 2, following a stroke of paralysis which he suffered the previous Saturday. Mr. Ellis, feeling as well as usual, went to the barn Saturday morning to do chores. During his absence from the house Rev. Tompkins called and inquired for him. Mrs. Ellis said he was in the barn but he was staying longer than usual, and asked the minister to look for him there, which he did and found Mr. Ellis lying in the stable in an unconscious state. He was taken to the house and a doctor called, who pronounces his condition critical. At 1.15 P. M. Tuesday he passed away. Mr. Ellis was born in the town of Broome and in early life followed the carpenter's trade, later taking up farming. He was a staunch Republican in politics and for many years served his town as Assessor and Collector. He was a member of the Pilgrim Holiness Church of Keyserkill and took an active part in all its activities and was faithful in attendance. Mr. Ellis possessed a fine Christian character and was always upright in all his dealings. He was one of The News' old reliable correspondents. He is survived by his widow, a brother Omer of Binghamton, two sisters Mrs. Lillian Cain of Onaquaga, N. Y. and Mrs. Georgianna Holiday of Unadilla, and two sons Leon of this village and Clarence of Gilboa. Funeral was held at the Keyserkill chapel Saturday with Rev. Tompkins officiating. Burial at Keyserkill.

Lines on the death of Grosvenor Ellis
March 1931

How sweet is reminiscence,
In deep reverential mood,
As we concentrate on things which edify
And do not harbor anything crude.

We have known our Brother
For over forty years,
He has been a friend to me,
Gratitude is never in arrear.

The meetings in the school house
In good old Keyserkill,
Remain ever fresh in memory,
Real joy doth linger still.

The outdoor camp meeting,
A happy joyous throng,
Assembled to glorify God
Through Christ they moved along.

Then the chapel how Grove did work,
Time, talent, means he freely gave,
As unto the Lord and how he loved
Jesus, who came to save.

Receiving power as the Spirit came
To teach us how to walk
And loosen up our tongues in praise,
To sing and pray and talk.

God is with us that is best of all,
He gives his Grace, He is our Maker,
We walk by Faith and when the end comes
The uppertaker is ther ahead of the undertaker.

                                  —In His name, Harry Jackson,
                                                     South Gilboa, N. Y.

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