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ALEMORE, Amos, (Richmondville,) carpenter.
ALEMORE, Leonard, (Richmondville,) farmer 25.
ALLEN, Chester, (Warnerville,) carpenter.
ALLEN, David, (West Richmondville,) farmer 18.
AMERICAN HOTEL, (Warnerville,) Vanness G. Vantyle, prop.
AMES, Martin, (Richmondville,) farmer 9
ATKINS, J. E., (Richmondville,) carpenter and farmer 101.
BABCOCK, John, (Richmondville,) farmer 56.
BABCOCK, John J., (Richmondville,) farmer 53.
BABCOCK, Nathan, (Warnerville,) inspector of elections.
BABCOCK, Robert Q., (Richmondville,) cider mill.
BAILEY, Asa, (Richmondville,) farmer leases 100.
BAILEY, Ezra, (Richmondville,) farmer 206.
BAILEY, Harvey, (Richmondville,) farmer 80.
BALDWIN, Daniel D., (Richmondville,) farmer 120.
BARKMAN, Andrew, (Cobleskill,) shoemaker.
BATES, Wm., (West Richmondville,), farmer 45.
BECKER, Maria Mrs., (Richmondville,) farmer 39.
BECKER, Peter, (Richmondville,) farmer 57.
BECKER, Peter W., (Richmondville,) hardware, Railroad.
BECKER, Wm., (Richmondville,) farmer 8.
BENJAMIN, Henry, (Richmondville,) stone mason.
BENJAMINE, Hiram, (Richmondville,) paper maker and stone mason.
BICE, David, (Richmondville,) farmer 16.
BIRCK, John C., (Richmondville,) blacksmith.
BOISS, E. W., (Warnerville,) physician.
BOORN, L. G., (Richmondville,) manuf. of clothes dryers.
BORST, Hiram, (Warnerville,) farmer leases of Mrs. Snyder, 60.
BORTHWICK, C. F., (Warnerville,) insurance agent.
BOTTS, Lucy E. Mrs., (Richmondville,) farmer 15.
BRADLEY, James H., (Richmondville,) machinist.
BRADLEY, Milo N., (Richmondville,) woolen manuf. and farmer 20.
BRESZER, L., (Richmondville,) (Breszer Sisters.)
BRESZER, Lovina, (Richmondville,) (Breszer Sisters.)
BRESZER SISTERS (Richmondville,)(L. and Lovina,) milliners and dressmakers, Railroad.
BREWSTER, Alexander, (Warnerville,) farmer 95.
BRIGGS, Richard (Cobleskill,) shoemaker and farmer 41.
BROOKER, Edward K., (Richmondville,) farmer 120.
BROOKER, Henry S., (Richmondville,) farmer leases 110.
BROOKER, Judson, (Richmondville,) farmer 70.
BROOKER, Sylvester, (West Richmondville,) farmer 80.
BROOKES, Wm., (Richmondville,) farmer 100.
BURCHARD, Lorenzo D., (Warnerville,) carpenter.
BURNESON, James N., (Richmondville,) assessor and harness manuf.
BUTLER, Harry, (Richmondville,) farmer 70.
BUTLER, Samuel, (East Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 230.
CAMPAIGN, Samuel, (West Richmondville,) farmer 18.
CANFIELD, S. P., (Richmondville,) manuf. portable clothes dryers.
CARL, Moses H., (West Richmondville,) farmer 28.
CHARY, Augustus, (Cobleskill,) machinist.
CHASE, Edward A., (Richmondville,) carpenter.
CHASE, Jacob M., (Richmondville,) carpenter.
CHASE, Jared, M. D., (Warnerville,) physician and farmer 48.
CHASE, Manley S., (Warnerville,) merchant, leases flax mill.
CHASE, Steward S., (Richmondville,) carpenter.
CLEVELAND, F. H., (Richmondville,) general insurance agent.
CLUTE, E. W., (West Fulton,) blacksmith and farmer 86.
COLE, Harmon, (Richmondville,) painter.
COOK, Henry C., (Richmondville,) district attorney and counselor at law.
CORNELL, Stephen, (Richmondville,) farmer 104.
CRANS, Henry, (Warnerville,) wagon maker.
