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ADAMS, W.M.H., (Charlotteville,) miller, sawyer and farmer 30.
ALBERT, John, (Charlotteville,) carpenter and farmer 25.
ALLEN, David D., (Summit,) mason and farmer 3.
ALLEN, Erastus, (Charlotteville,) farmer 60.
ALLEN, Jeremiah, (Summit,) farmer 135.
ALLEN, Riley M. Rev., (Charlotteville,) pastor of Christian Church and farmer 90.
ALLEN, Wm. E., (Summit,) farmer 321.
BAKER, Howland, (Charlotteville,) farmer 170.
BAKER, John, (Charlotteville,) farmer 65.
BALDWIN, Annie Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 140.
BALDWIN, Daniel W., (Summit,) farmer 146.
BARGER, Henry, (Summit,) farmer 123.
BARGER, James, (Summit,) (Brown & Barger.)
BARGER, Johnson, (Summit,) assessor, saw mill and farmer 64.
BARNER, George, (Charlotteville,) cabinet maker and farmer 2.
BARNER, John Jost JR., (Charlotteville,) farmer 10.
BAUM, Elizabeth Mrs., (Summit,) millenary.
BEARD, Jacob L., (Eminence,) Justice of the peace and farmer 192.
BECKER, John, (Richmondville,) farmer 1 1/2.
BECKER, Levi, (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Mrs. Gordon, 100.
BEDELL, Reuben, (Charlotteville,) farmer 4.
BOUGHTON, George H., (Charlotteville,) farmer 140.
BOUGHTON, Harvey, (Summit,) cooper and farmer 3.
BOUGHTON, Harry V., (Charlotteville,) prop. Of saw mill, cider mill and machine   shop, and farmer 38.
BOUGHTON, Miles II., (Summit,) cooper and farmer 8.
BOUGHTON, Seymour Jr., (Charlotteville,) carriage painter.
BOUGHTON, Wm. T., (Summit,) cooper, carpenter and town clerk.
BOYNTON, Levi, (Eminence,) farmer 105.
BRAZIE, Abijah, (Summit,) farmer 75.
BRAZIE, John W., (Charlotteville,) farmer 35.
BRAZIE, Rebecca Miss (Summit,) (with Miss Tina Ann,) farmer 47.
BRAZIE, Talmage, (Summit,) farmer 6.
BRAZIE, Tina Ann Miss, (Summit,) (with Miss Rebecca,) farmer 47.
BROWN & BARGER, (Summit,) (James H. Brown and James Barger,) dealers in stoves, tin and wooden ware, crockery, paints, oils, iron, flour, meal &c.
BROWN, David, (Summit,) (Morrison & Brown,)
BROWN, James H., (Summit,) (Brown & Barger,) speculator in farm produce and farmer 26.
BRUCE, Eli, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 82.
BULSON, Ichabod, (Charlotteville,) farmer 112.
BURROWS, James L., (Eminence,) general merchant and post master.
CHARLOTTEVILLE HOTEL,  (Charlotteville,) George Keyser, prop.
CLEVELAND, H. A., (Eminence,) farmer 50.
COE, Curtis, (Charlotteville,) sexton and farmer 2.
COLLINGTON, Lucas, (Charlotteville,) farmer 35.
COLLITON, David 1st, (Summit,) farmer 100.
COLLITON, David 2nd, (Summit,) farmer 105.
COLLITON, Jeremiah, (Summit,) farmer 155.
COMSTOCK, Martin F., (Charlotteville,) commissioner of highways and farmer 80.
CONARO, David L., (Summit,) farmer 23.
CONARO, Peter, (Summit,) farmer 138.
COOK, George D., (Charlotteville,) shoe maker.
COOK, James D., (Charlotteville,) black smith and farmer 50.
COOK, John, (Summit,) farmer 40.
COON, David, (Eminence,) farmer 52.
COONS, Henry E., (Summit,) farmer 45.
COONS, Wm., (Summit,) farmer 80.
CORNELL, Woolsey, (Charlotteville,) farmer 35.
