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ABBOTT, Wm., (Gallupville,) farmer 55.
ADAMS, Andrew J., (West Bern, Albany Co.,) farmer 200.
ARMSTRONG, Chas., (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
ARMSTRONG, Elmina, (Gallupville,) (with Mary Chesebro,) farmer 64.
AUCHAMPAUGH, James, (Gallupville,) farmer 190.
AUCHAMPAUGH, Levi, (Gallupville,) farmer 105.
BAKER, Daniel C., (Gallupville,) general merchant and inspector of elections.
BAKER, Lyman, (Gallupville,) post master, cabinet maker and undertaker.
BARBER, Isaac T., (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 86.
BARNNET, John, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 100.
BARTON, John W., (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,)farmer 120.
BARTON, Wm. B., (Gallupville,) custom boot and shoe maker, and life insurance agent.
BATEHOLTS, Ira, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 125.
BATEHOLTS, John, (Gallupville,) carriage ironer and farmer 5.
BATEHOLTS, David P., (Gallupville,) farmer 200.
BECKER, Alvah, (Gallupville,) prop. Stage route from Gallupville to Schoharie, daily.
BECKER, Austin, (Gallupville,) retired farmer.
BECKER, Daniel, (Gallupville,) farmer 80.
BECKER, David, (Gallupville,) farmer 20.
BECKER, David R., (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
BECKER, David R., (Gallupville,) (with G. E.) farmer 200.
BECKER, G. E., (Gallupville,) (with David R.,) farmer 200.
BECKER, Geo. E., (Gallupville,) farmer 180.
BECKER, Ira, (Gallupville,) farmer 290.
BECKER, Jacob, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
BECKER, John J., (Gallupville,) farmer 65.
BECKER, Miles, (Gallupville,) dairyman and farmer 189.
BECKER, Miner, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) hop grower and farmer 78.
BECKER, Paul W., (Gallupville,) farmer.
BELENGER, Geo., (Gallupville,) farmer 125.
BELLER, Wm. H., (Gallupville,) farmer 230.
BLANCHARD, Eli, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 90.
BOLLES, Ada, (Gallupville,) carpenter.
BORST, David H., (Gallupville,) farmer 6.
BOUCK, Cornelius J., (Shutter's Corners,) custom mill and farmer 24.
BRADLEY, Elias R., (Central Bridge,) wagon maker and carpenter.
BREWSTER, Allen, (Gallupville,) wool carder and farmer 25.
BRUMGHIM, Solomon, (Shutter's Corners,) prop. Shutter's Corners Hotel.
CAMPBELL, James, (Gallupville,) tin smith.
CARTER, Wm., (Gallupville,) farmer 89.
CHESEBRO, Ambrose, (Gallupville,) assessor and farmer 110.
CHESEBRO, Mary, (Gallupville,) (with Elmina Armstrong,) farmer 64.
CHESEBRO, Sherman, (Gallupville,) farmer 80.
CHESEBRO, Wm. F., (Gallupville,) farmer 56.
CLOW, John, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) mason and farmer 27.
CONLEY, Patrick, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 16.
COOK, David H., (Shutter's Corners,) carriage smith.
COONS, John H., (Shutter's Corners,) general merchant and asst. postmaster.
COOPER, George H., (Gallupville,) farmer 84.
DAVIDSON, Samuel, (Gallupville,) farmer 120.
DEARING, Elias, (Gallupville,) farmer 168.
DEARING, Henry, (Gallupville,) hog grower and farmer 140.
DECKER, John (Gallupville,) shoe maker.
DELONG, Anthony, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 100.
DENISON, Minor, (Gallupville,) farmer leases of George Spateholts, 40.
DEUEL, Morgan L., (Gallupville,) carpenter and farmer 3.
DEVOE, Amos, (Gallupville,) farmer.
DEVOE, Hiram, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 4.
DEVOE, Jacob I., (Gallupville,) farmer 163.
DOMINIC, Earl F., (Gallupville,) dentist.
DOMINIC, John J., (Gallupville,) carriage maker and justice of the peace.
DOMINIC, Widman, (Gallupville,)
FEECK, John, (Gallupville,) carriage manuf. At Cobleskill.
FELLOWS, Andrew, (Gallupville,) carpenter.
FITCH, John H., (Gallupville,) physician and surgeon.
FRICK, Gean & Co., (Gallupville,) (Jabez Frink,) farmers 200.
FRINK, Jabez, (Gallupville,) (Gean Frink & Co.)
GAIGE, JOEL s., (Gallupville,) carriage smith.