CRAPSER, Esther Mrs., (Richmondville,) farmer 70.
CRAPSER, Wallace, (Richmondville,) farmer 100.
CROSS, Phillip W., (Richmondville,) attorney, Railroad.
DAULY, John (East Worcester, Otsego Co., ) farmer leases of John Ostrom, 80.
DAVIDSON, Nahum P., (Richmondville,) farmer 48.
DECKER, James S., (Richmondville,) carpenter.
DEGRAFF, Wm. W., (Richmondville,) paper maker.
DELAMARTYR, S. M. K., (Cobleskill,) stone mason.
DENNIS, John, (Richmondville,) farmer 80.
DIBBLE, David, (Richmondville,) farmer 115.
DIBBLE, James W., (Richmondville,) farmer 90.
DOX, David, (Richmondville,) saw mill and farmer 25.
DOX, Gilbert M., (Richmondville,) justice of the peace and farmer 130.
DOX, Luther M., (Richmondville,) constable and farmer 52.
DUNNING, W. H., (Richmondville,) telegraph operator.
DYER, George W., (Richmondville,) attorney and counselor at law.
EMPIRE HOUSE, (Richmondville,) H. M. Sheldon, prop.
ENGLES, Geo. H., (West Richmondville,) farmer 86.
FELTER, Mathew, (Richmondville,) farmer 65.
FINGUE, Wm., (Warnerville,) farmer 130.
FOLEN, P. O., (Cobleskill,) farmer 125.
FOSTER, J. M., (Richmondville,) (Westover & Foster,) paper mill
FOSTER, Wm., (West Richmondville,) farmer 80.
FOX, Jeremiah, (Richmondville,) farmer 120.
FOX, J. A., (Richmondville,) farmer 75.
FOX, Thomas B., (Richmondville,) groceries and fruits, Railroad.
FRASIER, A. D., (Richmondville,) (H. Frasier & Co.) 
FRASIER, Geo., (Richmondville,) assessor and farmer 50.
FRASIER, H. & Co., (Richmondville,) (A. D. Frasier and N. Hogeboon,) general merchants, Main.
FRASIER, Ira, (Richmondville,) inspector of elections and farmer 53
FRASIER, John P., (Richmondville,) farmer 66.
FULLER, Ezra, (Richmondville,) farmer 68.
FULLER, Leroy, (Richmondville,) farmer 95.
FULLER, Levi M., (Richmondville,) farmer leases 95.
FULLER, Samuel C., (Richmondville,) farmer 94.
FULLER, Stephen, (Warnerville,) farmer 100.
GILE, Warren, (Richmondville,) saloon keeper.
GLAZIER, Abram M., (Richmondville,) carpenter.
GORDON, Chas. W., (Richmondville,) farmer 115.
GORDON, Julius B., (Richmondville,) farmer 115.
GREEN, John, (Richmondville,) lumberman and farmer 29.
GREEN, Thomas J., (Richmondville,) farmer 101.
GREEN, Zaccheus, (West Richmondville,) carpenter and farmer 10.
GRIGGS, Cyrenus L., (Richmondville,) produce broker.
GROAT, Cornelius, (Richmondville,) farmer 160.
GROAT, O. V., (Richmondville,) farmer leases 160.
GROAT, Wm. H., (Richmondville,) farmer 93.
GROOSBECK, J. H., (Warnerville,) carpenter.
GURLEY, John B., (Warnerville,) mason and farmer 11.
HADSELL, Elijah, (Cobleskill,) farm laborer.
HALLOCK, Wm. M., (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Wm. E. Allen, 106.
HARD, J. F., (Richmondville,) farmer 91.
HARMON, Charles H., (Richmondville,) farmer 40.
HARRINGTON, Wm. R., (West Richmondville,) farmer 75.
HARROWAY, James, (Richmondville,) supervisor, express agent, produce dealer and farmer 170.
HELSENGER, Peter, (West Richmondville,) farmer 72.
HELSINGER, James, (West Richmondville,) constable.
HELSINGER, Luther, (Richmondville,) jobber.
HICKS, Reuben W., (Richmonville,) mason.
