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ABRAMS, George B. (Seward,) saw mill, mason and farmer 100.
ALLEN, Sebastian, (Hyndeville,) farmer 34.
ANEY, John, (South Valley, Otsego Co.,) farmer 455.
ANTIZ, Stephen H., (Hyndsville,) farmer 80.
BAKER, Cyrus, (Hyndsville,) prop. of Marcley Hotel.
BARKER, James, (Lawyersville,) farmer 2.
BATES, Delevan, BRIG. GEN., (West Richmondville,) farmer 100.
BELLINGER, David D., (Sharon,) farmer 30.
BELLINGER, Henry, (Hyndsville,) manuf. of wagons and sleighs, and undertaker.
BELLINGER, Isaac, (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
BELLINGER, Jehiel, (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
BELLINGER, Jeremiah, (Sharon,) carpenter and farmer 6.
BELLINGER, John H., (Sharon,) farmer 65.
BELLINGER, John M., (Sharon,) carpenter and builder.
BELLINGER, Josiah, (Sharon,) farmer.
BELLINGER, Marcus, (Sharon,) farmer 56.
BELLINGER, William J., (Sharon,) farmer 40.
BETTS, Samuel, (Lawyersville,) agent for Collins' Patent Hop Yard and farmer 30.
BIVENS, John J., (Seward,) butcher.
BORST, Emmett, (Hyndsville,) farmer 116.
BORST, Isaac, (Hyndsville,) section foreman C. V. Branch.
BORST, Joseph, (Hyndsville,) farmer 80.
BORST, Martin, (Seward,) farmer 150.
BORST, William E., (Seward,) farmer 127.
BOUCK, Joel, (Seward,) farmer 93.
BRAZIE, Daniel, (Seward,) brick manuf., manuf. Morgan Harrow and farmer 34.
BROOCKER, Russell, (Hyndsville,) cooper.
BROOKER, Russell, (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Mrs. Jane Smith, 35.
BROWN, James, (Lawyersville,) (with Addison Slater,) farmer leases 125.
BROWN, John, (Lawyersville,) farmer 21/4.
BROWN, John, (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
BROWN, John J., (Hyndsville,) farmer 150.
BROWN, Peter M., (Hyndsville,) manuf. of wagons and sleighs, and house painter.
BROWN, William, (Hyndsville,) farmer for David.
BROWNELL, Benjamin Franklin, (Hyndsville,) painter and grainer.
BROWNELL, Cornelius B., (Hyndsville,) painter and grainer.
BROWNELL, James F., (Hyndsville,) blacksmith and constable.
BROWNELL, Washington Irving, (Hyndsville,) manuf. of spring bed bottoms.
BROWNLEE, James, (Lawyersville,) bookkeeper and farmer 101/4.
BRUCE, Elbebt O., (Hyndsville,) phsician and agent for Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine.
CADY, Amenzo, (West Richmondville,) farmer leases 871/2.
CALKINS, Henry, (Seward,) blacksmith.
CALKINS, Henry B., (Hyndsville,) wagon maker.
CALKINS, Lorenzo D., (Lawyersville,) farmer 192.
CALKINS, Luther, (Seward,) blacksmith.
CARYL, Catherine, (Hyndsville,) farmer 3.
CHAMBERLAIN, Edward, (Seward) butcher and farmer.
CHASE, Daniel, (Hyndsville,) miller for John C. McChesney.
CHASE, Harvey H., (Seward,) boots and shoes.
CHASE, Menzo W., (Seward,) shoemaker.
CLUM, Simon V., (Seward,) farmer leases of John H. Klock, 120.
COSS, Hiram, (Hyndsville,) (with Peter,) farmer 184.
COSS, Oscar, (Hyndsville,) farmer.
COSS, Peter, (Hyndsville,) (with Hiram,) farmer 184.
CRIPPIN, Levi, (Seward,) farmer.
CROCKER, Philander T., (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
CROMMIE, Norman, (Seward,) carpenter and builder.
CROSS, Augustus H. F., (Sharon,) farmer.
CROSS, Peter S., (Sharon,) hay raiser and farmer 100.
CROSS, Solomon P., (South Valley, Otsego Co.,) farmer leases of John Aney, 161.
DANA, Christopher C., (Hyndsville,) farmer 110.
DAVENPORT, Abram, (Sharon,) farmer 78.
DAVENPORT, Jacob, (Sharon,) carpenter and builder.
