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ADAMS, Samuel, (Jefferson,) farmer 50.
ALL, Pascoe, (Summit,) farmer 65.
ALL, Peter F., (Jefferson,) farmer 145.
ALLEN, Avery H., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co., ) farmer 190.
ALLEN, Ezra, (Summit,) farmer 100.
ALLEN, Joseph A., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co., ) farmer 97.
ARMSTRONG, Alfred, (Jefferson,) farmer 70.
ARMSTRONG, George, (Jefferson,) farmer 140.
ARMSTRONG, Jacob, (Jefferson,) farmer 75.
ATCHINSON, Aaron L., (Jefferson,) farmer 57.
ATCHINSON, William D., (Jefferson,) farmer 37 and leases of W. S., 163.
ATCHINSON, William S., (Jefferson,) farmer 167.
AVERY, Beriah H., (Jefferson,) general merchant and post master.
AVERY, Hezekiah, (Jefferson,) general merchand and farmer 18.
BAIRD, Albert, (Jefferson,) (with Elam C.,) farmer 232.
BAIRD, Charles E., (Jefferson,) farmer 145.
BAIRD, Elam C., (Jefferson,) driver and (with Albert) farmer 232.
BAIRD, George W., (Jefferson,) farmer 70.
BAKER, Darius, (Jefferson,) farmer 82.
BALEY, Orsin C., (South Jefferson,) farmer 125.
BARNUM, Joseph, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 120.
BARRETT, Ambrose, (Jefferson,) mason and farmer 22.
BARRETT, Lewis A., (Jefferson,) farmer 8.
BARRETT, Ornando, (Jefferson,) cooper.
BEACH, Bennet H., (South Jefferson,) farmer 140.
BEAR, William R., (Jefferson,) farmer 11.
BEARD, Moses W., (Jefferson,) farmer 95.
BEGGS, Levi, (South Jefferson,) farmer leases of estate of Wm. Beggs 172.
BELL, John, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 138.
BOGARDUS, Peter H., (Jefferson,) saw mill, carpenter and farmer 110.
BOGGS, George A., (Jefferson,) farmer leases 117.
BRADLEY, Jeremiah, (Charlotteville,) (with William) saw mill and farmer 150.
BRADLEY, William, (Charlotteville,) (with Jeremiah) saw mill and farmer 150.
BRADY, Peter, (South Jefferson,) cooper and farmer 105.
BROCKAWAY, Charles A., (Eminence,) farmer 150.
BRUCE, Justus G., (Jefferson,) farmer 183.
BUCK, David H., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 120.
BUCK, Truman, (Jefferson,) farmer leases of Judd estate 120.
BURNET, Ambrose, (Jefferson,) farmer 10.
BURNET, George H., (Jefferson,) drover and farmer 80.
BURNETT, Brewer, (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
BURNETT, Thomas, (Eminence,) groceries and notions.
BURTON, Wm. H., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 70.
CANNIFF, Addison, (Jefferson,) prop. of Jefferson Hotel.
CARRINGTON, Chauncey L., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 186.
CARRINGTON, J. B., (Jefferson,) justice of the peace, dealer in stoves, tin and hardware.
CARTER, Chas. H., (Jefferson,) fruit tree agent.
CHANDLER, Horace, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer leases 20.
CLAPPER, Reuben, (Charlotteville,) farmer 6.
CLAPPER, William, (Charlotteville,) farmer 198.
CLARK, A. W. Dr. (Jefferson,) dentist, job printer and farmer 9.
CLARK, Benjamin, (Jefferson,) farmer 80.
CLARK, John M. (Jefferson,) collector and farmer 160.
CLARK, William J., (Jefferson,) farmer 50.
CONKLIN, Chauncey M., (Jefferson,) farmer 117.
CONNERTY, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 140.
CONNERTY, Patrick, (Jefferson,) farmer 10.
CONROW, Rufus R., (Jefferson,) farmer 205
COOK, Elijah, (Charlotteville,) farmer 116.
CORNELL, John W., (Eminence,) wagon maker and blacksmith.
CORNELL, Maria Mrs., (Eminence,) tailoress.