HILSINGER, Wm., (Richmondville,) blacksmith.
HOGARBOME, R. A., (Richmondville,) teacher and carpenter.
HOGEBOOM, Henry, (Richmondville,) farmer.
HOGEBOON, N., (Richmondville,) (H. Frasier & Co.)
HOLMES, Harvey, (Richmondville,) farmer 200.
HOLMES, Wm. J., (Cobleskill,) commissioner of highways and farmer 150.
HORNBECK, Nicholas I., (Richmondville,) blacksmith.
HOYSADT, H. J., (Richmondville,) paper maker.
HUGHES, Elisha, (Richmondville,) carpenter.
HUTTON, John, (Cobleskill,) farmer 150.
HYNDS, Sanford, (Richmondville,) tinner and carpenter.
ISHAM, Henry, (West Richmondville,) farm laborer.
ISHAM, Jirah, (Richmondville,) farmer 23.
JACKSON, David, (Richmondville,) farmer 118.
JACKSON, Henry, (Warnerville,) farmer leases of Wm. J. Tingue, 375.
JACKSON, Jewett, (Warnerville,) farmer 115.
JACKSON, John, (Warnerville,) farmer 44.
JAYCOX, James H., (Richmondville,) farmer leases 80 and (with Warren R.) 50.
JAYCOX, Warren, (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Nicholas Joyce, 70.
JAYCOX, Warren R., (Richmondville,) (with James H.) farmer 50.
JOHNSON, James, (Richmondville,) farmer 81.
JOHNSON, John, (Richmondville,) farmer 122.
JOSLIN, D. R., (Richmondville,) lumberman and farmer 53.
JOSLYN, E. K., (Richmondville,) salesman.
KILTS, Conrad, (Richmondville,) farmer 100.
KING, Ezra, (Cobleskill,) farmer 10.
KING, R. H., (Richmondville,) prop. Westover House, corner Main and Summit.
KINNICUTT, James H., (Richmondville,) farmer 40.
KLING, Francis, (Cobleskill,) farmer 136.
KYSER, Jacob, (Warnerville,) shoe maker.
LAMONTE & LOVELAND, (Richmondville,) (Wm. T. Lamonte and Freeman Loveland,) general merchants and farmers 317.
LAMONTE, Wm. T., (Richmondville,) (Lamonte & Loveland.)
LAPOE, Michael, (Richmondville,) farmer 105.
LATE, Wm., (Richmondville,) farmer 60.
LATHAM, Wm., (Richmondville,) paper maker.
LAWYER, John R., (Richmondville,) merchant tailor, Main.
LAWYER, Peter, (Richmondville,) notary public.
LEVALLEY, Francis C., (Warnerville,) blacksmith.
LEWIS, J. D., (Richmondville,) surgeon dentist, agent for Singer Sewing Machine and life insurance agent.
LEWIS, Leonard C., (Richmondville,) merchant.
LIVINGSTON, H., (Richmondville,) tailor.
LOVELAND, Freeman, (Richmondville,) (Lamonte & Loveland.)
LOWELL, Reuben, (West Richmondville,) farmer 200.
MANN, Charles E., (Richmondville,) baker.
MANN, Daniel G., (Richmondville,) painter.
MANN, Daniel L., (Warnerville,) farmer 190
MANN, David, (Richmondville,) miller.
MANN, Egbert, (Richmondville,) flour and feed agent.
MANN, Frances, (Richmondville,) farmer 60.
MANN, Geo. H., (Richmondville,) turner and farmer 62.
MANN, Geo. L., (Warnerville,) farmer 250.
MANN, Henry, (Warnerville,) farmer 60.
MANN, Isaac, (Richmondville,) bakery, surveyor and notary public.
MANN, Marcus, (Richmondville,) carpenter.
MANN, Peter H., (Richmondville,) saw mill and farmer 230.
MANN, Peter S., (Warnerville,) fire and life insurance agent for reliable companies at lowest rates, justice and farmer 150.
MANN, Sylvester, (Warnerville,) merchant, postmaster and farmer 150.
MANN, Sylvester N., (Warnerville,) farmer 98.
MANN, Tobias, (Richmondville,) R. R. commissioner and farmer 130.