CRAPSER, Henry, (Summit,) carpenter, saw mill and farmer 50.
CRAPSER, Morgan, (Summit,) farmer 75.
CRAPSER, Nelson, (Summit,) toll gate keeper.
CRAPSER, Wallace, (Charlotteville,) farmer 43.
CROMER, Abraham, (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Henry Butler, 170.
CROWE, Charles, (Summit,) grist mill and farmer 46.
CROWE, David, (Summit,) farmer 100.
CROWE, George, (Summit,) farmer 100.
CROWE, John, (Charlotteville,) farmer 173.
DAULEY, Peter, (Summit,) farmer 182.
DAYTON, James S., (Charlotteville,) farmer 65.
DELONG, John II., (Summit,) farmer 63.
DENNY, Nathaniel, (Charlotteville,) farmer 24.
DIBBLE, George, (Summit,) farmer 118.
DIBBLE, John, (Summit,) farmer 63.
DIBBLE, Joseph, (Summit,) farmer 190.
DINGMAN, John A., (Summit,) teamster.
DINGMAN, Walter, (Summit,) wagon maker, undertaker and farmer 2.
DOX, Abraham, (Richmondville,) farmer 55.
COX, George II., (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Abraham, 55.
DYKEMAN, Martin, (Summit,) blacksmith.
ELDREDGE, Samuel T., (Richmondville,) farmer 1.
EVANS, Platt R., (Summit,) tailor.
FANCHER, Hiram S., (Charlotteville,) farmer leases of estate of Mrs. Fancher, 100.
FERGUSON, G. H., (Summit,) painter, justice of the peace and justice of sessions.
FERGUSON, Thomas II., (Summit,) painter, postmaster and farmer 30.
FERN, Joseph W., (Summit,) miller.
FINCH & CO., (Charlotteville,) butchers.
FOSTER, Theodore, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 142.
FOX, Charles, (Summit,) farmer 196.
FOX, Henry, (Charlotteville,) farmer 240.
FOX, Wm., (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 243.
FULLER, Robert S., (Richmondville,) farmer 88.
GAIGE, Benjamin, (Charlotteville,) farmer 220.
GALLUP, Bedent B., (Charlotteville,) farmer 224.
GARDNER, Henry, (Summit,) farmer 156.
GARDNER, Robert, (Eminence,) farmer 50.
GOSS, John A., (Summit,) farmer 71.
GRAY, Patrick, (Summit,) farmer 96.
GRIGGS, Elizabeth Miss, (Summit,) tailoress.
HAM, James J., (Eminence,) farmer 79.
HAM, Wm., (Eminence,) farmer 210.
HANER, Martin, (Charlotteville,) farmer 30.
HANNAY, Franklin, (Eminence,) farmer 70.
HANNIS, Wm., (Richmondville,) farmer 130.
HARD, Harmon, (Charlotteville,) blacksmith and farmer 5.
HARDER, Wellington P., (Summit,) farmer 149.
HARDER, Wm. L., (Eminence,) farmer 58.
HARTWELL, Farrend, (Charlotteville,) tanner and farmer 97.
HARTWELL, Miles, (Charlotteville,) farmer 90.
HAVENS, Charles W., (Summit,) physician and farmer 110.
HAYNOR, Ezra, (Charlotteville,) farmer 65.
HERRON, Henry, (Charlotteville,) sawyer, carpenter, and farmer 2.
HICKS, Henry, (Charlotteville,) carpenter and farmer 140.
HICKS, Peter R., (Charlotteville,) farmer 34.
HILDRETH, Charles E., (Charlotteville,) harness maker.
HODGSON, Samuel (Richmondville,) farmer 96.
HODGSON, Wm., (Richmondville,) farmer 187.
HUGHES, Ansil H., (Summit,) farmer 50.
JACKSON, David C., (Charlotteville,) farmer 100.
JOHNSON, Alfred W., (Charlotteville,) carpenter and farmer 2.
JOHNSON, James C., (Charlotteville,) farmer 128.