DAVENPORT, Levi W., (Sharon,) blacksmith and farmer 11.
DAVENPORT, William, (Sharon,) farmer 89.
DEFANDORF, George, (Seward,) farmer 4.
DEFANDORF, Levi M., (Hyndsville,) agent for Merchants Life Insurance Co., New York agent
     for Brown's Marble Works, Schoharie, and farmer 126.
DENMAN, William, (Seward,) farmer leases of Mrs. A. Posson, 117.
DEVENPECK, Alonzo, (Seward,) carpenter, builder and farmer 60.
DEWIRE, John, (Seward,) farmer 9.
DICKINSON, Charles, (Seward,) physician and farmer 30.
DIEFENDORF, Oliver M., (Seward,) farmer 117.
DIEFENDORF, Sylvester, (Seward,) justice of the peace, justice of sessions and cooper.
DRUMM, Andrew, (Hyndsville,) (with Daniel Wetsel,) farmer 80.
DUNCKEL, George S., (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Wm. J., 230.
DUNCKEL, Jeremiah, (Hyndsville,) farmer 205.
DUNCKEL, Lucius, (Hyndsville,) farmer for J. Dunckel.
DUNCKEL, William J., (Hyndsville,) hop dealer and farmer 233.
ELDREDGE, Monroe, (Seward,) agent for Climax Plow and farmer 100.
EDLREDGE, Robert, M. D., (Sharon,) physician and farmer 95.
ELWOOD, David, (Hyndsville,) farmer 186.
EMPIE, Benjamin, (Sharon,) farmer 250.
EMPIE, George H., (Sharon,) school teacher and farmer.
EMPIE, James W., (Seward,) teacher and farmer.
EMPIE, John G., (Hyndsville,) singing teacher and farmer 100.
EMPIE, Reuben L., (Sharon,) farmer leases of Benjamin, 100.
EMPIE, Solomon, (Seward,) farmer 104.
ENGELL, John H., (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Adam Young, 130.
ENGLES, Daniel, (Lawyersville,) farmer 60.
ESMAY, John, (Seward,) farmer 125.
ESMAY, Moses P., (Seward,) saw mill and farmer 190.
FAKE, Henry L., (Hyndsville,) general produce dealer and farmer 175.
FALK, Abram, (Lawyersville,) farmer 114.
FALK, George H., (Hyndsville,) hop raiser and farmer 99.
FANNING, Benjamin, (Hyndsville,) farmer 107.
FLINT, Ransom C., (Hyndsville,) farmer 137.
FRAATS, Andrew, (Seward,) farmer leases of N. Fraats, 90.
FRANCE, Abram, (Seward,) farmer 124.
FRANCE, Anson, (Seward,) farmer leases of Lawrence, 100.
FRANCE, Augustus, (Seward,) farmer 118.
FRANCE, Austin, (Seward,) farmer 150.
FRANCE, Charles W., (Seward,) farmer.
FRANCE, Daniel, (Hyndsville,) farmer 4.
FRANCE, David L., (Seward,) farmer 187.
FRANCE, George S., (Hyndsville,) farmer 116.
FRANCE, Gilbert G., (Seward,) coal agent for Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. and farmer 140.
FRANCE, John, (Seward,) (with David L.,) farmer.
FRANCE, John H., (Hyndsville,) farmer 15 and leases of Peter, 116.
FRANCE, Lawrence, (Seward,) farmer 100.
FRANCE, Menzo, (Seward,) (with David L.,) farmer.
FRANCE, Selius, (Seward,) farmer 22.
FRANCE, Steward, (Seward,) farmer.
FRANCE, Willard M., (Seward,) farmer (with Abram.)
FRANCE, William G., (Seward,) farmer 68 and leases of Joseph, 75.
FRATTS, Peter R., (Seward,) farmer 100.
FRAWTS, Nicholas, (Seward,) farmer 85.
FREDERICK, Cyrus M., (Sharon,) carpenter and farmer.
FREDERICK, Henry, (Sharon,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
FREDERICK, Peter A., (Sharon,) farmer 103.
FREDRICK, Michael G., (Sharon,) farmer 87.
FRIES, Mary Mrs., (Hyndsville,) retired farmer.
GARDNER, Robert, (Seward,) farmer 80.
GARLOCK, Andrew, (Seward,) farmer 110.
GRIGGS, Clark B., (Seward,) (Clark B. Griggs & Son,) postmaster.