MARCLEY, Frederick, (Richmondville,) farmer 160.
MASTERS, Henry, (Richmondville,) wagon maker, painter, prop. of planing mill and turning shop.
MATTICE, Geo. P., (Warnerville,) mason
MC DONALD, Sylvester, (Warnerville,) farmer 130.
MEAD, Eliza Mrs., (Cobleskill,) farmer 130.
MEADE, Henry, (West Richmondville,) farmer 25.
MICKLE, Alexander, (Warnerville,) farmer 8 1/2.
MICKLE, Henry, (Cobleskill,) (with Nelson,) farmer 100.
MICKLE, Mathew, (Cobleskill,) farmer 50.
MICKLE, Nelson, Cobleskill,) (with Henry,) farmer 100.
MICKLE, Tobias, (Warnerville,) farmer 148.
MOORE, John E., (Richmondville,) farmer 61.
MOORE, Samuel B., (Richmondville,) farmer 30.
MOOT, Fred, (Warnerville,) farmer 230.
MOOT, N., (Richmondville,) farmer.
MOOT, Nicholas, (Warnerville,) farmer 400.
MORGAN, Alanson, (Richmondville,) farmer leases of P. Morgan 126.
MORGAN, John R., (Richmondville,) farmer 102.
MULTER, J. J. & J. L., (Richmondville,) publishers of Schoharie County Democrat, office corner Main and Summit.
MUNN, J. L., (Richmondville,) harness maker and carriage trimmer, also town clerk.
MYRES, Daniel W., (Hyndsville,) farmer 80.
NELLIS, Joshua, (Richmondville,) farmer 61.
OCKEMPAW, Wm., (Richmondville,) blacksmith and farmer 14.
OLENDORF, Alfred M., (Richmondville,) millwright and farmer 160.
OSTRAM, John, (Richmonsville,) farmer 136.
OSTRANDER, Jacob H., (Cobleskill,) farmer 140.
OSTRANDER, Solomon J., (Cobleskill,) farmer 97.
OSTROM, Joshua T., (Richmondville,) farmer 71.
OTTMAN, David, (Warnerville,) shoemaker.
OUCHAMPAUGH, Frederick, (Cobleskill,) farmer leases of Chas. H. Foland, 57.
PALMATIER, Philo, (Richmondville,) paper maker.
PALMATIER, Silas, (Richmondville,) wagon and carriage manuf.
PALMER, B. H., (Richmondville,) (J. C. Smith & Co.)
PALMER, James, (West Richmondville,) justice of the peace.
PATRICK, Jared, (Cobleskill,) farmer 142.
PAUL, Alexander, (Richmondville,) cigar manuf.
PERRY, Henry N., (Richmondville,) carpenter.
PHILLIPS, Daniel, (Richmondville,) farmer 240.
PITCHER, J. W., (Richmondville,) livery.
POSSON, Henry, (Warnerville,) farmer 20.
POTTER, Charles, (Richmondville,) prop. Railroad Hotel.
PULLEN, Moses W., (Richmondville,) mason and farmer 12.
QUEIL, Alexander, (Richmondville,) farmer 101 1/2.
RADLIFF, Alonzo, (Cobleskill,) saw mill and farmer 147.
RADLIFF, Wm., (Warnerville,) farmer 7.
RANSMAN, Austin, (West Richmonsville,) farmer 20.
RECTOR, Michael, (Richmondville,) farmer 110.
REED, E. A., (Richmondville,) engineer in paper mill.
REFENBERG, Jeremiah, (Richmondville,) farmer 32.
REIGHTMYER, Wm. C., (Richmondville,) farmer leases 75.
REIGHTMYRE, Adam, (West Richmondville,) farmer 100.
RIDER, John, (Richmondville,) farmer 112.
RIDER, N. J., (Richmondville,) baggage master.
RIDER, Robert, (Richmondville,) farmer 117.
RIDER, Uriah, (Warnerville,) farmer 102.
RIGHTMYER, Adam, (Richmondville,) farmer, leases of John Wayman, 137.
RIGHTMYER, Amanda, (Richmondville,) farmer 75.
RIGHTMYER, Hamilton, (Richmondville,) farmer 100.