JUMP, A. P., (Summit,) (Kennedy & Jump.) carriage and sleigh manufacturer, and justice of the peace.
JUMP, Joseph P., (Charlotteville,) general merchant.
KEYSER, George, (Charlotteville,) prop. Of Charlotteville Hotel.
KINGSLEY, Cyrus L., (Eminence,) farmer 93.
LAKE, Samuel J., (Summit,) general merchant and farmer 22.
LAMONT, William, (Charlotteville,) president of New York Conference Seminary and Collegiate Institute, dealer in woolen goods and drugs, physician, supervisor, prop. Mill property and farmer 160.
LAMONTE, George, (Summit,) farmer 50.
LA MONTE, Maria E. Mrs. (Charlotteville,) farmer 3.
LAPE, Axsene Mrs. (Summit,) farmer 237.
LAPE, George, (Richmondville,) farmer 156.
LAPE, Harmon, (Summit,) farmer 96.
LAPE, Josiah, (Summit,) farmer 250.
LAPE, S., (Charlotteville,) postmaster and general merchant.
LAPE, Thomas, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 173.
LEHMAN, Isaac, (Summit,) general merchant and peddler.
LEVALLEY, John, (Summit,) railroad commissioner and farmer 130.
LINCOLN, Delilah Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 6.
LINCOLN, Mary Ann Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 14.
LYON, Luman T., (Summit,) farmer leases of Amasa Dingman, 100.
LYON, William K., (Summit,) farmer 130.
MARTIN, George W. Rev., (Eminence,) pastor M. E. Church.
MATTICE, Frederick W., (Eminence,) farmer 105.
MCMULLEN, John, (Charlotteville,) farmer 62.
MEAD, Michael, (Summit,) cooper, saw mill and farmer 25.
MEEK, John R., (Summit,) farmer 101.
MICKEL, Henry, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer leases of Smith Cornell, 66.
MICKEL, William, (Charlotteville,) farmer 23.
MITCHELL, Harmon, (Charlotteville,) farmer 41.
MITCHELL, John, (Summit,) (J. Mitchell & Sons.)
MITCHELL, John, (Summit,) farmer 135.
MITCHELL, J. & Sons, (Summit,) (John, Stephen and Silas,) farmers 78.
MITCHELL, Milton, (Charlotteville,) farmer 125.
MITCHELL, Silas, (Summit,) (J. Mitchell & Sons.)
MITCHELL, STEPHEN, (Summit,) (J. Mitchell & Sons.)
MITCHELL, Walker, (Charlotteville.) farmer 52.
MOOT, Daniel M., (Richmondville,) farmer 190.
MORE, Lyman E., (Charlotteville,) farmer 52.
MORRISON & BROWN, (Summit,) (Harmon Morrison and David Brown,) blacksmiths.
MORRISON, Harmon, (Summit,) (Morrison & Brown.)
MULTER, Joseph, (Charlotteville,) lumberman and farmer 165.
MULTER, Joseph E. (Charlotteville,) farmer leases of Philip, 150.
MULTER, Philip, (Charlotteville,) farmer 150.
NEAR, Milton, (Charlotteville,) stage driver.
NEER, George G., (Charlotteville,) dealer in groceries and drugs, and farmer 2.
NEER, Samuel, (Summit,) farmer 206.
NEW YORK CONFERENCE SEMIUARY AND COLLEGIATE INSTITUDE, (Charlotteville,) Rev. Solomon Sias, principal.
NOXON, Lawyer Mrs., (Eminence,) farmer 25.
ODELL, Daniel, (Summit,) cooper and school teacher.
ODELL, Isaac L., (Summit,) cooper.
ODELL, William S., (Charlotteville,) cooper.
OLIVER, Ambrose, (Charlotteville,) farmer 90.
OLIVER, Betsey Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 61.
OSBORN, Edwin H., (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) collector and farmer 274.
OSTRANDER, Margaret Mrs. (Summit,) farmer 53.
PALMER, George, (Summit,) farmer leases of John G. Rider, 105.