GRIGGS, Clark B. & Son, (Seward,) (Marvin,) dealers in dry goods and groceries.
GRIGGS, Marvin, (Seward,) (Clark B. Griggs & Son.)
GUERNSEY, Daniel, (Hyndsville,) farmer 4.
HAGADORN, James, (Seward,) farmer 94.
HALENBECK, Abram, (Hyndsville,) farmer 130.
HANES, Wilson, (Seward,) jewelry and watches.
HANDY, George W., (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Kirtland, 138.
HANDY, John C., (Hyndsville,) farmer 130.
HANDY, John H., (Hyndsville,) farmer
HANDY, Kirtland, (Hyndsville,) farmer 138.
HANDY, Richard, (Hyndsville,) farm laborer.
HANES, David H., (Seward,) farmer 90.
HANES, Jacob, (Seward,) saw mill and farmer 129.
HARDY, Moses F., (Seward,) wagon maker.
HARROWAY, Peter, (Richmondville,) farmer 100.
HILTON, Peter, (Hyndsville,) farmer 115.
HILTON, Philip P., (Hyndsville,) postmaster and dealer in dry goods and groceries.
HINES, Alonzo R., (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
HOFFMAN, Barnabas, (Seward,) saw and cider mills and farmer 18.
HOFFMAN, Martin, (Seward,) cider manuf. and farmer 85.
HOFFMAN, Nicholas, (Seward,) shoemaker and farmer 21/4.
HOUCK, Jacob, (West Richmondville,) farmer leases 210.
HOUCK, William, (West Richmondville,) farmer 160.
HUNGERFORD, Daniel H., (Sharon,) apiarian, carpenter and builder.
HYNDS, Albert, (Hyndsville,) carpenter.
HYNDS, Anson J., (Hyndsville,) painter and grainer.
HYNDS, Augustus, (Hyndsville,) farmer
HYNDS, David, (Hyndsville,) coal agent for the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co., and farmer 120.
HYNDS, Gilbert G., (Hyndsville,) justice of the peace and farmer 21.
HYNDS, Horace, (Hyndsville,) farmer for J. Hynds.
HYNDS, James, (Hyndsville,) blacksmith.
HYNDS, Jedediah, (Hyndsville,) farmer 82.
HYNDS, John, (Hyndsville,) farmer 313.
HYNDS, Joseph M., (Hyndsville,) carpenter and farmer 33.
HYNDS, Peter, (Hyndsville,) prop. of Hyndsville Hotel.
JOHNSON, Henry H., (Hyndsville,) agent for Delaware and Hudson Canal Co., A. & S. R. R. Department.
JOHNSON, Holt, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
JONES, George, (West Richmondville,) farmer 203.
KARKER, Aaron, (Sharon,) farmer 118.
KARKER, Isaac, (Sharon,) farmer 114.
KARKER, Nicholas, (Seward,) farmer.
KILPOYLE, Thomas, (Lawyersville,) tanner and currier.
KILTS, Calvin, (Hyndsville,) blacksmith.
KILTS, Peter, (Sharon,) carpenter and builder, and farmer leases of Christian Zea, 30.
KIMMEY, David, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
KIMMEY, Peter D., (Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 135.
KLING, Peter, (Seward,) farmer 9.
KNEESKERN, Andrew J., (Seward,) farmer.
KNEESKERN, Jacob, (Seward,) farmer 90.
KNEESKERN, William H., (Seward,) carpenter and builder and farmer.
KNEESKERN, William J., (Seward,) farmer 135.
KNEESKERN, William J., (Seward,) farmer 100.
KROMER, Charles, (Sharon,) farmer.
KROMER, Harrison, (Sharon,) machinist.
KROMER, William H., (Sharon,) millwright, carpenter and farmer 124.
LANE, Charles, (Seward,) farmer leases of Levi Tice.
LANE, Isaac, (Seward,) prop. Seward Valley Hotel.
LAWYER, Jacob, (Hyndsville,) general mason.
LETTS, George, (Hyndsville,) farmer 115.
LETTS, Hiram, (Hyndsville,) farmer 80.
LETTS, Luther, (Lawyersville,) farmer.
LETTS, Martin, (Seward,) prop. of saw mill, carpenter and builder.
LETTS, Orlando, (Richmondville,) shoemaker.
LIPE, Alfred, (Seward,) farmer 100.