GALLUP, James, (Gallupville,) cooper, farmer 100 and leases of Job and Ezra, 65.
GALLUP, Samuel H., (Gallupville,) farmer 13.
GIBBS, Amasa, (Gallupville,) painter.
GIBBS, Lucius, (Gallupville,) cement manuf.
GRIFFITH, Stephen, (Gallupville,) farmer 94.
HARRISON, John H., (Central Bridge,) carriage trimmer and harness maker.
HAVERLEY, Theodore, (Gallupville,) farmer 75.
HAVERLY, Jacob, (Gallupville,) farmer 300.
HERRICK, Sarah M., (Gallupville,) farmer 95.
HILL, Daniel B., (Gallupville,) millwright.
HILL, Henry, (Gallupville,) farmer 80.
HILL, Hiram, (Gallupville,) butcher and farmer 35.
HILL, John, S., (Gallupville,) farmer 121.
HILTS, David, (Gallupville,) farmer 125.
HILTS, Ezra, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
HILTS, John I., (Gallupville,) farmer 40.
HINMIN, Chas. A., (Gallupville,) harness maker.
HOTALING, John, (Gallupville,) physician and surgeon.
HOTALING, Sarah Ann Mrs., (Gallupville,) farmer 200.
HUNTING, Ambrose R., (Gallupville,) school commissioner and farmer 145.
HUNTING, Ira, (Gallupville,) farmer 190.
HUNTING, John B., (Gallupville,) (Hunting & Weidman,)
HUNTING & WEIDMAN, (Gallupville,) (John B. Hunting and Reuben L. Weidman,) merchants and dealers in jewelry.
JENKINS, Wm. A., (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 63.
JONES, John, (Gallupville,) farmer 120.
JONES, Orlando, (Gallupville,) farmer 130.
KELLER, Henry Rev., (Gallupville,) pastor Lutheran Church.
KELSCH, Jacob, (Gallupville,) (Merselis & Kelsch.)
KENNEDY, Wm. J., (Gallupville,) leases of I. Zeah, 65.
KEYSER, Christian, (Shutter's Corners,) shoemaker and farmer 7.
KIMMEY, Samuel, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 140.
LAMPSON, Mathew, (Gallupville,) tannery.
LASHER, Jeremiah, (Gallupville,) blacksmith.
LATHAM, Henry C., (Gallupville,) prop. Latham Hotel and farmer 581/2.
LAVERY, Daniel, (West Berne, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 1.
LEWIS, Ambrose S., (Shutter's Corners,) school teacher.
LEWIS John J., (Gallupville,) farmer 95.
LEWIS, Morgan H., (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.) farmer 112.
LUCEY, James L., (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
LUGH, Jacob H., (Gallupville,) farmer 87.
MARTIN, Peter, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
MATTICE, James, (Gallupville,) saw mill and farmer 85.
MCDONALD, Benj., (Gallupville,) carpenter and farmer 8.
MCLEAN, Archibald & Son, (Shutter's Corners,) coopers.
MERRYHEW, Altamont, (Gallupville,) shoe maker.
MERSELIS & KELSCH, (Gallupville,) (Sanford Merselis and Jacob Kelsch,) general merchants.
MERSELIS, Sanford, (Gallupville,) (Merselis & Kelsch.)
MILLER, Daniel E., (Shutter's Corners,) justice of the peace and farmer 150.
MILLER, Jacob H., (Shutter's Corners,) carpenter and joiner.
MILLER, Luther, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
NORMAN, John, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 92.
ORELUP, Frederick, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 2.
OSTRANDER, Calvin, (Gallupville,) farmer 155.
OSTRANDER, Wm., (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 90.
PARKARD, Samuel S., (Gallupville,) blacksmith and farmer 50.
PARSON, Catharine Miss, (Gallupville,) dress maker.
PARSONS, Chester, (Gallupville,) farmer leases of Isaac Schoolcraft, 60.
PICKIT, James, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 75.
PLANK, J. & Sons, (Gallupville,) (Oliver F.,) general merchants.
PLANK, Oliver F., (Gallupville,) (J. Plank & Son.)
POSSON, Chester, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
POSSON, Rufus, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
POSSON, Wesley, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
REINHART, Anthony, (Gallupville,) carpenter and joiner.
RICKARD, Geo. D., (Gallupville,) hop grower and farmer 500.
RIGHTER, Stickle, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) retired farmer.
RIGHTER, Wm. H., (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 136.
RIKARD, David H., (Gallupville,) farmer leases 233.
ROLLINGS, Isaac, (Gallupville,) farmer 51.
ROSEKRANS, Frederick H., (Gallupville,) assessor and farmer 98.