PALMER, Henry, (Summit,) farmer 50.
PALMER, John, (Summit,) farmer 260.
PAYNE, Charles C., (Summit,) farmer 117.
PAYNE, George, (Charlotteville,) farmer 100.
PROPER, Jane A. Mrs., (Eminence,) farmer 100.
PROPER, Rensselaer, (Summit,) farmer 112.
RIDER, David, (Summit,) farmer 70.
RIDER, David L., (Charlotteville,) justice of the peace and farmer 3.
RIDER, Isaac T., (Summit,) farmer 116.
RIDER, John G., (Summit,) farmer 105.
RIDER, Myron, (Charlotteville,) farmer 145.
RIDER, Robert, (Summit,) proprietor of Union House and farmer 11.
RICS, Mathias, (Summit,) farmer 74.
RIFENBARK, Aaron, (Summit,) farmer 405.
RIFENBARK, Ebenezer, (Summit,) tin peddler and farmer 2.
RIFENBARK, Hiram, (Summit,) carpenter and farmer leases of Aaron, 75.
RITTON, Deloss, (Richmondville,) farmer 112.
ROBINSON, James, (Summit,) proprietor of Summit House.
ROCKEFELLER, Andrew, (Summit,) farmer 76.
ROSSMAN, Charles, (Summit,) with Christopher,) farmer. 
ROSSMAN, Christopher, (Summit,) farmer 100.
ROSSMAN, Nathaniel, (Summit,) (with Christopher,) farmer.
RUDD, James, (Summit,) (Sawyer & Rudd.)
SALISBURY, Peter, (Charlotteville,) farmer 36.
SALISBURY, Robert, (Charlotteville,) farmer 172.
SAULSBURY, Hannah Mrs., (Summit,) farmer 64.
SAULSBURY, Samuel, (Summit,) farmer leases of Amasa Dingman, 40.
SAWYER, Ebenezer Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 65.
SAWYER, John F., (Summit,) (Sawyer & Rudd,) deputy sheriff and farmer 16.
SAWYER & RUDD, (Summit,) (John F. Sawyer and James Rudd,) blacksmiths.
SCHERMERHORN, Calvin L., (Summit,) assessor and farmer 130.
SCHERMERHORN, Hiram, (Summit,) farmer 112.
SEHARG, Frederick, (Summit,) cabinet maker.
SELEY, Amos B., (Charlotteville,) farmer 114.
SHAWICK, Raymond, (Charlotteville,) farmer 40.
SHELMEDIUS, Charles, (Eminence,) farmer 175.
SIAS, Solomon Rev., (Charlotteville,) principal of New York Conference Seminary and Collegiate Institute.
SIMMONS, George, (Charlotteville,) physician.
SIMOUSON, James, (Summit,) farmer leases of Wm. Allen.
SISSOU, Arnold, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 69.
SMITH, Henry, (Charlotteville,) wagon manuf.
SMITH, Rebecca Mrs., (Richmondville,) farmer 80.
SNOOK, Frederick, (Charlotteville,) farmer 51.
SNOOK, Isaac, (Charlotteville,) farmer 68.
SNOOK, J. A., (Charlotteville,) (with Levi M.,) farmer 137.
SNOOK, John J., (Charlotteville,) farmer 31.
SNOOK, Levi M., (Charlotteville,) (with J. A.,) farmer 137.
SPAULDING, David L., (Summit,) physician.
SPAULGING, Sidney C., (Summit,) shoemaker.
SPENCER, David G., (Charlotteville,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
SPENCER, William A., (Charlotteville,) railroad commissioner and farmer 84.
SPERBECK, Francis, (Summit,) farmer leases of Eli Terrell, 100.
SPERBECK, Hiram, (Summit,) (with John M.,) farmer.
SPERBECK, John M., (Summit,) farmer 125.
SPERBECK, Peter, (Charlotteville,) farmer 22.
SPERBECK, Samuel, (Summit,) farmer 90.
SPERBECK, Wm., (Summit,) farmer 79.
STEVENS, Enos M., (Charlotteville,) farmer 16.