LIVINGSTON, Chancelor, (Seward,) farmer leases of Abram Sternberg, 170.
LIVINGSTON, George, (Sharon,) farmer.
LIVINGSTON, Peter, (Sharon,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
LORY, John, (Hyndsville,) beer manuf. and farmer 46.
LORY, Martin, (Hyndsville,) general cooper.
LOUCKS, Henry, (Sharon,) justice of the peace and farmer 150.
LOUCKS, John M., (Sharon,) farmer 16.
LOYD, Henry B., (Hyndsville,) undertaker and furniture manuf.
LUDINGTON, John, (Hyndsville,) cooper.
MARCLEY, David, (Hyndsville,) farmer 3.
MARCLEY, David, (Hyndsville,) farmer 10.
MARCLEY, Demosthenes L., (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Harvey M., 80.
MARCLEY, Frederick, M. D., (Hyndsville,) physician.
MARCLEY, Harvey M., (Hyndsville,) farmer 80.
MARCLEY HOTEL, (Hyndsville,) Cyrus Baker, prop.
MARCLEY, Irving, (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Michael, 120.
MARCLEY, John, (Hyndsville,) farmer 72.
MARCLEY, John C., (Seward,) blacksmith.
MARCLEY, Michael, (Hyndsville,) farmer 120.
MARCLEY, Tobias, (Hyndsville,) farmer.
MARCLEY, William H., (Hyndsville,) farmer 135.
MARKEL, William M., (Hyndsville,) farmer 105.
MARKLE, George M., (Seward,) carpenter and farmer 2 1/2.
MCCHESNEY, John C., (Hyndsville,) prop. Hyndsville Flour and Feed Mill, saw mill and farmer 10.
MCMAN, James, (Seward,) farmer 40.
MERRIL, William, (Seward,) cheese manuf.
MERRINESS, Uriah, (Seward,) saw mill, carpenter and farmer 8.
MOAK, David A., (Hyndsville,) shoemaker.
MOAK, Francis, (West Richmondville,) (with William H.,) farmer 215.
MOAK, John, (West Richmondville,) farmer 40.
MOAK, William H., (West Richmondville,) (with Frances,) farmer 215.
MORGAN, Harvey, (Hyndsville,) carpenter and prop. of flax mill.
MORGAN, Joel, (Hyndsville,) farmer 24.
MOSHER, Edgar, (Hyndsville,) (with Martin F.,) farmer 130.
MOSHER, Martin F., (Hyndsville,) (with Edgar,) farmer 130.
MOSHER, Milton, (Hyndsville,) farmer.
MUNZO, Spencer, (Cobleskill,) farmer for Isaac Ottman.
MYER, Henry A., M. D., (Seward,) physician and surgeon.
MYERS, Charles M., (Hyndsville,) farmer.
MYERS, John A., (Hyndsville,) farmer 125.
MYERS, William, (Hyndsville,) farmer 68.
NEVILLE, George, (Seward,) hop raiser and farmer 142.
OLIVER, Frederick W., (Hyndsville,) hop raiser and farmer 170.
OLIVER, John, (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of A. Lawer, 116.
OLIVER, Paul, (Lawyersville,) farmer 3.
OSTERHOUT, Abram, (Cobleskill,) assessor and farmer 235.
OSTERHOUT, David H., (Cobleskill,) farmer leases of Abram Osterhout, 139.
OSTRANDER, John P., (Seward,) farmer 125.
OSTROM, George L., (West Richmondville,) farmer 110.
OTTMAN, Abraham, (Lawyersville,) farmer 113.
OTTMAN, David, (Sharon,) farmer.
OTTMAN, Hannah Mrs., (Sharon,) farmer 147.
OTTMAN, Isaac, (Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 213.
OTTMAN, Joseph, (Lawyersville,) farmer 120.
OTTMAN, Luther, (Sharon,) hop grower and farmer 31.
PASSAGE, George B., (Seward,) prop. of Seward Hotel.
PATRICK, John F.k (Seward,) farmer leases of John Weaton, 110.
PETRIE, John, (Hyndsville,) farmer 350.
PETRIE, Sanford, (Hyndsville,) farmer.
PIERCE, Anson, (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Christopher C. Dana, 110.
PIERCE, Elias, (Lawyersville,) (with Kason B. Shafer,) farmer 161.
POGUE, Robert, (Seward,) carpenter and builder and sawyer.
POTTS, Charles, (Seward,) farmer 4.
