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ACKER, Nelson, (Middleburgh,) farmer 70.
AKER, Alexander, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 33 and leases of Daniel Eckerson 107.
AKER, David, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 48.
AKER, Madison Mrs., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 8-1/2.
ALBRO, Benjamin, (Middleburgh,) farmer 76.
ALBRO, Wm. B., (Huntersland,) hop raiser and farmer 36.
ALBRO, William H., (Middleburgh,) (Engle & Albro.)
ALGER, Jacob, (Middleburgh,) carpenter and farmer 25.
ALGER, Jesse H., (Middleburgh,) saw mill and farmer 270.
ALGER, Miner, (Middleburgh,) farmer 70.
ALLEN, John, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 105.
ALVERSON, Joseph, (Huntersland,) market wagon.
ANDREWS, Loring, (Middleburgh,) (Loring Andrews & Co.,) hide and leather dealers, New York.
ANDREWS, LORING & CO., (Middleburgh,) (John Kerr,) props. of Mill Valley Tannery.
ATCHINSON, E. D., (Middleburgh,) prop. of Atchinson House, and Middleburgh and Oak Hill stage, Main.
AUCCONPAUGH, Jacob, (Middleburgh,) farmer 50.
BABCOCK, Daniel, (Gallupville,) farmer 60.
BABCOCK, Walter, (Gallupville,) farmer 250.
BADGLEY, Jerome B., (Middleburgh,) drugs, medicines, paints, oils, groceries, fancy goods etc., Main.
BARBER, Aaron, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) (with George,) farmer 80 and leases from Ira and Seneca Havely, 138.
BARBER, George, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) (with Aaron,) farmer 80 and leases from Peter Havely 160.
BARBER, James, (Middleburgh,) farmer 50.
BARBER, Josiah, (Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 50.
BARBER, Lucius, (Middleburgh,) farmer 83.
BARKMAN, Daniel, (Huntersland,) justice of the peace and farmer 343.
BARNER, Hiram, (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 92.
BARTON, Washington, (Middleburgh,) farmer 71.
BASSLER, David, (Middleburgh,) general merchant and farmer 211, Main.
BASSLER, Jacob, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 36.
BASSLER, John J., (Huntersland,) farmer leases from David, 211.
BASSLER, Sylvester, (Huntersland,) farmer 104.
BECKER, Abraham, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 32.
BECKER, Albert, (Huntersland,) hop raiser, schoolteacher and farmer 55.
BECKER, Bartholomew, (Middleburgh,) civil engineer and surveyor, and farmer 400, Clauverway.
BECKER, David, (Middleburgh,) farmer 324, residence Water.
BECKER, George W., (Huntersland,) farmer 84.
BECKER, Hamilton, (Middleburgh,) groceries, provisions, flour and feed, Main.
BECKER, John, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 100.
BECKER, John, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 94.
BECKER, Joseph, (Middleburgh,) (Mallery & Becker.)
BECKER, Julia A. Miss, (Middleburgh,) dress maker and milliner, Main.
BECKER, Paul, (Middleburgh,) farmer 200.
BECKER, Peter, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases from David R. Hyde, 170.
BECKER, Storm S., (Schoharie,) farmer 164.
BECKER, Wm. F., (Schoharie,) occupies S. S. Becker's farm.
BEEKMAN, Duryea, (Middleburgh,) (with Nicholas,) hop raiser and farmer 50.
BEEKMAN, Nicholas, (Middleburgh,) (with Duryea,) hop raiser and farmer 50.
BELLER, Wm. H., (Gallupville,) hop raiser and farmer 230.
BELLINGER, James H., (Middleburgh.)
BELLINGER, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases of Marcus, 200.
BELLINGER, John M., (Middleburgh,) farmer 200.
BELLINGER, John P., (Middleburgh,) retired merchant and grape raiser 5.
BELLINGER, Marcus, (Middleburgh,) farmer 816.
BELLINGER, Marcus Jr., (Middleburgh,) farmer leases of Marcus 196.
BELLINGER, Marcus I., (Middleburgh,) farmer 140.
BELLINGER, William, (Middleburgh,) farmer 283.
BEST, Charles J., (Middleburgh,) farmer 118.
BISHOP, Amberson, (Middleburgh,) prop. of lime kiln and saw mill, grocer and farmer 135.
BIXBY, Asa, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
BLODGETT, Hiram A., (Middleburgh,) postmaster, dealer in stationery, blank books, papers etc., agent for Elias Howe Sewing Machine, and fruit raiser 7, Main.
