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ANGLE, Jacob, (Schoharie,) sheriff.
ARNOLD, Bartle, (Schoharie,) (with John,) farmer 37.
ARNOLD, John, (Schoharie,) (with Bartle,) farmer 37.
BADGLEY, George B., (Schoharie,) dry goods, boots and shoes, paper hangings, etc. Main.
BAILEY, Charles, (Schoharie,) speculator, produce dealer and farmer 130.
BAILEY, Cornelius L., (Schoharie,) (Rowley & Bailey.)
BAILEY, Halsey, (Schoharie,) farmer 100.
BAILEY, Washington, (Schoharie,) farmer 20.
BARMER, George N., (Central Bridge,) farmer 95.
BARNETT, Chas. M., (Schoharie,) mason overseer in S. A. Barnett's stone quarry.
BARNETT, Simon A., (Schoharie,) stone contractor, mason and master mechanic, residence Main.
BARTON, Josiah, (Schoharie,) farmer leases of T. Barton 168.
BARTON, Wm. H., (Schoharie,) farmer 92.
BASSLER, Herman, (Central Bridge,) shoe maker.
BECKER, Abram, (Central Bridge,) grist and saw mills.
BECKER, David S., (Schoharie,) stone, lime and cement, Prospect.
BECKER, Francis, (Central Bridge,) prop. of grist and saw mills.
BECKER, John A., (Esperance,) farmer 78.
BEECHER, Caroline Mrs., (Schoharie,) farmer 1.
BEEKMAN, D. A., (Schohaire,) hop cultivator and farmer 8.
BELLER, Hannah Mrs., (Schoharie,) administratrix of the estate of the late Andrew Beller.
BELLINGER, Alexander, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 116.
BENEDICT, Hiram, (Schoharie,) general merchant, Main.
BENNETT, Nathan, (Central Bridge,) hotel proprietor.
BERGH, David, (Schoharie,) retired farmer 4.
BERGH, Margaret Mrs., (Schoharie,) farmer 49.
BERGH, Peter S., (Schoharie,) farmer 50.
BEST, George, (Central Bridge,) speculator and auctioneer.
BICE, Joshua, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 109.
BLANCHARD, Riley, (Quaker Street, Schenectady Co., ) school teacher.
BOMBECK, John, (Central Bridge,) farmer 200.
BORST, Jeremiah, (Schoharie,) farmer 96.
BORST, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 300.
BORST, John Jr., (Schoharie,) farmer leases of John Borst.
BORST, Joseph, (Schoharie,) express, mail and freight agent.
BORST, Martin B., (East Cobleskill,) butcher.
BORST, Peter, (Schoharie,) (Olliver & Borst.)
BORST, Peter, (Schoharie,) miller and farmer.
BORST, Peter S. & Co., (Central Bridge,) harness makers.
BORST, Thomas B., (Schoharie,) (Miers & Borst.)
BOUCK, David D., (Schoharie,) (Schoharie Valley Machine Co.)
BOUCK, David I., (Schoharie,) commissioner of highways and farmer 150.
BOUCK, George A., (Schoharie,) farmer 146.
BOUCK, James A., (Schoharie,) cashier Schoharie County National Bank and loan commissioner.
BOWLES, Wm., (Central Bridge,) carpenter.
BOYCE, E. W., (Schoharie,) (J. H. Boyce & Son.)
BOYCE, Jacob H., (Schoharie,) (J. H. Boyce & Son.)
BOYCE, J. H. & SON, (Schoharie,) (Jacob H. and E. W.,) dealers in hats, caps and furs, and a general assortment of gents' furnishing goods, Main.
BOYINGTON, Oliver, (Schoharie,) farmer 75.
BREWSTER, Ralph, (Schoharie,) attorney at law and notary public, Main.
BREWSTER, Wm. J., (Schoharie,) farmer 38.
BRIGGS, John M., (Schoharie,) fruit cultivator 12; also shirt manuf. and dealer in gents' furnishing goods, 55 South Pearl St., Albany.
BRIGGS, Samuel, (Schoharie,) farmer 19.