CRAFT, Reuben, (Jefferson,) farmer 179.
DANFORTH, Elijah, (Jefferson,) farmer 84.
DANFORTH, George, (Jefferson,) farmer 200.
DANFORTH, Sylvanus M., (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
DART, Ezra, (Jefferson,) farmer 82.
DART, Hiram H., (Jefferson,) farmer 82-1/2.
DART, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 6.
DAYTON, R. G., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 150.
DECKER, Peter, (Jefferson,) farmer 5.
DENNY, Ambrose D., (Charlotteville,) farmer 44.
DENNY, Jeremiah, (Jefferson,) assessor and farmer 120.
DEWEY, J. M., (Jefferson,) prop. of billiard saloon and farmer 343.
DEYO, Pardee, (Jefferson,) farmer leases 14.
DIBBLE, Riley, (Jefferson,) shoemaker.
DIKEMAN, Silas W., (Charlotteville,) furnace and machine shop.
DISBROW, Alden, (Jefferson,) farmer 34.
DISBROW, Beardsley B., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) wagon maker and farmer 50.
DISBROW, Smith, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 157.
DYER, Calvin, (Jefferson,) farmer 20.
DYER, Justin, (Jefferson,) inspector of elections and farmer 57.
DYER, Seymour, (Jefferson,) farmer 128.
DYER, Sovereign, (Summit,) farmer leases of Winthrop Dyer 2nd, 84
DYER, Winthrop, (Jefferson,) farmer 162.
DYER, Winthrop 2nd, (Jefferson,) farmer 174.
DYKEMAN, Geo. A., (Jefferson,) farmer 134.
DYKEMAN, Harmon, (North Harpersfiled, Delaware Co.,) farmer leases 120.
DYKEMAN, Michael, (Jefferson,) shoemaker and farmer 20.
DYKEMAN, Peter, (Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 10.
EFFNER, L. D., (Jefferson,) farmer 105.
EGGLESTON, Harriet Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 27.
EGGLESTON, Heman, (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
EGGLESTON, Lemuel, (Jefferson,) farmer 79.
EVENS, Adin J., (Charlotteville,) carpenter and stone mason.
EVENS, John M., (Charlotteville,) wall layer and farmer 4.
FELTER, Catharine Mrs., (Jefferson) farmer 40.
FERO, William D. Rev., (Jefferson,) pastor of M. E. Church.
FERRIS, Henry, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 100.
FINIGAN, Michael, (Jefferson,) farmer 105.
FINNIGAN, Barney, (Jefferson,) farmer 136.
FRANKLIN, L. E. Mrs., (South Jefferson,) postmistress and farmer 114.
FRANKLIN, Solomon, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 105.
FULLER, G. W., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,)  farmer 129.
FULLER, Joseph D., (Jefferson,) farmer 60.
GALLT, James, (Jefferson,) blacksmith.
GALLUP, Amos, (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
GALLUP, Elam, (Summit,) farmer 150.
GALLUP, Ezekiel, (Jefferson,) farmer 11.
GALLUP, John B., (Jefferson,) farmer 130.
GALLUP, Silas, (Jefferson,) speculator and farmer 170.
GARDNER, Washington, (Jefferson,) farmer 145.
GIBBS, C. A., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) justice of the peace, collector and farmer 75.
GIBBS, John W., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 75.
GILBERT, Ephraim, (Jefferson,) farmer 55.
GOODENOUGH, Esther Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 50.
GRANT, Jeremiah, (Summit,) farmer 100.
GRANT, John H., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) constable and farmer 77.
GREEN, Samuel Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 30.
GREGORY, Isaac, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 131.
GRIFFIN, John B., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) lumberman and farmer 192.
GUEARNSEY, Isaac, (Jefferson,) farmer 160.
HAINES, Chauncy, (Jefferson,) farmer 6.
HAINES, Stephen Jr., (South Jefferson,) farmer 183.
HAMMOND, Daniel F., (Jefferson,) tailor.
HAMMOND, Nancy Miss, (Jefferson,) dress maker and milliner.