BLODGETT, John C., (Middleburgh,) prop. of upper leather tannery, and shoemaker, Clauverway.
BORST, Benjamin B., (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 126.
BORST, George E., (Middleburgh,) harness maker and carriage trimmer, Main.
BORST, Jacob J., (Middleburgh,) farmer.
BORST, James, (Schoharie,) farmer leases 114.
BORST, James C., (Middleburgh,) billiard saloon, Main.
BORST, Jehiel, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 50 and leases of Benj. B., 126.
BORST, John, (Gallupville,) farmer 5.
BORST, Martin L., (Middleburgh,) superintendent of the County Poor House and farmer 250.
BORST, Michael, (Middleburgh,) farmer 25.
BORST, Milton, (Middleburgh,) prop. of custom mill and farmer 2.
BORST, Peter H., (Middleburgh,) farmer 275.
BORST, Peter Menzo, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
BORST, Philip, (Schoharie,) farmer 114.
BORST, William B., (Middleburgh,) general merchant, Main.
BORTHWICK, Bentley, (Middleburgh,) farmer 90.
BORTLE, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer 302.
BOUCK, Alexander, (Middleburgh,) carpenter and builder, scroll sawing and turning, Water.
BOUCK, Cornelius, (Middleburgh,) farmer 100.
BOUCK, David D., (Middleburgh,) farmer 107.
BOUCK, George L., (Middleburgh,) farmer 40.
BOUCK, Jacob T., (Middleburgh,) farmer 75.
BOUCK, John M., (Middleburgh,) farmer 110, Main.
BOUCK, Joseph T., (Middleburgh,) farmer 210.
BOUCK, Peter L., (Schoharie,) farmer 180.
BOUCK, Thomas I., (Middleburgh,) farmer 47.
BOUCK, Thomas W., (Middleburgh,) blacksmith and farmer 108; three miles south from village.
BOYCE, Almira Miss, (Middleburgh,) dressmaker, Main.
BOYCE, James I., (Middleburgh,) carriage ironing and general blacksmithing, Main.
BRADT, Jacob, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 125.
BRAZEA, Jehiel, (Middleburgh,) farmer 225.
BREWER, Richard, (Huntersland,) carpenter.
BROWN, H. R. & Z. J., (Middleburgh,) marble works, Rail Road Avenue.
BUSHNEL, Ransom, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases from James Gridley 75.
CAIN, George, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 125.
CAMERON, Aaron, (Huntersland,) farmer 80.
CAMERON, Polly Mrs., (Huntersland,) farmer 30.
CAMERON, Potter, (Middleburgh,) farmer 150.
CARTER, Hiram P., (East Cobleskill,) lumber manuf. and farmer 324.
CARTWRIGHT, Robert, (Huntersland,) farmer 75.
CASE, C. A., (Middleburgh,) watch maker and jeweler, Main.
CASS, Paul, (Huntersland,) farmer 220.
CHASE, John W., (Middleburgh,) (Gilbert & Chase.)
CHERRYTREE, Orpha Mrs. (Middleburgh,) leases hop yead 4.
CHRONICS, William, (Middleburgh,) farmer 4.
CLOW, Nicholas D., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 110.
CONKLIN, Absalom, (Huntersland,) farmer 98.
COOK, Erastus, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 13, Clauverway.
COOK, F. M., (Middleburgh,) prop. of livery and summer boarding house, and deputy sheriff, Main.
COOK, John, (Huntersland,) farmer 108.
COOK, Peleg, (Huntersland,) farmer 174.
COOK, Thomas, (Middleburgh,) farmer 10, Main.
COOPER, Martin P., (Middleburgh,) farmer 233.
CORNELL, Chauncey R., (Huntersland,) hop raiser and farmer 64.
CORNELL, G. W., (Middleburgh,) painter, Main.
CORNWELL, Erskine, (Middleburgh,) house painter and farmer 20-1/4.
CRIM, Caroline Mrs. (Huntersland,) farmer 14.
CRIPPEN, Orville, (Huntersland,) general merchant, shoemaker and postmaster.
CROSBY, Betsy, (Huntersland,) farmer 3.
CROSBY, Charles, (Middleburgh,) farmer 104.
CROSBY, Hiram, (Huntersland,) carpenter.
CROSBY, Stephen C., (Middleburgh,) farmer 2.
CURTIS, Abram, (Middleburgh,) farmer 100.
CURTIS, Orville, (Middleburgh,) farmer 50.