BROWN, ALBERT & SON, (Schoharie,) (Henry A.,) clothing, Main.
BROWN, Henry A., (Schoharie,) (Albert Brown & Son.)
BROWN, H. R. & Z. J., (Schoharie,) props. steam marble works and manufacturers of tombstones and monuments, Main.
BROWN, Jacob F., (Central Bridge,) farmer 2.
BROWN, Z. J., (Schoharie,) (H. R. & Z. J. Brown.)
BROWNELL, E. & SON, (Shutter's Corners,) (Marshall,) tanners and curriers, and farmers 100.
BROWNELL, Marshall, (Shutter's Corners,) (E. Brownell & Son.)
BRUSTER, Nathan, (Schoharie,) farmer 6.
BURTON, Lyman, (Schoharie,) speculator and farmer 170.
BURTON, Theodore, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 300.
BURTON, Thomas, (Schoharie,) farmer 1.
BURTON, Wm., (Schoharie,) retired farmer.
BUTTS, Norris, (Central Bridge,) cradle manuf.
CADY, John H., (Schoharie,) farmer leases of Frederick Rowley, 92.
CAMPBELL, Stephen K., (Central Bridge,) prop. Schoharie Co. Agricultural Shop, manufacturer of threshing machines, clover hullers, wood saws and broom-corn scrapers.
CARPENTER, Charles, (Schoharie,) farmer 16.
CARPENTER, Wm. H., (Central Bridge,) farmer 100.
CARTER, John J., (Schoharie,) farmer 80.
CARY, John E., (Schoharie,) (Schoharie Valley Machine Co.)
CASADY, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 5.
CASE, David E., (Schoharie,) undertaker and manufacturer and dealer in furniture, Main.
CASEY, Minor, (Central Bridge,) speculator and farmer 12.
CHAMBERLIN, Goerge, (Schoharie,) cutter with Miers & Borst, tailors, and prop. of first class ice cream saloon, summer arrangement, Main.
CLARK, Napoleon, (Schoharie,) farmer 115.
CLARK, Peter S., (Schoharie,) (Clark & Shannon.)
CLARK & SHANNON, (Schoharie,) (Peter S. Clark and P. Jefferson Shannon,) dry goods, groceries and provisions, Main corner of Shannon.
CLEMONS, H. H., (Central Bridge,) wagon and sleigh maker.
COUCH, Charles, (Schoharie,) farmer leases of Miss Maria Couch, 300.
COUCH, Maria Miss, (Schoharie,) farmer 300.
CRAMER, George P., (Central Bridge,) blacksmith.
CRAMER, H. W., (Central Bridge,) blacksmith.
DANBY, C. E. Mrs., (Schoharie,) dress maker, Main.
DEITZ, Lucy A., (Schoharie,) (with heirs,) farmer 1.
DEITZ, Peter D., (Schoharie,) mason.
DE NOYELLES, M. N., (Schoharie,) (DeNoyelles & Parrott.)
DE NOYELLES & PARROTT, (Schoharie,) (M. N. DeNoyelles and Alfred Parrott,) drugs, medicines and hardware, Main.
DIETZ, C. Mrs., (Schoharie,) refused to give information.
DIETZ, Jacob, (Central Bridge,) farmer 135.
DIETZ, Jacob H., (Schoharie,) farmer 60.
DIETZ, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 120.
DIETZ, Paul, (Schoharie,) retired mason.
DIETZ, Peter, Jr., (Schoharie,) farmer 90.
DIETZ, Philip, (Central Bridge,) rail roading.
DIETZ, Wm. A. Mrs., (Schoharie,) (with heirs,) farmer 65.
DIETZ, Wm. L., (Schoharie,) broom manufacturer and farmer 109.
DONNELLEY, James E., (Central Bridge,) patent right dealer.
DREISBACH, Jacob L., (Schoharie,) farmer 81.
DRUM, John, (Howe's Cave,) farmer leases of P. Livingston, 136.
DURAND, Treat, (Schoharie,) prop. of the celebrated hub and spoke factory, saw and planing mills.
ECKERSON, Henry, (Schoharie,) carpenter.