HAVENS, Charles H., (Jefferson,) (with H. J. Taylor.)
HAVENS, R. G., (Jefferson,) physician and coroner.
HENNESS, Peter, (Jefferson,) farmer 8.
HICKS, David C., (Jefferson,) farmer 58.
HICKS, Eber M., (Jefferson,) farmer 39.
HICKS, Eber M. Jr., (Jefferson,) farmer 110.
HICKS, Levi, (Charlotteville,) farmer 141.
HUBBARD, Benjamin, (Jefferson,) farmer 1.
HUBBARD, Darius, (Jefferson,) farmer 17.
HUBBARD, Eleazer, (Jefferson,) farmer 60.
HUBBARD, J. D., (Jefferson,) general merchant.
HUBBARD, James H., (Jefferson,) harness and shoe maker.
HUBBARD, Oscar C., (Jefferson,) farmer leases of J. M. Dewey 180.
HUBBARD, William M., (Jefferson,) farmer 164.
HUBBELL, Charles B., (Jefferson,) (Charles B. Hubbell & Co.,) town clerk.
HUBBELL, CHARLES B. & CO., (Jefferson,) (Jacob R. Hubbell,) manufs. and dealers in furniture, looking glasses etc., and undertakers.
HUBBELL, Hiram P., (Jefferson,) drugs, medicines, groceries, confectionery, paints, oils etc.
HUBBELL, Jacob R., (Jefferson,) (Charles B. Hubbell & Co.)
HURLBERT, Eli B., (Jefferson,) farmer 93.
HURLBURT, Heman, (Jefferson,) farmer 282.
JEFFERSON HOTEL, (Jefferson,) Addison Canniff, prop. 
JOHNSON, Francis Nathaniel, (Charlotteville,) farmer 100.
JOHNSON, Julia Ann Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 180.
JOHNSON, William W., (Charlotteville,) shingle maker and farmer 64.
JONES, Elisha Jr., (Jefferson,) farmer 66.
JONES, Elisha Sen., (South Jefferson,) farmer 50.
JONES, Horace, (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
JONES & TAYLOR, (Jefferson,) (William S. Jones and Watson S. Taylor,) general merchants.
JONES, William S., (Jefferson,) (Jones & Taylor,) farmer 26.
JUDD, Anthony, (Jefferson,) farmer 80.
JUDD, Ezra, (Eminence,) farmer 41.
JUDD, George, (Jefferson,) farmer 260.
KENNEDY, William, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) assessor and farmer 120.
KING, Charles, (Eminence,) farmer 52.
LAMB, William J. Mrs., (Jefferson,) milliner.
LEE, Charles, (Jefferson,) farmer leases 27.
LEE, Patrick, (South Jefferson,) farmer 123.
LEWIS, Jeremiah D., (Jefferson,) farmer 183.
LEWIS, Samuel, (Jefferson,) farmer 3.
LINES, Marcus, (Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 10.
LINES, Rozanna Miss, (Jefferson,) milliner.
LOVETT, Noble Rev., (Jefferson,) clergyman and farmer 40.
LUTHER, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 10.
MAHAM, Charles, (Jefferson,) farmer 126.
MANN & CO., (Jefferson,) (Nathan Mann and Joseph Stanley,) wagon makers, props. of saw and planing mills and farmers 6.
MANN, Nathan, (Jefferson,) (Mann & Co.)
MARTIN, Clarissa Mrs., (South Jefferson,) farmer 150.
MATTICE, George, (Jefferson,) farmer 146.
MATTICE, Levi, (Jefferson,) commissioner of highways, prop. of saw mill and farmer 60.
MAYNARD, Henry N., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 255.
MCMINN, Charles T., (Jefferson,) merchant tailor and farmer 8.
MCNAMEE, Patrick, (Jefferson,) farmer 50.
MEED, David, (Jefferson,) farmer 109.
MEED, Eli, (Jefferson,) farmer.
MEED, Sally Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
MERCHANT, Charles W., (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
MERCHANT, Davis, (Jefferson,) farmer 105.
MERCHANT, James H., (Jefferson,) traveling agent and farmer 7.
