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The Schoharie Union, published at Schoharie, N. Y., is one of the oldest newspapers in the County. Under the management of C. C. KROMER, the present proprietor. It is meeting the demands of its patrons and winning its way to many homes, where its weekly visits are duly appreciated. All kinds of Job Work is neatly done at the same office. To those who wish a reliable Republican paper, we say subscribe for the Union.

Schoharie Academy. This institution, now ably conducted by Prof. Oren C. SIKES, as Principal, assisted by the most competent ability that can be procured, affords valuable educational advantages, not only to the surrounding country, but to those elsewhere who may desire to attend such a school. Its location, in the village of Schoharie, N. Y., can scarcely be surpassed by any other in the State. Its case of access, it being thirty-five miles from Albany, on the Susquehanna Railroad; its quiet retirement, at a convenient distance from the city; its situation, in the midst of the beautiful Schoharie Valley, so widely noted for its fine mountain scenery and extremely healthful climate, and also for its surpassing advantages of minerals and fossils for the study of Geology, render it pre-eminently a desirable place for such a school. There is an English Department, including the primary as well as the higher branches of study, and a Classical Department, embracing the usual course of preparation for College. Modern languages, Music and other ornamental branches, are provided for, the most thorough instructors being employed. All is constantly under the direct supervison of the Principal, and no effort, will be spared to render this institution fully equal to the best schools of its class, securing to all its pupils a thorough education, as far as they may go, through a careful discipline of the mind, aiming rather at the full developement of the reasoning faculties, than a mere cultivation of the memory.

Simon A. Barnett. Stone Contractor and Master Mason, Main Street, Schoharie, N. Y., publishes a card on page 215. We cheerfully commend Mr. BARRETT to the favorable consideration of all who require the services of a first-class Mason and Builder. Building Stone furnished to order. Those proposing to build will do well to consult Mr. BARRETT before making contracts.

Empire Agricultural Works. Minard HARDER, proprietor, Cobleskill, N. Y., are advertised inside first cover. Mr. HARDER manufactures the celebrated Gold Medal Threshing Machine, a cut of which may be seen in the advertisement. This Machine was awarded the Gold Medal, at the great National Implement Trial, at Auburn, in July 1866, and wherever introduced, is becoming more and more popular. Indeed so fast does the demand for these Machines increase, that although 25 hands are now employed in their construction, turning out about $ 50,000 worth annually, their facilities are entirely inadequate to supply the demand, and Mr. HARDER is about to erect new works to facilitate their construction. HARDER'S Premium Railway Horse Power, which also received a Gold Medal at the National Implement Trial, mentioned above, and received the highest commendation by the committee, are manufactured here. Mr. HARDER also manufactures Fanning Mills, Wood Saws, Seed Sowers and Planters. Write to him for a Catalogue.

Dr. Kingsley, of Rome, justly celebrated for the many cures he has effected of that most distressing disease, Cancer, publishes a notice on page 1. He is prepared to treat all scrofulous diseases, and others of long standing, and assures his patients that they will not be charged a heavy bill and dismissed without receiving any benefit. Persons who cannot conveniently call upon him in person, can address him by letter, and will receive prompt attention. Dr. K. is a graduate, with an experience of over fourteen years in the practice of medicine. Let the afflicted give him a call.

R. C. Downs, Merchant Tailor and Dealer in Ready-Made Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods &c., Sharon Springs, N. Y., publishes an appropriately illustrated advertisement on page 200. We take great pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to the clothing establishment of Mr. DOWNS, where they can find all styles, prices and sizes of Clothing to suit the wants of all. Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Traveling Bags &c., may also be found here in great variety. Mr. DOWNS is also agent for the celebrated Elias HOWE, Jr., Sewing Machine.

George Widmann, Cigar manufacturer, Main Street, Schoharie, N. Y., is a practical Cigar maker, keeps a number of hands in his employ and makes first-class Cigars, as his numerous patrons are ready to testify. He will fill all orders at short notice.