ENDERS, Alex V., (Schoharie,) farmer 3 1/2.
ENDERS, Jacob, (Central Bridge,) justice of the peace and farmer 150.
ENDERS, Peter W., (Schoharie,) mason.
FAIN, Patrick, (Schoharie,) farmer 30.
FAIRCHILD, Lyman E., (Esperance,) farmer 85.
FARLEY, John, (Schoharie,) merchant tailor, Main.
FARQUHER, Arthur H., (Schoharie,) cabinet maker.
FERRIS, David H., (Schoharie,) under sheriff and jailor.
FERRIS, Harvey W., (Schoharie,) (P. W. Ferris & Son.)
FERRIS, Peter W., (Schoharie,) (P. W. Ferris & Son.)
FERRIS, P. W. & SON, (Schoharie,) (Peter W. and Harvey W.,) dealers in groceries, liquors and coal, Main.
FERRIS, Walter, (Schoharie,) harness maker and sealer of weights and measures.
FISHER, Albert L., (Central Bridge,) dealer in hardware, manufacturer of tinware and postmaster.
FREDENDALL, Philip, (Schoharie,) retired farmer.
GALLUP, Almerin, (Schoharie,) attorney and counselor at law, west side Main.
GARDNER, Emma Miss, (Schoharie,) dressmaker.
GARDNER, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 3.
GARDNER, John J., (Schoharie,) painter.
GARDNER, P. G., (Schoharie,) inventor of mining machinery, office 320 Seventh Avenue corner 28th St., New York, and owns 700 acres.
GARNSEY, Ira, (Schoharie,) farmer 172.
GEBHARD, Edward, (Schoharie,) attorney at law, office 120 Broadway, New York City, summer residence, Schoharie.
GEBHARD, John Jr., (Schoharie,) geologist and notary public, Main.
GEBHARD, John G. Jr., (Schoharie,) retired farmer 100.
GEBHARD, Wm. D., (Schoharie,) treasurer Schoharie Valley R. R.
GERMOND, Laurell, (Schoharie,) farmer 65.
GERMOND, Orrin, (Schoharie,) farmer 150.
GERNSEY, Mathew, (Howe's Cave,) school teacher and farmer 130.
GETTER, Wm., (Central Bridge,) farmer 90.
GROESBECK, Richard, (Schoharie,) cigar maker, Bridge.
GROVER, Philip, (Schoharie,) fruit cultivator and works farm of Daniel B. Briggs, of Herkimer Co.
GUERNSEY, Hiram, (East Cobleskill,) hop cultivator and farmer 120.
HAGER, Adam D., (Schoharie,) farmer 23.
HAGER, Martin, (Schoharie,) general superintendent for S. A. Barnett.
HALLENBECK, Nicholas, (Schoharie,) farmer 160.
HALLENBECK, Wm., (Central Bridge,) hotel prop., general merchant and farmer 100.
HALLETT, Hiram D., (Central Bridge,) (Palmatier & Hallett.)
HASKINS, Smith W., (Central Bridge,) justice of the peace and farmer 117.
HAVERLY, Philip D., (Schoharie,) farmer 151.
HAYS, Arthur, (Schoharie,) (Hays Bros.)
HAYS BROS., (Schoharie,) (Wm. and Arthur,) farmers 110.
HAYS, Wm., (Schoharie,) (Hays Bros.)
HEALY, George D., (Schoharie,) billiard saloon and restaurant, Main.
HECK, J. H. Rev., (Schoharie,) pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Main.
HERREN, Charles, (Central Bridge,) carpenter and farmer 60.
HESS, A., (Schoharie,) shoemaker.
HINMAN BROS., (Schoharie,) (Nathan P. and Chauncey W.,) lawyers, office in Shufelt Block.
HINMAN, Chauncey W., (Schoharie,) (Hinman Bros.)
HINMAN, Nathan P., (Schoharie,) (Hinman Bros.)
HITCHMAN, Charles, (Schoharie,) (C. & D. A. Hitchman,) stone cutter.
HITCHMAN, C. & D. A., (Schoharie,) poultry dealers, Spring.