DANFORTH, Elliot, (Middleburgh,) attorney and counselor at law.
DANFORTH, George E., (Middleburgh,) farmer 1048, Water.
DANFORTH, George L., (Middleburgh,) (P. S. & G. L. Danforth,) insurance agent.
DANFORTH, Peter S., (Middleburgh,) (P. S. & G. L. Danforth) treasurer (Middleburgh,) & Schoharie R. R. Co. and farmer 154.
DANFORTH, P. S. & G. L., (Middleburgh,) lawyers, Water.
DANFORTH, Volney, (Middleburgh,) physician and farmer 350.
DAVIS, James W., (Schoharie,) prop. of the Schoharie Custom and Flouring Mill, Plaster Mill and Saw Mill.
DAVIS, John T., (Schoharie,) miller, Schoharie Mills.
DECKER, Aaron, (Huntersland,) stone quarry and farmer 160.
DECKER, David, (Middleburgh,) farmer 100.
DECKER, Theodore, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases of Henry J. Loucks, 50.
DENISON, Daniel D., (Huntersland,) hop raiser and farmer 25.
DENOYELLES, Peter, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 30.
DEUEL, Isaac, (Middleburgh,) farmer 14.
DEXTER, Hedstrom, (Middleburgh,) carpenter.
DEXTER, Henry, (Huntersland,) far,er 120.
DEXTER, James, (Middleburgh,) dealer in flag stone, hay, straw, flour and feed, grape grower and farmer 22.
DEXTER, Joanna Mrs., (Middleburgh,) milliner, Main.
DICKINSON, Jacob, (Huntersland,) carriage manufacturer and farmer 28.
DINGS, David, (Huntersland,) prop. of the Huntersland Custom and Flouring Mill, Temperance Hotel and dealer in groceries and provisions.
DINGS, Luman, (Huntersland,) (with Joseph Drum,) farmer leases from Peleg Cook, 174.
DINGS, Peter, (Huntersland,) miller, Huntersland Mill.
DINGS, Truman, (Huntersland,) dealer in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, varnishes etc.
DODGE, Daniel D., (Middleburgh,) president of Middleburgh and Schoharie R. R., residence Main.
DODGE & FRANCE, (Middleburgh,) (George Dodge and Austin France,) general merchants, Main.
DODGE, George, (Middleburgh,) (Dodge & France.)
DRUM, Joseph, (Huntersland,) (with Luman Dings,) farmer leases from Peleg Cook, 174.
DUNN, Michael, (Middleburgh,) (M. Dunn & Son.)
DUNN, M. & SON, (Middleburgh,) (Michael and William,) clothiers, Main.
DUNN, William, (Middleburgh,) (M. Dunn & Son.)
DURFEE, Alfred, (Huntersland,) farmer leases from Benjamin, 117.
DURFEE, Benjamin, (Huntersland,) farmer 117.
DURFEE, Lorenzo, (Gallupville,) farmer 80.
DURFEE, Stephen Van Rensselaer, (Huntersland,) farmer 100.
DURFEE, Wilbur, (Gallupville,) farmer 112.
DURHAM, Daniel D., (Middleburgh,) farmer 5.
EARLS, Charles, (Middleburgh,) (Earls & Frisbie.)
EARLS & FRISBIE, (Middleburgh,) (Charles Earls and G. N. Frisbie,) general merchants.
EARLS, Henry, (Middleburgh,) retired farmer.
EARLS, William, (Middleburgh,) prop. of lime kiln, dealer in groceries and lumber, and farmer 80.
ECKERSON, Alexander, (Middleburgh,) farmer 30.
ECKERSON, Thomas T., (Middleburgh,) farmer 4.
EDWARDS, Thomas, (Middleburgh,) mason and farmer 15.
EFFNER, Joseph J., (Middleburgh,) carriage and sign painter, Rail Road Avenue.
EFFNER, Thomas, (Middleburgh,) blacksmith.
EFNER, Elijah, (Middleburgh,) house painter.
EFNER, Thompson, (Middleburgh,) blacksmith, Railroad Avenue.
ELLSWORTH, Joseph, (Huntersland,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
ENGLE & ALBRO, (Middleburgh,) (William H. Engle and William H. Albro,) attorneys and counselors at law, Main.
ENGLE, George W., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer leases from Wm. Borst, 140.
ENGLE, Jacob L., (Middleburgh,) (J. Neville & Co.)
ENGLE, Thomas G., (Middleburgh,) farmer 70.