ROSEKRANS, Henry D., (Gallupville,) farmer 107.
SADDLEMYRE, Ira, (Gallupville,) farmer 156.
SAMUEL, Herman M. L., (Shutter's Corners,) speculator and farmer 12.
SCHELL, Allen, (Gallupville,) farmer 18.
SCHOOLCRAFT, Gideon, (Gallupville,) farmer 143.
SCHOOLCRAFT, John H., (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
SCHOOLCRAFT, Julian, (Gallupville,) farmer 19 3/4.
SCHRAFER, George, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) butcher and farmer 3.
SETTLE, Hiram, (Gallupville,) farmer 107.
SETTLE, John H., (Gallupville,) farmer 3.
SETTLE, Joseph, (Gallupville,) farmer 85.
SHELL, Daniel, (Gallupville,) farmer 120.
SHELL, Isaac, (Gallupville,) farmer 160.
SHELL, Sanford, (Gallupville,) farmer 87.
SHULTES, Isaac, (Shutter's Corner,) post master.
SIPLES, Wm., (Gallupville,) farmer 3.
SMEATON, John, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 77.
SNYDER, Jacob M., (Gallupville,) shoe maker.
SYNDER, Jacob M., (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 2.
SNYDER, Peter L., (Gallupville,) blacksmith.
SPATEHOLTS, Daniel E., (Gallupville,) farmer 88.
SPATEHOLTS, John W., (Gallupville,) carriage smith.
SPATHOLTS, John I., (Gallupville,) farmer 142.
STEPHENS, Ira, (Gallupville,) farmer 1.
STEVENS, Steward, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 100.
SWAN, MINOR, (Gallupville,) farmer 120.
TIBBETS, Elizabeth, (Gallupville,) farmer 86 1/2.
TREDMIRE, Wm., (Gallupville,) farmer 96.
TRIPP, Susan Miss, (Gallupville,) milliner.
VANDYCK, Newell, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
VEDDER, Edwin Rev., (Gallupville,) pastor Reformed Church.
WALDEN, Sylvanus G., (West Berne, Albany Co.,) painter and farmer.
WEBB, Linus, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) glove manuf. At Waldenville.
WEBB, Stephen, (Gallupville,) farmer 17.
WEIDMAN, Peter, (Gallupville,) retired mechanic and farmer 41.
WEIDMAN, Reuben, (Gallupville,) (Hunting & Weidman.)
WELCH, Zelah, (Gallupville,) farmer 7 1/4.
WIDEMAN, Adam I., (Gallupville,) farmer 67.
WILBER, Perry Mrs., (Gallupville,) farmer 56.
WILBUR, Michael, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 90.
WILLIAMSON, James, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co.,) farmer 93.
WILLIAMSON, Lucas, (Gallupville,) farmer 84.
WOLFORD, Alchey Mrs., (West Berne, Albany Co.,) hop grower and farmer 60.
WOLFORD, Elisha, (Gallupville,) carpenter and joiner.
WOOD, Edwin D., (Gallupville,) carriage trimmer.
WOOD, Oliver B., (Gallupville,) farmer 165.
WRIGHT, Henry Rev., (Gallupville,) pastor M. E. Church.
ZEH, Alfred, (Gallupville,) custom grist mill.
ZEH, Elias, (Gallupville,) saw mill and farmer 2 1/2.
ZEH, Ira, (Gallupville,) physician and surgeon, and supervisor.
ZEH, Peter J., (Gallupville,) farmer 195.
ZIMER, Paul, (Gallupville,) farmer 80.
ZIMMER, David H., (Gallupville,) farmer 4.
ZIMMER, Emiline, (Gallupville,) farmer 5.
ZIMMER, Gideon, (Gallupville,) farmer 130.
ZIMMER, Hannah A., (Gallupville,) farmer 87.
ZIMMER, Isaac Jr., (Gallupville,) farmer 47.
ZIMMER, Jacob A., (Gallupville,) farmer 140.
ZIMMER, Jacob L., (Gallupville,) farmer leases 161.
ZIMMER, Jacob M., (Gallupville,) assessor and farmer leases 210.
ZIMMER, Jacob N., (Gallupville,) farmer 80.
ZIMMER, John A., (Gallupville,) farmer 118.
ZIMMER, John G., (Gallupville,) farmer 210.
ZIMMER, Minor P., (Gallupville,) farmer 142.
ZIMMER, Peter F., (Gallupville,) hardware.
ZIMMER, Seneca, (Gallupville,) farmer 109.
ZIMMER, Wm. L., (Gallupville,) farmer 287.

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