HITCHMAN, D. A., (Schoharie,) (C. & D. A. Hitchman,) printer.
HOGAN, Jacob, (Schoharie,) farmer 86.
HOGEN, Pat, (Central Bridge,) carpenter.
HORTON, James, (Schoharie,) prop. Mansion House.
HOUCK, David, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 85.
HOUCK, John, (Central Bridge,) farmer 80.
HOWE, Lester, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 20.
HUNT, A. A., (Schoharie,) editor and proprietor Schoharie Republican, Main.
HUNT, Hiram, (Central Bridge,) mason.
HUNT, Mansfield, (Central Bridge,) carpenter.
HUNTER, Josiah M., (Central Bridge,) farmer 4.
JENKINS, D. W., (Central Bridge,) general ticket and express agent, and telegraph operator.
JOHNSON, Charles, (Schoharie,) farmer 134.
KAGEN, Michael, (Schoharie,) cooper.
KETCHAM, John D., (Schoharie,) farmer 84.
KILMER BROS., (Schoharie,) Thomas J. and Sylvester A.,) physicians and surgeons, office at Parrott House.
KILMER, Daniel A., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 130.
KILMER, Sylvester A., (Schoharie,) (Kilmer Bros.)
KILMER, Thomas J., (Schoharie,) (Kilmer Bros.)
KINNEY, R., (Schoharie,) carpenter.
KNAPP, Fred A., (Central Bridge,) telegraph operator.
KNISKERN, Calvin, (Schoharie,) farmer leases 138.
KNISKERN, Charles, (Schoharie,) shoemaker, Main.
KNOWER, Daniel, (Schoharie,) dentist, Main.
KROMER, Charles C., (Schoharie,) editor and prop. Schoharie Union, Main.
KROMER, Lambert, (Schoharie,) custom shoemaker.
KRUM, Franklin, (Schoharie,) president Schoharie County National Bank.
KRUM, Hobart, (Schoharie,) (Mayham & Krum.)
KRUM, Wm. B., (Schoharie,) insurance agent, auctioneer and constable.
LAMORAU, Charles, (Schoharie,) carpenter,
LAMORAU, Stephen, (Schoharie,) farmer 80.
LAMOREAU, John, (Schoharie,) farmer.
LARKIN, John W., (Central Bridge,) supervisor and farmer 180.
LASELL, C. C., (Schoharie,) grocer, Main.
LASHER, George, (Schoharie,) retired farmer.
LAWRENCE, Henry, (Schoharie,) farmer 3 1/2.
LAWYER, Elijah, (Schoharie,) Railroad commissioner A. & S. R. R., and farmer 150.
LAWYER, Jacob, (Schoharie,) farmer 1 1/2
LAWYER, John W., (Schoharie,) farmer 90.
LAWYER, Nancy, (Schoharie,) (with heirs,) farmer 4.
LAYMAN, Wm. S., (Schoharie,) physician and surgeon, Prospect.
LEAKE, Thomas W., (Central Bridge,) physician and surgeon.
LENDRUM, John F., (Central Bridge,) farmer 160.
LINDEN, Charles, (Shutter's Corners,) farmer 22.
LINTNER, George Rev., D. D., (Schoharie,) retired Lutheran pastor.
LIVINGSTON, James, (Schoharie,) farmer 70.
LIVINGSTON, John W., (Schoharie,) retired farmer 162.
LIVINGSTON, P., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 136.
LOUCKS, Andrew J., (Schoharie,) farmer leases of Lyman Burton 170.
MAHAR, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 9.
MALLON, B. P., (Schoharie,) school teacher.
MANN, Giles G., (Schoharie,) farmer 119.
MANN, Jacob G., (Schoharie,) justice of the peace and farmer 140.
MANN, Peter J., (Schoharie,) farmer 120.
MANN, Wm., (Schoharie,) farmer 263.
MANSION HOUSE, (Schoharie,) James Horton, prop.
MARSH, Jacob, (Schoharie,) boots and shoes, Main.
MARTIN, Peter, (Schoharie,) fish and oyster dealer.