RIGHTMYER, Peter, (Richmondville,) farmer 190.
RITTON, Addison, (Richmondville,) farmer 146 3/4.
ROBINSON, Luther M., (Cobleskill,) farmer 93.
ROBINSON, Milno, (Richmondville,) farmer leases 200.
ROBINSON, Wm. M. (Richmondville,) farmer 200.
ROCH, Wm., (Warnerville,) painter.
ROCKEFELLER, Wm., (Richmondville,) dealer in hides and pelts, and farmer 93.
ROCKFELLER, Geo., (West Richmondville,) shoe maker.
ROLL, Christopher, (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
ROSMAN, George C., (Richmondville,) farmer 109.
RUGLES, Farman, (Richmondville,) farmer 75.
RUSSELL, Stephen, (Richmondville,) blacksmith and hop dealer.
RYDER, Silas W., (Richmondville,) harness maker.
SALISBURY, Joshua, (Richmondville,) sash and blind manuf.
SALSBURY, John, (Hyndsville,) farmer 114.
SATTERLEE, A., (Richmondville,) photographer.
SCHOHARIE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, (Richmondville,) J. J. & J. L. Multer, publishers, corner Main and Summit.
SCHOOLCRAFT, Wm. M., (Hyndsville,) farmer 125.
SHAFER, Ephraim, (Warnerville,) student.
SHAFER, Ezra, (Warnerville,) farmer 90.
SHAFER, George W., (Richmondville,) farmer 126.
SHAFER, Gideon N., (Richmondville,) farmer 87
SHAFER, Jerome, (Warnerville,) carpenter.
SHAFER, John, (Richmondville,) miller.
SHAFER, John R., (Warnerville,) carpenter and farmer 30.
SHAFER, Merwin, (Richmondville,) (Wetsel & Shafer.)
SHAFER, Peter M., (Warnerville,) assessor and farmer 110.
SHAFER, T. L., (Richmondville,) watchmaker and jeweler.
SHAVER, David H., (Warnerville,) miller and painter.
SHAVER, Henry A., (Warnerville,) (with Jacob,) farmer 84.
SHAVER, Jacob, (Warnerville,) (with Henry A.,) farmer 84.
SHELDON, H. M., (Richmondville,) prop. of Empire House.
SHOEMAKER, Jacob, (Richmondville,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
SHUMWAY, Sylvester M., (West Richmondville,) farmer 96.
SHUTTUR, Hiram, (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
SIMMONS, B., (West Richmondville,) farmer 82.
SLATER, Erastus W., (Richmondville,) farmer 5.
SLATER, John E., (Richmondville,) farmer 5.
SLITER, John, (Cobleskill,) farmer 105.
SMITH, Asa B., (West Richmondville,) post master, blacksmith, grocer and farmer 21.
SMITH, D. H., (Richmondville,) hardware.
SMITH, D. M. Rev., (Warnerville,) principal and prop. of Dean College.
SMITH, Elisha, (Richmondville,) farmer 186.
SMITH, Gilbert, (Richmondville,) farmer 45.
SMITH, Henry, (Richmondville,) farmer 61.
SMITH, John A., (West Richmondville,) farmer leases 100.
SMITH, J. C. & CO., (Richmondville,) (B. H. Palmer,) boots and shoes, Main.
SMITH, Joseph W., (West Richmondville,) farmer 100.
SMITH, Samuel, (West Richmondville,) farmer 86.
SMITH, Solomon, (West Richmondville,) farmer 110.
SMITH, Wm., (Richmondville,) dealer in stock and farmer 250.
SNYDER, E. L., (Richmondville,) prop. of paper mill , attorney and surveyor.
SNYDER, Wm., (Warnerville,) carpenter.
SPENCER, Ambrose, (West Fulton,) farmer 186.
SPENCER, Ambrose B., (Richmondville,) foreman in iron works.
STORY, Briggs, (Richmondville,) clerk in Westover House.
STRAUSS, Samuel, (Richmondville,) dry goods and clothing, Railroad.
SULLIVAN, Wm. H., (Richmondville,) laborer.
SUTPHEN, Michael, (Richmondville,) farmer 110.