POWERS, Ingraham Rev., (Seward,) pastor of Baptist Church.
PULVER, Peter, (Lawyersville,) farmer leases of Peter Youngs, 118.
RELYEA, Charles, (Seward,) hop raiser and farmer 51/2.
RICH, George, (Hyndsville,) prop. of Rich's Hotel.
RINDFIELD, Augustus, (Hyndsville,) shoemaker.
ROWLEY, A. W., (Hyndsville,) farmer.
ROWLEY, Edward, (Seward,) farmer 200.
ROWLEY, Edwin, (Seward,) carpenter and builder.
ROWLEY, Hiram S., (Seward,) agent for Delaware & Hudson Canal Co., at A. & S. R. R. depot.
ROWLEY, Nelson G., (Seward,) veterinary surgeon, blacksmith and farmer 108.
RYNE, James, (Seward,) farmer.
SAILSBURY, John Jr., (Seward,) farmer leases of John W., 147.
SALSBERGH, Allen, (Hyndsville,) (with William,) farmer 115.
SALSBERGH, William, (Hyndsville,) (with Allen,) farmer 115.
SALSBURY, David, (Seward,) farmer 80.
SANDS, William J. Rev., (Hyndsville,) farmer 121.
SAXTON, Austin, (Hyndsville,) leader Seward Cornet Band.
SEWARD CORNET BAND, (Hyndsville,) Austin H. Sexton, leader; E.O. Bruce, H.B. Loyd,
     Geo. S. Gardiner, J.Z. Calkins, L.D. Marcley, J. Lawyer, H. Bellinger, C. Sexton, S. Petrie,
     H. Calkins, C. Loyd, J. Sexton, A. Lory.
SEXTON, Austin H., (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Hiram, 185.
SEXTON, Chester, (Hyndsville,) stock dealer and farmer 4.
SEXTON, Hiram, (Hyndsville,) farmer 175.
SEXTON, Jason, (Hyndsville,) farmer 195.
SHAFER, David, (Hyndsville,) harness maker and agent for H. H. Babcock & Son's well pumps.
SHAFER, Elmond, (Richmondville,) (with Jacob H.,) farmer 132.
SHAFER, Jacob H., (Richmondville,) (with Elmond,) farmer 132.
SHAFER, Kason B., (Lawyerville,) (with Elias Pierce,) farmer 161.
SHAFER, Margaret Mrs., (Hyndsville,) farmer 205.
SHAFER, Seward, (Hyndsville,) (with Stewart,) farmer 205.
SHAFER, Stewart, (Hyndsville,) (with Seward,) farmer 205.
SHUMWAY, Ebenezer, (West Richmondville,) saw mill and farmer 18.
SIGSBY, John D., (Hyndsville,) school teacher.
SIMMONS, Chester, (Sharon,) apiarian and farmer.
SLATER, Addison, (Lawyersville,) farmer leases 125.
SMITH, Abram, (Hyndsville,) shoemaker and farmer 16.
SMITH, Andrew, (Seward,) blacksmith.
SMITH, Erastus, (Hyndsville,) farmer 75.
SMITH, Jane Mrs., (Hyndsville,) farmer 35.
SMITH, Thaddeus, (West Richmondville,) farmer 80.
SNYDER, Gilbert W., (West Richmondville,) farmer 5.
SNYDER, Henry, (Hyndsville,) farmer 82.
SNYDER, Martin, (West Richmondville,) farmer 78.
SNYDER, William A., (Hyndsville,) farmer 93 and leases of Henry Snyder, 82.
SOMMER, Hiram, (Seward,) farmer 100.
SOMMERS, Barnabas, (Sharon,) farmer 9 and leases of Mrs. Eliza Zea, 106.
SOMMERS, Henry, (Sharon,) farmer 20.
SOMMERS, Jacob A., (Sharon,) carpenter and shoemaker.
SOMMERS, John W., (Sharon,) farmer 100.
SOMMERS, John W. Jr., (Lawyersville,) farmer leases of J. Ottman, 113.
SOUTHWORTH, Harlem, (Hyndsville,) painter and school teacher.
SOUTHWORTH, Nathaniel, (Hyndsville,) boot and shoe maker, dealer in groceries and patent medicines.
STERNBERG, Abraham, (Seward,) famer 172.
STERNBERG, John H., (Seward,) farmer 75.
STEVENS, Daniel D., (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
STEVER, David, (West Richmondville,) carpenter and builder.