MARTIN, Peter, (Schoharie,) saloon, Main.
MAXWELL, John L., (Schoharie,) homeopathic physician and surgeon, Main.
MAYHAM & KRUM, (Schoharie,) Stephen L. Mayham and Hobert Krum,) attorneys and counselors at law, Main.
MAYHAM, Stephen L., (Schoharie,) (Mayham & Krum.)
MC DONALD, Elon, (Central Bridge,) carpenter.
MEAD, John H., (Central Bridge,) dealer in dry goods and groceries, and inspector of elections.
MELICK, Philip J., (Schoharie,) house and carriage painter, Bridge.
MICHAELS, Wm. L., (Schoharie,) farmer 160.
MIERS & BORST, (Schoharie,) (Jacob F. Miers and Thomas B. Borst,) merchant tailors and dry goods dealers, Main.
MIERS, Jacob T. (Schoharie,) (Miers & Borst.)
MILLER, Francis, (Central Bridge,) farmer, 159.
MILLER, Michael H., (Central Bridge,) baggage master.
MIRES, Henry, (Schoharie,) farmer 63.
MORRISON, John, (Schoharie,) county clerk, (office in Court House,) nurseryman and farmer 100.
MOTT, O. Rev., (Schoharie,) pastor of M. E. Church.
MOWERS, Jacob, (Howe's Cave,) merchant and farmer 90.
MOWERS, James, (Howe's Cave,) farmer leases 55.
MURPHY, Wm. B., (Schoharie,) conductor Middleburgh & Schoharie R. R.
NELLIS, Jacob, (Schoharie,) physician, dentist and jeweler, Main.
NELLIS, Theodore W., (Schoharie,) dentist.
NETHAWAY BROS., (Schoharie,) (Ezer, John Jr., Robert and Wm.,) farmers 248.
NETHAWAY, David, (Schoharie,) farmer.
NETHAWAY, Ezer, (Schoharie,) (Nethaway Bros.)
NETHAWAY, George, (Schoharie,) farmer.
NETHAWAY, Harvey, (Schoharie,) shoemaker, Main.
NETHAWAY, John Jr., (Schoharie,) (Nethaway Bros.)
NETHAWAY, Nelson, (Schoharie,) farmer 355.
NETHAWAY, Robert, (Schoharie,) (Nethaway Bros.)
NETHAWAY, Wm., (Schoharie,) (Nethaway Bros.)
NISKERN, John, (Central Bridge,) farmer leases.
NOXON, Jacob M. (Schoharie,) blacksmith, Main.
O'DONNELL, John, (Central Bridge,) farmer 7.
OLIVER, Abram, (Schoharie,) farm laborer.
OLLIVER & BORST, (Schoharie,) (Peter Olliver and Peter Borst,) farmers 65.
OLLIVER, Peter, (Schoharie,) (Olliver & Borst.)
OSTERHOUT, Abram, (Schoharie,) farmer 94.
OSTERHOUT, Peter, (Schoharie,) farmer 33.
OSTERHOUT, Peter, (Schoharie,) retired merchant.
PALMATIER, Cornelius, (Central Bridge,) farmer 18.
PALMATIER & HALLETT, (Central Bridge,) (Perry Palmatier and Hiram D. Hallett,) farmers lease of C. Palmatier, 18.
PALMATIER, Perry, (Central Bridge,) (Palmatier & Hallett.)
PALMATIER, Peter I., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 8.
PANGBURN, Lucas, (Schoharie,) mason.
PARROTT, Alfred, (Schoharie,) (DeNoyelles & Parrott.)
PARROTT HOUSE, (Schoharie,) Sidney & Parrott, Props., Main.
PARROTT, Wm., (Schoharie,) farmer 136.
PARROTT, Wm. Jr., (Schoharie,) (Sidney & Parrott.)
PATRICK, Jacob H., (Central Bridge,) farmer 104.
PATRICK, John, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 110.
RICH, Charles, (Central Bridge,) hotel prop.
RICH, E. M. Mrs., (Schoharie,) (with heirs,) farmer 86.