ENGLE, William H., (Middleburgh,) (Engle & Albro,) deputy collector internal revenue.
FOLICK, S., (Middleburgh,) cooper.
FONDA, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer 1.
FOX, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 230.
FOX, Lewis, (Middleburgh,) paper manuf. at Baldwinsville, Onondaga Co., and farmer 2, residence Main.
FRANCE, Austin, (Middleburgh,) (Dodge & France.)
FREEMIRE, Robert, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser.
FREEMYER, Abraham J., (Middleburgh,) prop. of Freemyer House, Main.
FREEMYER, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 100.
FRISBIE, G. N., (Middleburgh,) (Earls & Frisbie,) (W. G. Lownsbery & Co.,) harness, trunks etc., Main.
FRITZ, Christian, (Huntersland,) farmer 10.
GALE, Roger, (Huntersland,) physician and farmer 4.
GALLUP, Ezra, (Middleburgh,) (J. & E. Gallup.)
GALLUP, Job, (Middleburgh,) (J. & E. Gallup.)
GALLUP, J. & E., (Middleburgh,) (Job & Ezra,) coopers and farmers 136.
GERNSEY, Ezra, (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 130.
GERNSEY, James J., (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 140.
GERNSEY, John, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 150.
GERNSEY, Montraville, (Middleburgh,) justice of the peace and school teacher, Main.
GILBERT & CHASE, (Middleburgh,) (LaFayette Gilbert and John W. Chase,) props. of Gilberts Foundry.
GILBERT, LaFayette, (Middleburgh,) (Gilbert & Chase.)
GOLDEN, Alvin, (Huntersland,) cooper.
GORSE, Sarina Mrs., (Middleburgh,) dress maker and milliner, Main.
GRIDLEY, James, (Middleburgh,) farmer 75.
GRIDLEY, James W., (Middleburgh,) farmer 160.
HAGADORN, Alanson, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 10.
HALL, James R., (Huntersland,) shoemaker.
HALLENBECK, Harrison, (Middleburgh,) speculator.
HALLENBECK, Samuel W., (Middleburgh,) carpenter and farmer 6, Main.
HANES, Freeman, (Middleburgh,) farmer 4 and leases of Mrs. E. Raddik, 240.
HAVELY, Daniel, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) hop raiser, saw mill and farmer 150.
HAWVER, Henry, (Middleburgh,) farmer 134.
HAYS, Charles, (East Cobleskill,) farmer leases of Nelson Bice, 119.
HAYS, David, (Middleburgh,) broom manuf. and farmer 155, residence, Water.
HEASON, George, (Huntersland,) farmer 19.
HELD, Ernest, (Middleburgh,) barber, Main.
HERRON, Peter, (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 80.
HERRON, Tunis, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 20.
HESS, Daniel D., (Middleburgh,) (Hess & Leroy,) farmer 9.
HESS & LEROY, (Middleburgh,) (Daniel D. Hess and John H. Leroy,) groceries, provisions, boots, shoes etc., Main.
HILSLEY, Elery, (Gallupville,) (with Joseph,) hop raiser and farmer leases 200.
HILSLEY, George, (Gallupville,) farmer 90.
HILSLEY, Jeremiah, (Middleburgh,) farmer 100.
HILSLEY, John Jacob, (Gallupville,) prop. of saw mill and farmer 200.
HILSLEY, Joseph, (Gallupville,) (with Elery,) hop raiser and farmer leases 200.
HILSLEY, William, (Middleburgh,) farmer 60.
HINMAN, B. Frank, (Middleburgh,) agent H. R. & Z. J. Brown's marble works, Rail Road Avenue.
HOAG, M. R., (Middleburgh,) general merchant, Main.
HOOGHKIRK, James, (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 210.
HOWE, James, (Middleburgh,) far,er 110.
HUBBELL, Alvah, (Middleburgh,) farmer 4.
HUMPHERY, Philip, (Middleburgh,) justice of the peace and fruit raiser, Main.
HYDE, David R., (Middleburgh,) farmer 220, residence Water.
HYDE, Ralph, (Middleburgh,) flour and feed.
IRELAND, O. B., (Middleburgh,) publisher Middleburgh Gazette.
JONES, G. G. Rev., (Middleburgh,) rector of Episcopal Church.
KELSEY, Jonas, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 200.
KELSEY, William G., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 300.
KENNEDY, Jacob, (Huntersland,) farmer 80.
KENNEDY, William, (Middleburgh,) carpenter and builder, Main.