STRAIL, Henry, (Seward,) farmer 91.
STRAIL, Isaac A., (Seward,) carpenter and builder.
STRAIL, John, (Seward,) saw mill and farmer 66.
STRAIL, Mathew, (Seward,) farmer 100.
STRAIL, William, (Seward,) farmer 75.
STROBECK, George W., (Seward,) farmer 1481/2.
STROBECK, Hiram, (Lawyersville,) stock dealer and farmer.
STROBECK, Jeremiah, (Seward,) farmer 150.
STROBECK, John M., (Hyndsville,) farmer 105.
STROBECK, Nicholas, (Hyndsville,) farmer 109.
STROBECK, Paul, (Lawyersville,) farmer 175.
STROBECK, Paul Jr., (Lawyersville,) farmer
STROBECK, Peter W., (Hyndsville,) farmer 46.
STROBECK, Philip W., (Lawyersville,) farmer 80.
TANNER, Job, (West Richmondville,) farmer 88.
TICE, Levi, (Seward,) dealer in stock and farmer 12.
TILISON, William E., (Hyndsville,) farmer.
TILLAPAUGH, Abram, (Seward,) farmer 130.
TRABER, Henry A., (Seward,) miller.
TRABER, Jacob, (Seward,) farmer 55.
TRABER, Peter, (Seward,) farmer 176.
TREEDMYRE, Frederick, (Hyndsville,) farmer 90.
VANDERWARKER, David, (Seward,) farmer 95.
VANDERWARKER, David H., (Seward,) farmer 55.
VANSLYKE, John A., (Seward,) farmer.
VANSLYKE, Sylvanus G., (Seward,) carpenter and builder.
VROOMAN, William, (Seward,) farmer 70.
WALRAD, Robert G., (Seward,) general merchant and agent for Buckeye Mower and Reaper.
WARNER, Abram, (Hyndsville,) farmer 60.
WARNER, Abram H., (Hyndsville,) general painter and engraver.
WARNER, Charles, (Cobleskill,) farmer 150.
WARNER, Harman, (Seward,) manuf. of plows, cultivators & c., and painter.
WARNER, Tobias, (Hyndsville,) farmer 80.
WARNER, Henry A., (Seward,) supervisor, prop. of Seward Grist Mill and farmer 3.
WEATON, John, (Seward,) farmer 110.
WELLER, Robert, (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder.
WENDELL, Henry, (Hyndsville,) fresco painter, grainer and teacher of music.
WESTGUBER, Abram, (Hyndsville,) general mason.
WETHERWAX, George, (Lawyersville,) agent for Buckeye Mower and Reaper, and farmer 86.
WETSEL, Daniel, (Hyndsville,) (with Andrew Drumm,) farmer 80.
WHITE, Peter, (West Richmondville,) farmer 160.
WHYLAND, Leonard, (Hyndsville,) saw mill and farmer 250.
WILBER, James H., (Hyndsville,) general merchant and town clerk.
WINEGARD, Abraham, (Hyndsville,) farmer 160.
WINEGARD, Alexander, (Richmondville,) farmer 107.
WINEGARD, George, (Hyndsville,) farmer 230.
WINEGARD, Hezekiah, (West Richmondville,) farmer.
WINEGARD, Peter, (West Richmondville,) farmer 290.
WINEGARD, Richard, (Hyndsville,) farmer.
WOODIN, Anson B., (Hyndsville,) farmer leases of Leonard Whyland, 250.
WORMUTH, George, (Seward,) tanner and currier, and farmer 6.
WRIGHT, D. L., (Hyndsville,) carpenter and builder and (with Elijah,) farmer 51.
WRIGHT, Elijah, (Hyndsville,) (with D. L.,) farmer 51.
YOUNG, Adam, (Hyndsville,) saw mill and farmer 130.
YOUNG, Henry, (Lawyersville,) farmer 100.
YOUNG, Jeremiah P., (Hyndsville,) farmer 4.
YOUNG, Menzo, (Seward,) farmer for J. Strobeck.
YOUNG, Sylvester, (Hyndsville,) farmer
YOUNGS, Peter, (Lawyersville,) farmer 118.
ZEA, John, (Seward,) farmer 84 and leases of Zea & Youngs, 100.
ZEA, Joseph, (Seward,) farmer 621/2.
ZEA, Joseph, (Sharon,) farmer 104.

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