SWAIN, John I., (Richmondville,) farmer 73.
TEREL, Philip, (Richmondville,) farmer leases of Nicholas Dennis, 70.
TEREL, Stephen, (West Richmondville,) farmer leases of Wm. Smith, 225.
THAYER, George, (Richmondville,) carpenter.
TINGUE, William J., (Warnerville,) farmer 375.
TYGART, Charles, (Warnerville,) miller.
TYGART, Jacob, (Warnerville,) farmer 15.
VAN ALLEN, John, (West Richmondville,) cooper and farmer 36.
VAN ALSTYNE, Fayette E., (Richmondville,) cooper.
VAN ALSTYNE, John L., (Richmondville,) physician and surgeon.
VAN ALSTYNE, Sylvester M., (Richmondville,) physician and surgeon, Railroad.
VANAUKEN, Sydney, (Cobleskill,) farmer.
VANAUKER, John E., (Cobleskill,) farmer 96.
VAN DUSEN, Charles, (Richmondville,) paper maker.
VANNATTEN, Peter, (cobleskill,) farmer 140.
VAN PATTEN, Nicholas H., (Richmondville,) farmer leases 116.
VANTYLE, Vanness G., (Warnerville,) keeper of American Hotel.
VAUGHN, Hermon W., (Warnerville,) merchant and hotel keeper.
VELEY, James, (West Richmondville,) farmer 130.
WALDORF, Reuben N., (Warnerville,) carpenter.
WALDORF, Robert G., (Richmondville,) cooper and carpenter.
WALDROF, M. B., (Richmondville,) barber and grocer.
WALKER, John A., (Cobleskill,) farmer leases of Wm. Hoose, 320.
WALKER, John C., (West Fulton,) (with M. D.,) farmer 130.
WALKER, M. D., (West Fulton,) (with John C.,) farmer 130.
WALKER, Wm. H., (West Fulton,) farmer 125.
WARNER, Daniel E., (Cobleskill,) farmer 75.
WARNER, Geo. M., (Warnerville,) farmer 130.
WARNER, Jacob D., (Warnerville,) (M. & G. D. Warner,) farmer 165.
WARNER, James A., (Warnerville,) farmer 107.
WARNER, Marcus, (Warnerville,) (M. & J. D. Warner,) farmer 100.
WARNER, M. & J. D., (Warnerville,) (Marcus and Jacob D.,) props. of flax mill.
WAYMAN, Benjamin, (Warnerville,) farmer 140.
WAYMAN, John M., (Richmondville,) (with Talman,) farmer leases 179.
WAYMAN, Talman, (richmondville,) (with John M.,) farmer leases 179.
WEBBER, Henry, (Warnerville,) turner.
WELLER, John, (Richmondville,) miller and farmer 20.
WELLER, Adam, (Richmondville,) carpenter and farmer 109.
WESTOVER, Enos, (Richmondville,) farmer 118.
WESTOVER HOUSE, (Richmondville,) corner Main and Summit, R. H. King, prop.
WESTOVER, John, (Richmondville,) (Foster & Westover,) farmer 250.
WETSEL, Schuyler, (Richmondville,) (Wetsel & Shafer.)
WETSEL & SHAFER, (Richmondville,) (Schuyler Wetsel and Mervin Shafer,) butchers and props. of meat market.
WHARTON, Edward V., (Richmondville,) farmer 20.
WHITE, Alfred, (West Richmondville,) farmer 100.
WHITE, Alvin, (West Richnomdville,) farmer 75
WHITE, Christiana Mrs., (Cobleskill,) farmer 50.
WINTERS, William A., (Richmondville,) harness maker.
WITBECK, George H., (Richmondville,) post master, Main.
WITBECK, J. H., (Richmondville,) druggist and apothecary, inspector of elections, Main.
WOOD, Darius, (Richmondville,) machinist.
WOOD, H., (Richmondville,) furnace and machine shop.
YANSON, Charles W., (Richmondville,) farmer 125.
ZEH, Alonzo, (Richmondville,) farmer 58.
ZEH, David, (Richmondville,) carpenter and farmer 6.
ZEH, Thomas H., Jr., (Richmondville,) justice.

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