KERR, John, (Middleburgh,) (Loring Andrews & Co.)
KILMER, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
KINNEY, John, (Middleburgh,) broom manuf.
KNIFFEN, John B., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 103.
KNISKERN, B. B., (Middleburgh,) resident, Clauverway.
LAMAN, George, (Huntersland,) farmer leases farm from George Tibbets.
LAMPMAN, John P., (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 160.
LAPE, Myron, (Middleburgh,) (with Harris Long,) butcher.
LARAWAY, Henry, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
LARAWAY, Nancy Mrs., (Huntersland,) farmer 25.
LAWTON, Benjamin, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases from Daniel Barkman, 77.
LAWTON, Peter, (Middleburgh,) farmer 120.
LAWTON, Wm., (Huntersland,) farmer 205.
LAWYER, Andrew, (Middleburgh,) blacksmith and farmer 30, Mill Valley.
LAWYER, David, (Middleburgh,) farmer 25.
LAWYER, James, M. D., (Middleburgh,) physician and surgeon, Main.
LAWYER, William H., (Middleburgh,) farmer 4.
LEMAN, George, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 100.
LEROY, John H., (Middleburgh,) (Hess & Leroy.)
LEWIS, Benjamin F., (Middleburgh,) farmer leases from Mrs. Dorothea Mattice, 175.
LIVINGSTON, Benjamin, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 153-1/2.
LIVINGSTON, James, (Schoharie,) (with Peter,) farmer 106.
LIVINGSTON, Peter, (Schoharie,) (with James,) farmer 106.
LONG, Harris, (Middleburgh,) (with Myron Lape,) butcher.
LOUCKS, Henry J., (Schoharie,) farmer 50.
LOUCKS, Jeremiah, (Schoharie,) farmer leases 180.
LOUCKS, John P., (Middleburgh,) farmer.
LOUCKS, Thomas, (Schoharie,) farmer 40.
LOWNSBERY, W. G., & CO., ((Middleburgh,) (Willard G. Lownsbery, and G. N. Frisbie,) dealers in stoves, tin and glass ware, Main.
LOWNSBERY, Willard G., (Middleburgh,) (W. G. Lownsbery & Co.)
MACOMBER, Archibald, (Middleburgh,) farmer 60.
MACOMBER, Resolved, (Huntersland,) hop raiser and farmer 90.
MACUMBER, Amasa, (Middleburgh,) leases farm.
MALLERY & BECKER, (John H. Mallery and Joseph Becker,) groceries, provisions, flour, feed etc., Main.
MALLERY, John H., (Middleburgh,) (Mallery & Becker.)
MANCHESTER, Henry, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases.
MANCHESTER, Joseph, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
MANN, Lysander, (Middleburgh,) farmer 225.
MANNING, George, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 500.
MANNING, H. L., (Middleburgh,) farmer 150.
MANNING, Nathaniel, (Middleburgh,) farmer 50, residence Water.
MARCELUS, H. M., (Middleburgh,) manuf. of boots and shoes, Main.
MATTICE, Catharine Mrs., (Middleburgh,) farmer 26.
MATTICE, Jacob N., (Middleburgh,) farmer 105.
MATTICE, Joseph, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser, broom manuf. and farmer 200.
MEEKER, John, (Huntersland,) farmer 1.
MESSLER, Charles, (Huntersland,) (with George,) farmer 125.
MESSLER, George, (Huntersland,) (with Charles,) farmer 125.
MIDDLEBURGH GAZETTE, (Middleburgh,) O. B. Ireland, publisher.
MIDDLEBURGH & SCHOHARIE R. R. CO., (Middleburgh,) D. D. Dodge, prest; J. Neville, secy; Peter S. Danforth, treas.
MILL VALLEY TANNERY, (Middleburgh,) Loring Andrews & Co., props.
MILLER, Ann Eliza Mrs., (Middleburgh,) farmer 1.
MORENUS, Abram, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
NASHOLDS, John J., (Huntersland,) farmer 1-1/2.
NEVILLE, Jacob, (Middleburgh,) (J. Neville & Co.,) secretary Middleburgh & Schoharie R. R. Co.
NEVILLE, J. & CO., (Middleburgh,) (Jacob Neville and Jacob L. Engle,) general merchants, Water.
NOXON, Richard F., (Middleburgh,) constable and fruit raiser.
PALMER, Henry W., (Middleburgh,) farmer.
PARSLOW, Adam, (Middleburgh,) farmer 1.
PATRICK, Jeremiah, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 1.