The Cobleskill Index, W.H. WEEKS, proprietor, was established in 1865. It is an Independent Family Paper, and worthy of the patronage so liberally accorded to it. The Job Department is fitted up with every facility for doing neat and tasty work. We commend the Index to the favorable notice of the citizens of Schoharie County.

George H. Gross, manufacturer of Horse Powers, Threshers and Cleaners, Fanning Mills &c., Fly Creek, Otsego Co., NY. Y., advertises on page 164. Mr. GROSS is the sucessor of E. W. BADGER, having purchased the works in August 1871. He is a practical mechanic thoroughly understands his business and is thoroughly prepared to render all work satisfactory. Repairing in all its branches, promptly attended to. We commend Mr. GROSS to the favorable attention of all our readers.

Dr. L. T. Fox, Dentist, Main Street, Cobleskill, N. Y., is prepared to perform all operations in the mechanical or surgical department of Denistry, in the best manner. Dr. FOX keeps posted in regard to all the improvements in his profession, and treats his patients after the most approved methods. His success in extracting teeth while the patient is under the influence of Nitrous Oxide Gas, commends him to the attention of all who have teeth to be extracted.

Latham House, Gallupville, N. Y., under the proprietorship of Henry G. LATHAM, is meeting the wants of this community in such a manner as to convince all its patrons that Mr. L. can "keep a hotel." The house is well furnished, the beds are clean, and the table is furnished with everything needed to satisfy the demands of all reasonable customers. A good Livery is connected with the house.

J. H. Boyce & Son, dealers in Hats, Caps, Furs &c., Main Street, Schoharie, N. Y., publish a card on page 148. This is an old and well established house, known to the residents of Schoharie, for the last twenty-five years, as a place where good goods can be obtained at fair prices. To those acquainted with the proprietors, we take pleasure in saying that they are reliable, fair-dealing men, and worthy of the extensive patronage which they receive.

The Schoharie Republican, advertised on page 196, is the oldest newspaper in the County. For more than fifty years its weekly visits have been hailed with joy by the inmates of many families. Its summary of local and general news, and its selections of miscellaneous matter, together with editorials upon current topics, render it admirably adapted to general circulation in the County. The Job Department is well fitted up for all kinds of printing, which is neatly executed.


From a long practice and intimate acquaintance with the diseases and pecuilarities of her sex, believes that she can, In almost any case, relieve the suffering and restore health. All amladies of the UTERUS, (Prolapsus, Leucorrhea, Ulceration, &c.,) yield readily to Chrono Thermal Remedies. Entire PROLAPSUS has been cured in three weeks, and in an aged subject. LEUCORRHEA, the general and insiduous destroyer of women's strength and beauty, is invariably overcome by our treatment. In all diseases of woman, from whatever cause and the longest standing, we have the most marked success. There is so much connected with this subject of woman's health, that all women should consult a physician, herself a woman and conversant with all the improvements and discoveries of science.. The preservation of woman's beauty should be an object of scientific care, and is one of which American women are very ignorant. Mrs. BURLEIGH, while in Europe, made herself familiar with the habits and customs of distinguished women in France and elsewhere. Mrs. BURLEIGH removes all obstructions to the Monthly Curses at one interview. An elegant and strictly private home for those desiring Board and Nursing. Ladies attended in confinement or provided with medical care and nursing in Mrs. B.'s house. Painful Menstruation is relieved in all cases. Catarrh, so often pronounced incurable, and VBronchitis, Spinal Diseases and Neuralgia, are entirely overcome by Chrono Thermal treatments after years of ineffectual trial of the ordinary practice. Ladies suffer no pain in severe labors under our care. Mrs. BURLEIGH spent four years in France in the study of Midwifery, and the various modes of treating female diseases, in which the French are so superior. Mrs. BURLEIGH cam be consulted by letter, but all letters must contain one dollar to insure attention. Adress, Dr. Emma BURLEIGH, 62 Howard Street, Albany, N. Y.