RICKARD, Alexander, (Schoharie,) (Schoharie Valley Machine Co.)
RICKARD BROS. (Schoharie,) (Leonard and Charles,) farmers 12 and lease of Peter Rickard, 48.
RICKARD, Charles, (Schoharie,) (Rickard Bros.)
RICKARD, Elias A., (Schoharie,) wagon maker.
RICKARD, George D., (Schoharie,) (Schoharie Valley Machine Co.)
RICKARD, Jacob, (Schoharie,) farmer 280.
RICKARD, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 130.
RICKARD, Leonard, (Schoharie,) (Rickard Bros.)
RICKARD, Nicholas, (Schoharie,) farmer 100.
RICKARD, Philip, (Schoharie,) farmer 100.
RICKARD, Rebecca Mrs., (Schoharie,) tailoress.
RICKARD, Stephen, (Schoharie,) farmer.
ROARICK, Abram, (Schoharie,) shoe maker.
ROARICK, David D., (Schoharie,) shoe maker.
ROCKEFELLER, Peter, (Howe's Cave,) dealer in clover and timothy seed, and farmer 116.
ROCKEFELLER, Robert N., (Howe's Cave,) speculator and farmer 140.
ROSEKRANS, Jacob H., (Schoharie,) head miller in Stephens' mill.
ROWE, John J., (Central Bridge,) merchant.
ROWE, Mulford, (Schoharie,) farmer 63.
ROWLEY, & BAILEY, (Schoharie,) (Julius Rowley and Cornelius L. Bailey,) attorneys at law, Main.
ROWLEY, Julius, (Schoharie,) (Rowley & Bailey.)
SAFER, Charles, (Schoharie,) painter.
SAFFORD, Hiram, (Schoharie,) foreman in the hub and spoke factory.
SCHAEFFER BROS., (Schoharie,) (Christian H. and James,) meat market, Main.
SCHAEFFER, Christian H., (Schoharie,) (Schaeffer Bros.)
SCHAEFFER, Daniel, (Schoharie,) farmer 50.
SCHAEFFER, Gideon, (Schoharie,) farmer 75.
SCHAEFFER, Jacob H., (Schoharie,) farmer 120.
SCHAEFFER, James, (Schoharie,) (Schaeffer Bros.)
SCHAEFFER, Marcus, (Schoharie,) farmer 140.
SCHAEFFER, Martin L., (Schoharie,) farmer 160.
SCHOHARIE ACADEMY, (Schoharie,) Oren C. Sikes, principal..
SCHOHARIE COUNTY NATIONAL BANK, (Schoharie,) Franklin Krum, president; James A. Bouck, cashier.
SCHOHARIE HOTEL, (Schoharie,) Francisco Wood, prop.
SCHOHARIE REPUBLICAN, (Schoharie,) A. A. Hunt, editor and prop.
SCHOHARIE UNION, (Schoharie,) Chas. C. Kromer, prop.
SCHOHARIE VALLEY LODGE of  F. & A. M., No. 491, (Schoharie,) meets the first and third Fridays of each month. Chartered Sept. 9, 1859, has 97 members.
SCHOHARIE VALLEY MACHINE CO., (Schoharie,) (Geo. D. and Alex. Rickard, John E. Cary and David D. Bouck.)
SCHOOLCRAFT, Hiram, (Schoharie,) resident.
SCOTT, Darius B., (Schoharie,) hair dresser, office in Wood's Hotel.
SCOTT, David G., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 65.
SCOTT, James H., (Central Bridge,) farmer 65.
SCRIBNER, Myron E., (Schoharie,) farmer 175.
SCROM, Christopher, (Howe's Cave,) farmer leases of Paul Carter 104.
SHAFER, Austin, (Schoharie,) telegraph operator Schoharie, Valley R. R., connecting with the Western Union.
SHAFER, John F., (Schoharie,) justice of the peace and surveyor, Main.
SHANK, Gilbert, (Central Bridge,) farmer 100.
SHANNON, P. Jefferson, (Schoharie,) (Clark & Shannon.)
SHERLOCK, James B., (Schoharie,) clock and watch maker, Main.