PAYNE, Palmer J., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 145.
PERSONS, Lawrence, (Middleburgh,) prop. Bulls Head Hotel, Main, and farmer 650.
PETERSON, Jacob, (Middleburgh,) mason and farmer 2-1/2.
PIERSON, Oscar, (Middleburgh,) billiard saloon, Main.
PINDAR, Edward, estate of, (Middleburgh,) 160 acres.
PINDAR, Henry V., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer leases of David Becker, 300.
PINDAR, Peter M., (Middleburgh,) farmer.
PINDAR, H. V., (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 323.
PITCHER, Benjamin, (Middleburgh,) farmer 140.
PLUGH, E., heirs of, (Middleburgh,) farmers 2.
POSSON, George, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases from Henry Posson, 114.
POSSON, Lewis W., (Huntersland,) contractor and builder, and farmer 95.
POSSON, Peter W., (Huntersland,) farmer 114.
PULMAN, Charles, (Huntersland,) hop raiser and farmer 26.
RADLIFFE, Hiram, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 67.
RESCUE, Mrs. (Middleburgh,) farmer 25.
RICARD, James, (Huntersland,) carpenter.
RICHTMYER, Almon, (Middleburgh,) (with George,) farmer 120.
RICHTMYER, Barney W., (Middleburgh,) farmer 17.
RICHTMYER, George, (Middleburgh,) (with Almon,) farmer 120.
RICHTMYER, Philip, (Middleburgh,) farmer 162.
RICKARD, Albert, (Middleburgh,) farmer 135.
RICKARD, Elias, (Middleburgh,) farmer 76-1/2
RICKARD, George, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases of Ira, 65.
RICKARD, Ira, (Middleburgh,) farmer 148.
RICKARD, Jeremiah, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases of Ira, 83.
RICKARD, Madison, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 175.
RICKARD, Margaret Mrs., (Middleburgh,) farmer 200.
RICKARD, Peter, (Middleburgh,) farmer 200.
RICKART, John W., (Huntersland,) carpenter and joiner, and farmer 125.
RIPHENBURGH, Henry, (Middleburgh,) farmer 2.
RIVENBURGH, John, (Middleburgh,) shoe maker and farmer leases of Mrs C. Mattice, 26.
ROBINSON, Henry, (Huntersland,) farmer 60.
ROCKEFELLER, George, (Middleburgh,) carpenter and builder, prop. of saw, planing and feed mills, and farmer 55.
ROE, Sanford W. Rev., (Middleburgh,) pastor of Middleburgh Reformed Church.
ROE, Wm., (Middleburgh,) farmer 8.
RORICK, William H., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 29.
ROSEKRANS, Albert G., (Middleburgh,) agent for the Singer Sewing Machine, hop raiser and farmer 4.
RYDER, Rufus, (Huntersland,) farmer 150.
RYDER, Samuel, (Huntersland,) farmer 114.
SADDLEMIER, George, (Middleburgh,) farmer 26.
SANFORD, Lyman Hon., (Middleburgh,) (Hon. Lyman Sanford and Wm. E. Thorne,) lawyers, Main.
SANFORD & THORNE, (Middleburgh,) (Hon. Lyman Sanford and Wm. E. Thorne,) lawyers, Main.
SCOTT, Philip, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
SCOTT, WELLS & CO., (Middleburgh,) blue stone dealers.
SCRIBNER, John M., (Middleburgh,) manuf. of straw wrapping paper, prop. of stone yard and farmer 170.
SCROM, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer 3.
SCUTT, Anthony, (Middleburgh,) farmer 90.
SCUTT, Henry, (Middleburgh,) justice of the peace and farmer 50.
SCUTT, Henry Jr., (Middleburgh,) saw and cider mills, and farmer 307.
SCUTT, Philo, (Middleburgh,) farmer 230.
SHAFER, John, (East Cobleskill,) farmer leases of Benj. Livingston, 104.
SHAW, Wm., (Huntersland,) chair maker.
SHAW, ___, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
SHELDON, Carr, (Middleburgh,) carpenter.
SHELDON, Charles, (Middleburgh,) wagon maker and farmer 1, one mile east from village.
SHUFELT, Edwin, (Huntersland,) blacksmith and farmer 4.
SHUFELT, John C., (Huntersland,) farmer 110.
SHUFELT, Maryette, (Huntersland,), milliner.
SIDNEY, Joseph, (Schoharie,) (with Peter,) farmer 95.