__________________________________ Opinion of the Press.-Mrs. BURLEIGH is a lady of the finest intelectual powers and very uncommon literacy attainments, and, as she has had very great advantages in the study and practice of medicine, both in this country and Europe, we cannot doubt that she is a skillful physician. She is one of the most accomplished of the daughters of Virginia.-];Editor Louisville Journal.


Or No Charge. __


Has discovered a perfect cure for Cancers without the use of the knife. Thousands of cases cured can testify to the efficacy of this plan of treatment. This preparation will destroy the specific nature of most Cancers in from ten to sixty minutes. Even in those large Cancerous affections of the breast, from which so many females die annually, my specific is equally as effectual as in those smaller surface Cancers. Ninety-nine out of a hundred of all those persons who have died from Cancer, could easily have been cured. Cancer has been considered from time immemorial the greatest scourge of the human race; but the time will come when all shall see that it is as remediable as any other disease. At the same time remedies are given to purify the blood and fortify the system against a renewed attack. In all cases, if the-Cancer-is not too far advanced, a perfect cure is warrented, or no charge. Most persons are greatly deceived in regard to the first symptoms and appearance of Cancer considering it very painful from the commencement. This is a sad mistake (causing the death of thousands,) there being but but little or no pain until the Cancer is far advanced. The only symptoms for months, and in some cases even for years is occasionally either a stinging, itching, smarting, burning, creeping or shooting sensation, and in some cases not even any of these. Nearly all of those kernels or lumps that occur in the female breast, and also those unnatural appearances in the form of crusts or warty excrescence, which appear in either sex on the face, lips, nose, eye lids, or any other part of the surface, are cancers. Cancer is very easily cured in its early stage, consequently it is of the very greatest importance that all thus afflicted should have immediate treatment; as thousands of very valuable lives have been lost from pure neglect, having been misguided by physicians having no knowledge of the disease, who by call it Scrofula, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum or some other non-terrifying disease, lull this unfortunate class in the cradle of ignorance, until upon the very verge of death, when to hide such ignorance, the physician tells the patient that it has finally turned to Cancer, and cannot be cured. There is no such thing as turning to Cancer. Whatever ends in Cancer, began in Cancer. Be no longer deceived. If you have the slightest suspicion of trouble; seek immediate relief and thereby preserve life. Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, Heart Disease, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Fits, St. Vitus' Dance, Neuralgia, Scald Head, Piles, Tape Worms, or Worms of any kind, all Diseases of the Skin, Pimples, Scrofula or King's Evil, Fever Sores, Spinal Diseases, Rheumatism, Gout, Dropsey, Diabetes, Kidney Diseases, Gravel, and all Diseases peculiar to Males or Females, successfully treated. Warts, Corns, Bunions, Moles, Wens, Birth-Marks, Tumors &c, removed. Especial attention given to the treatment of Crooked Feet, Legs, Arms, Spine, Neck, and all other deformities. Cross Eyes straightened, Hare-Lips cured by an entirely new plan of operating. Operations for Stone in the Bladder, Polypus, Strangulated Hernia, Fistula or the cure of False and Crooked Joints, and all deformities of the Eye Lids, Nose, Lips, Neck &c., resulting from Burns or Wounds, performed upon the most scientific principles. All Diseases of the Eye and Ear treated with very great success. Especial attention given to the treatment of all diseases originating from the errors of misguided Youth. Patients from a distance, except in Surgical and Cancer cases by sending a full description of their symptoms, can have medicines sent to them by Mail or Express, and be treated at home. All letters promptly answered, and medicines ordered, immediately forwarded.

The Doctor is a graduate with an experience of over fourteen years in the practice of medicine, twelve of which have been spent in Rome.

N. B.-All persons troubled with Asthma should send for Dr. Kingsley's ASTHMA SPECIFIC, which is warrented to relieve any case or money refunded. Send for DR. KINGSLEY's AGUE SPECIFIC, which is purely vegetable and never fails to cure.

All troubled with a Cough of any kind should be sure to send for DR. KINGSLEY's COUGH BALSAM, which cures as by majic.

For Further Particulars, Write the Doctor.

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