SHMELTZ, Henry, (Central Bridge,) merchant tailor.
SHUFELT, Wm. W., (Schoharie,) dealer in millinery and fancy goods, and prop. of the public hall, Shufelt Block, upstairs, Main.
SIDNEY & PARROTT, (Schoharie,) (Wm. H. Sidney and Wm. Parrott, Jr.,) props. Parrott House, Main.
SIDNEY, Wm., (Schoharie,) farmer 92.
SIDNEY, Wm. H., (Schoharie,) (Sidney & Parrott.)
SIKES, Oren C., (Schoharie,) principal Schoharie Academy.
SLINGLAND, Jacob, (Central Bridge,) formerly merchant.
SMITH, Bradley S., (Schoharie,) groceries, provisions and crockery, also prop. nursery, Main.
SMITH, Jesse W., (Schoharie,) groceries, provisions and crockery, Main.
SNYDER, John, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 80.
SPABEHOLTS, Joseph, (Schoharie,) farmer 87.
SPAULDING, Wm., (Schoharie,) blacksmith, near old fort.
SPAULDING, Wm. Jr., (Schoharie,) blacksmith.
SPAWN, Zina, (Schoharie,) meat market, Main.
STAFFORD, Robert N., (Schoharie,) (Hunter & Stafford.)
STANDHARDT, F. A., (Howe's Cave,) shoemaker.
STEPHENS, Samuel B., (Schoharie,) prop. grist, saw and turning mills.
STERNBERG, James, (Schoharie,) farmer 2.
STERNBERG, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 170.
STERNBERG, Martin L., (Schoharie,) farmer leases of John, 170.
STERNBERG, Peter, (Central Bridge,) farmer 200.
STERNBERG, Wm., (Central Bridge,) farmer 70.
STEVER, John, (Central Bridge,) merchant.
STEVER, John, (Schoharie,) butcher and farmer 4.
STREVER, Abram, (Central Bridge,) poor master and farmer 120.
SUTHERLAND, Michael, (Schoharie,) commissioner of the S. V. R. R. and farmer 110.
SWART, John I., (Schoharie,) physician and surgeon, and trustee of village corporation, office and house on Grand.
SWART, Peter, (Schoharie,) farmer 130.
SWART, Peter S., (Schoharie,) allo. physician and surgeon, Main.
SWEET, John, (Schoharie,) harness maker and town clerk.
TAYLOR, Abner, (Schoharie,) farmer 28.
TAYLOR, Joseph W., (Schoharie,) merchant and postmaster, Main.
TERPENING, David, (Schoharie,) farmer.
TERPENING, George, (Schoharie,) town assessor and farmer 192.
TERPENING, Perry, (Schoharie,) farmer.
THROOP, C. M., (Schoharie,) (Throop & Son.)
THROOP, O. B., (Schoharie,) (Throop & Son.)
THROOP & SON., (Schoharie,) (O. B. and C. M.,) drugs, hardware and notions, Main.
TINE, Michael, (Schoharie,) farmer 8.
TYGART, Daniel, (Central Bridge,) miller.
TYLER, Zachariah Rev., (Schoharie,) pastor of the A. M. E. Zion Church.
TYNAN, Thomas, (Schoharie,) farmer 5.
TYUYL, Abraham, (Schoharei,) farmer 54.
UNDERHILL, Benjamin, (Howe's Cave,) blacksmith.
UNDERHILL, Ferd, (Schoharie,) farm laborer.
VAN ALSTYNE, James E., (Central Bridge,) inspector of elections and farmer 103.
VEDDER, Simon S., (Central Bridge,) hotel prop.
VROMAN, Charles, (Schoharie,) farmer 100.
VROMAN, Cornelius, (Schoharie,) farmer leases of Mrs. C. Dietz, 160.
VROMAN, David B., (Schoharie,) farmer 60.
VROMAN, Jacob, (Schoharie,) president of the S. V. R. R. and of the Howe's Cave Association, and farmer 367.
VROMAN, Lucian, (Schoharie,) superintendent, freight and express agent, Schoharie Valley R. R.