SIDNEY, Peter, (Schoharie,) (with Joseph,) farmer 95.
SIMKINS, George, (Middleburgh,) (with John,) saw mill and farmer 195.
SIMKINS, John, (Middleburgh,) (with Geo.,) saw mill and farmer 195.
SITZER, William M., (Middleburgh,) farmer 250 in North Blenheim, and leases estate of Freeman Stanton, 250.
SMITH, Amos M., (Middleburgh,) carriage manuf., Main.
SMITH, Hiram, (Middleburgh,) blacksmith.
SMITH, John, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 17.
SNYDER, Adam, (Huntersland,) blacksmith and farmer 20.
SNYDER, Adam Jr., (Huntersland,) blacksmith and farmer 31.
SNYDER, Albert, (Middleburgh,) oyster saloon, Main.
SNYDER, Augustus, (Middleburgh,) boatman and farmer 1.
SNYDER, Daniel D., (Huntersland,) farmer 8-1/4.
SNYDER, Eliza Mrs., (Middleburgh,) farmer 17.
SNYDER, Hadley, (Middleburgh,) dentist, Main.
SNYDER, Hannah Mrs., (Middleburgh,) milliner, Main.
SNYDER, John L., (East Cobleskill,) hop raiser and farmer 56.
SNYDER, Nicholas, (East Cobleskill,) farmer leases of Marshall N. DeNoyelles, 130.
SNYDER, William N., (Middleburgh,) farmer 51.
SOUER, John, (Middleburgh,) cabinet maker and undertaker, Main.
SPAITHOLT, James, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases from L. Persons, 100.
SPAULDING, Mary Mrs., (Middleburgh,) farmer 2.
SPICKERMAN, Abraham, (Middleburgh,) keeper of County Poor House and veterinary surgeon.
SPICKERMAN, Edward, (Middleburgh,) farmer 50.
SPRECHER, C. Spencer Rev., (Middleburgh,) pastor of Lutheran Church.
STALER, Eliza, (Middleburgh,) farmer 1.
STALKER, Jonathan, (Gallupville,) farmer 58.
STANTON, Abram L., (Middleburgh,) apiarian and farmer 4.
STANTON, Freeman, estate of, (Middleburgh,) 250 acres.
STANTON, John L., (Middleburgh,) station agent, A. M. U. (East Cobleskill,)press agent and farmer 11.
STARR, Jesse H., (Huntersland,) farmer 15.
STARR, John A., (Middleburgh,) butcher.
STARR, John W., (Middleburgh,) farmer 90.
STARR, Zadoc B., (Middleburgh,) farmer 100.
STEVENSON, Henry J., (Middleburgh,) watch maker and jeweler, Rail Road Avenue.
STINER, John I., (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 48.
SWART, Peter Z., (Middleburgh,) supervisor and farmer 150.
SWEET, Alice Miss, (Huntersland,) music teacher.
SWEET, John E., (Middleburgh,) farmer 70 and leases from Jesse H. Alger 140.
SWEET, Silas, (Huntersland,) farmer 150.
TAYLOR, Peter, (Middleburgh,) farmer 110.
TEETER, Jane, (Middleburgh,) farmer 1-1/2.
THORNE, William E., (Middleburgh,) (Sanford & Thorne,) notary public.
TIBBETS, George W., (Middleburgh,) farmer 100.
TOMKINS, Nathaniel, (Middleburgh,) (N. & W. TOMPKINS,) (TOMPKINS & TRAVERS.)
TOMPKINS, N. & W., (Middleburgh,) (Nathaniel and William P.,) props. of Tompkins Furnace.
TOMPKINS & TRAVERS, (Middleburgh,) (Nathaniel and William P. Tompkins, and James Travers,) manufs. of lumber.
TOMPKINS, William P., (Middleburgh,) (N. & W. TOMPKINS,) (TOMPKINS & TRAVERS.)
TRAVER, Rebecca Miss, (Huntersland,) tailoress and dressmaker.
TRAVERS, James, (Middleburgh,) (Tompkins & Travers.)
TRAVERS, Martha C. Mrs., (Middleburgh,) millinery and fancy goods, Main.
TRYON, Amos, (Middleburgh,) farmer 3.
TRYON, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer 240.
TRYON, Stephen, (Huntersland,) farmer 80.
TURNER, Morgan, (Huntersland,) dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions, hardware etc., manuf. of boots and shoes, and farmer 9-1/2.
UNDERWOOD, Aristides, (Middleburgh,) farmer 262.