STICKEL, E. N., (Summit,) farmer 100.
STILWELL, Stephen, ( Charlotteville,) overseer of the poor and farmer 120.
STILWELL, WILLIAM S., (Charlotteville,) farmer 303.
SUMMIT HOUSE, (Summit,) James Robinson, prop.
TABAER, Charles B., (Charlotteville,) tinsmith.
TANNER, Joshua, (Summit,) farmer 76.
TERPENING, James W., (Summit,) farmer 91.
TERPENING, Cornelius S., (East Worcester, Otsego Cos.,) farmer 72.
TERPENNING, Rachel Miss, (Summit,) farmer 91.
TERRELL, David, (Summit,)  farmer 60.
TERRELL, Seneca J., (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Samuel Hodgson, 84.
TERRELL, Wm., (Summit,) farmer 35.
TILLSON, Christopher Mrs., (Summit,) farmer 107.
TINKELPAUGH, Alex., (Summit,) cooper and farmer 280.
TINKELPAUGH, Jacob, (Summit,) farmer 100.
TINKELPAUGH, Jacob H., (Summit,) farmer 139.
TINKELPAUGH, Jacob H. Jr., (Summit,) farmer 106.
TINKELPAUGH, Jeremiah, (Summit,) farmer 13.
TOLES, Ira, (Charlotteville,) farmer 109.
TOLES, Seabury H., (Charlotteville,) farmer 2.
TRUAX, Sylvester, (Charlotteville,) carpenter and farmer 3.
TURK, Thomas H., (Charlotteville,) farmer 95.
VAN BEURAN, James, (Charlotteville) farmer 100.
VAN BEURAN, Jeremiah, (Charlotteville,) farmer 47 1/2.
VAN BEURAN, Peter H., (Charlotteville,) farmer 148.
VAN BEUREN, Tobias P., (Summit,) farmer 100.
VAN HOSEN, Levi Y., (Charlotteville,) painter.
VAN PATTEN, Frederick, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 150.
VAN TUYL, Draper, (Summit,) assessor and farmer 120.
VAN TUYL, Garret, (Summit,) farmer 30.
VAN TUYL, Jacob D., (Summit,) farmer 70.
VAN TUYL, Joel D., (Summit,) farmer 130.
VAN VOORHIS, Levi, (Richmondville,) farmer 84.
WAGONER, John, (Summit,) farmer 98.
WARNER, George H., (Charlotteville,) farmer 90.
WARNER, Hiram, (Charlotteville,) farmer 209.
WARNER, John, (Summit,) farmer 40.
WAYMAN, David, (Summit,) farmer leases of Jacob, 113.
WAYMAN, David , Sen., (Charlotteville,) farmer 115.
WAYMAN, Hiram, (Charlotteville,) farmer 110.
WAYMAN, Jacob, (Charlotteville,) farmer 160.
WAYMAN, Richard, (Charlotteville,) farmer 207.
WHARTON, Edward J., (Summit,) farmer 115.
WHARTON, George, (Summit,) farmer 180.
WHARTON, Hiram. (Summit,) (with Robert,) farmer 200.
WHARTON,  James, (Summit,) farmer 200.
WHARTON, James K., (Summit,) shoemaker.
WHARTON, John, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) commissioner of highways and farmer 98.
WHARTON, John B., (Summit,) farmer 260.
WHARTON, Robert, (Summit,) (with Hiram,) farmer 200.
WHARTON, Sanford, (Summit,) farmer 125.
WHARTON, William, (Summit,) farmer 91.
WHEELER, Edward, Mrs. (Summit,) farmer 9.
WILCOX, Barney F., (Charlotteville,) farmer 90.
WILDAY, Clark, (Summit,) farmer 130.
WITBECK, Lorenzo, (Richmondville,) saw mill and farmer 230.
WOODWORTH, George Rev., (Summit,) pastor M. E. Church.
YANSEN, Jeremiah, (Richmondville,) farmer 115.
ZEH, Hamilton, (Summit,) farmer 3.

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