WAGONER, Wm. H., (Schoharie,) billiard saloon and restaurant, Main.
WARNER, Daniel, (Schoharie,) farmer 17 1/2.
WARNER, Henry, (Schoharie,) farmer 38.
WARNER, Jacob, (Schoharie,) farmer 3.
WARNER, Jessie, (Schoharie,) farmer 110.
WARNER, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 140.
WARNER, John H., (Schoharie,) Central Bridge,) farmer 128.
WARNER, J. J., (Schoharie,) retired farmer 270.
WARNER, Peter S., (Central Bridge,) millwright.
WARNER, S., (Schoharie,) farmer 40.
WARREN, Wm. J., (Howe's Cave,) hay presser.
WATERBURY, Daniel, (Schoharie,) (Waterbury & Sons.)
WATERBURY, James, (Schoharie,) (Waterbury & Sons.)
WATERBURY, James S., (Schoharie,) (Waterbury & Sons.)
WATERBURY & SONS, (Schoharie,) (James S., James and Daniel,) brick manufacturers, lumber dealers, props. of saw mill and farmers 139.
WEATHERWAX, Alexander, (Schoharie,) farmer 18.
WEAVER, Christian C., (Central Bridge,) shoemaker and toll gate keeper.
WEAVER, Jacob H., (Schoharie,) farmer 93.
WEST, Catherine Mrs., (Schoharie,) (with heirs,) farmer 100.
WEST, Isaac, (Schoharie,) farmer 100.
WEST, Peter H., (Schoharie,) farmer.
WETSEL, Christopher, (Howe's Cave,) farmer 112.
WETSEL, Wm., (Howe's Cave,) farmer 140.
WHITE, David C., (Central Bridge,) blacksmith.
WIDMANN, George, (Schoharie,) cigar manufacturer, Main.
WILBER, Alanson, (Central Bridge,) constable and farmer 25.
WILBER, Cornelius, (Schoharie,) farmer 60.
WILBER, Gideon, (Schoharie,) farmer 124.
WILBER, John, (Central Bridge,) farmer 75.
WILBER, Joseph, (Schoharie,) farmer 150.
WILBER, Thomas, (Schoharie,) farmer 160.
WILBER, T. J., (Schoharie,) blacksmith, Main.
WILKINS, David, (Schoharie,) farmer 15.
WILLIAMS, James O., (Central Bridge,) county treasurer, office at Schoharie Court House.
WILLSEY, John D., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 106.
WILSEY, John, (Schoharie,) farmer 1 1/4.
WILSEY, Joseph, (Schoharie,) stoves and tinware, Main.
WILSEY, Wm., (Schoharie,) farmer 104.
WINTER & STAFFORD, (Schoharie,) (Wm. Winter and Robert N. Stafford,) carriage and sleigh manufs., corner Main and Prospect.
WINTER, Wm., (Schoharie,) (Winter & Stafford.)
WITBECK, Pelet, (Schoharie,) farmer leases of Halsey Bailey, 80.
WOOD, Francisco, (Schoharie,) prop. Schoharie Hotel, livery attached, Main.
WOODCOCK, Geo. H., (Central Bridge,) blacksmith and wagon maker.
WOOLFORD, Henry H., (East Cobleskill,) carpenter and builder.
WOOLFORD, Jacob W., (Schoharie,) carpenter and builder.
WRIGHT, Justus, (Schoharie,) farmer 103 and leases of P. G. Gardner 400.
YOUNG, Moses, (Central Bridge,) custom boot and shoe manufacturer.
YOUNG, Peter, (Schoharie,) farmer 130.
YOUNG, Wm. H., (Schoharie,) farmer 65.
YOUNGS, Smith, (Schoharie,) farmer 200.
ZEH, Stephen W., (Schoharie,) farmer 101.
ZIMMER, George, (Gallupville,) farmer.
ZIMMER, Isaac, (Gallupville,) farmer 100.
ZIMMER, Lovina Miss, (Central Bridge,) milliner.
ZIMMER, Peter, (Central Bridge,) farmer 100.

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