UPMAN, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer 7.
VAN AUKEN, Edward, (Middleburgh,) farmer 125.
VAN BUREN, Daniel H., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 114.
VAN DERHOOF, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer 55.
VAN GAASBECK, Dr., heirs of, (Middleburgh,) farmers 16.
VAN WAGENEN, Barent, (East Cobleskill,) farmer 130.
VROMAN, Abram L., (Middleburgh,) carpenter and farmer 5, Clauverway.
VROMAN, Adam, (Middleburgh,) (with Jacob,) farmer 136.
VROMAN, Dow F., (Middleburgh,) broom corn and hop raiser, and farmer 60.
VROMAN, Harman A., (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 37-1/2, Clauverway.
VROMAN, Jacob, (Middleburgh,) (with Adam,) farmer 136.
VROOMAN, Libbie Miss, (Middleburgh,) dressmaker.
WAGER, Francis, (Huntersland,) farmer 115.
WARNER, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer leases.
WARNER, Noah, (Middleburgh,) farmer 50.
WATSON, Chauncey, (Middleburgh,) retired merchant and farmer 131, Main.
WELLS, H. D., (Middleburgh,) (Scott, Wells & Co.,) physician and surgeon.
WELLS, Linus S., (Middleburgh,) physician and surgeon, and farmer 10.
WELLS, S. B., estate of, (Middleburgh,) 65 acres.
WERELEY, Wm., (Huntersland,) town assessor and farmer 100.
WEST, Abram, (Huntersland,) horse shoeing and general blacksmithing, and farmer 1-1/2.
WEST, Jeremiah, (Middleburgh,) carpenter and farmer 6.
WEST, Nicholas, (Huntersland,) farmer 125.
WEST, Oscar, (Huntersland,) stone quarry.
WHEELER, John D., (Middleburgh,) physician and surgeon, and farmer 3, Rail Road Avenue.
WHITE, Charles A., (Middleburgh,) boots, shoes, hats, caps and clothing, Main.
WIEDMAN, Abraham, (Middleburgh,) farmer 25.
WIEDMAN, Noah, (Huntersland,) farmer 2.
WIEDMAN, Jacob, (Middleburgh,) saw mill and farmer 100.
WIEDMAN, Joseph, (Middleburgh,) carpenter.
WIEDMAN, Paul, (Middleburgh,) farmer 4.
WIEDMAN, Walter, (Gallupville,) farmer 10.
WILEY, Elizabeth Mrs., (East Cobleskill,) farmer 4.
WILLIAMS, Osea, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
WILLMAN, Christian, (Huntersland,) farmer 69.
WILLMAN, Conrad, (West Berne, Albany Co.,) farmer 107.
WILLMAN, Jacob, (Huntersland,) farmer 120.
WILLSEY, Levins H., (Huntersland,) farmer 35.
WILSEY, Peter, (Middleburge,) farmer 13.
WILSON, James, (Middleburgh,) grocer and farmer 2.
WILSON, Oscar, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 148.
WINANS, Edward, (Middleburgh,) farms Egbert Winans estate, 50.
WINEGAR, Eliakim, (Middleburgh,) farmer 280.
WINERIGHT, Jonas, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
WOOD, Allen, (Middleburgh,) carpenter and farmer 17.
WOOD, James B. Rev., (Middleburgh,) pastor of M. E. Church, Main.
WOOD, L., (Middleburgh,) farmer leases 100.
WOOD, Philip, (Schoharie,) farmer 130.
WOOD, Robert, (Middleburgh,) farmer 140.
WORMER, Jacob H., (Middleburgh,) farmer 113.
WORMER, Peter, (Middleburgh,) apiarian, prop. of saw mill and farmer 250.
WORRICK, Charles, (Huntersland,) stone cutter.
WORRICK, Samuel, (Huntersland,) prop. of saw mill and farmer 3.
WRIGHT, Richard J., (Gallupville,) farmer 150.
YAUSON, David, (Middleburgh,) farmer 200.
YOUMANS, Abel, (Huntersland,) farmer 30.
YOUMANS, Ambrose, (Middleburgh,) farmer 120.
YOUMANS, John, (Middleburgh,) farmer.
ZEH, David, (Middleburgh,) hop raiser and farmer 175.
ZIMMER, Abraham, (Huntersland,) hop raiser and farmer 115.
ZIMMER, Peter, (Middleburgh,) farmer 4.
ZIMMER, Wesley J., (West Berne, Albany Co.,) hop raiser and farmer 100.

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