MERCHANT, John S., (Jefferson,) farmer 152.
MERCHANT, Joseph, (Jefferson,) farmer 123.
MERCHANT, Reuben, (Jefferson,) farmer 25.
MERRILL, Ebenezer, P., (Jefferson,) farmer 67.
MERRILL, Eber C., (Jefferson,) cooper, constable and farmer 86.
MILLER, Horace A., (Eminence,) farmer 176.
MINOR, Chauncey, (Jefferson,) farmer 200.
MINOR, George B., (Jefferson,) farmer 183.
MINOR, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
MORE, Robert W., (Summit,) farmer 133.
MORE, S. I., (Jefferson,) farmer 200.
MOXLEY, Amos, (Jefferson,) cooper and farmer 101.
MOXLEY, Ezekiel G., (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
MOXLEY, Horace, (Jefferson,) cooper and farmer 78.
MOXLEY, Joseph, (Jefferson,) cooper.
NICHOLS, E. J., (Jefferson,) farmer 120.
NICHOLS, George H., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 375.
NICHOLS, Hiram, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 110.
NICHOLS, Horace, (Jefferson,) farmer 230.
NOLAND, Mary Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 103.
NORTHRUP, Charles, (Jefferson,) farmer 140.
ODELL, Benjamin S., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) cooper and farmer 77.
PALMER, David S., (Summit,) farmer 108.
PARSONS, Abel, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 220.
PARSONS, Norman A., (Jefferson,) farmer 96.
PATCHIN, Benjamin, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer leases 120.
PATCHIN, Caleb G., Jr., (Jefferson,) farmer 70.
PATCHIN, Caleb G., Sen., (Jefferson,) farmer 115.
PATCHIN, Heman C., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 70.
PATCHIN, Wadsworth, (Jefferson,) farmer.
PATERSON, John, (South Jefferson,) farmer 12.
PAYNE, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 300.
PECK, Amos E., (Jefferson,) farmer 92-1/2
PECK, Newton G., (Jefferson,) farmer 215.
PHINCLE, Levi G., (Jefferson,) blacksmith, cooper and farmer 20.
PICKETT, Aaron, (Jefferson,) (with Jasper,) saw mill and farmer 85.
PICKETT, Daniel, (Charlotteville,) farmer 120.
PICKETT, Jasper, (Jefferson,) (with Aaron,) saw mill and farmer 85.
PINDAR, Abraham A., (Eminence,) farmer 120.
PINDER, John S., (Jefferson,) farmer 105.
PROPER, Anson, (Jefferson,) blacksmith.
PROPER, Minard, (Eminence,) farmer 97.
PROPER, William L., (Jefferson,) farmer 97.
REED, David Y., (Jefferson,) farmer 105.
REED, Henry B. Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 2.
REED, William S., (Jefferson,) farmer 45.
REYNOLDS, Benjamin, (Jefferson,) boot and shoe maker.
RHOADES, Andrew, (Jefferson,) farmer leases 3.
RIDER, Jacob H., (Jefferson,) farmer 347.
ROBBINS, George J., (Jefferson,) saw and grist mills, mechanic and farmer 25.
ROBINSON, William J., (South Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 100.
ROE, John, (Charlotteville,) farmer 17.
ROWE, Augustus J., (Summit,) miller and farmer 3.
RULAND, Obadiah, (Jefferson,) stage driver and farmer 50.
RULAND, Orrin, (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
SAGER, Garret, (Jefferson,) farmer 107.
SAGER, Jacob, (Jefferson,) farmer 40.
SAGER, Mary Ann Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 50.
SAULSBURY, Experience Miss, (Summit,) farmer 40.
SCHERMERHORN, William, (Jefferson,) farmer 5.
SCOVILL, Henry, (Jefferson,) farmer 50.
SCOVILL, Wesley, (Jefferson,) farmer leases of M. S. Wilcox, 200.
SCROM, Peter, (Jefferson,) blacksmith and farmer 20.
SHELMADINE, Fernando, (Jefferson,) (Isaac Shelmadine & Son.)
SHELMADINE, ISAAC & SON., (Jefferson,) (Fernando,) shoe makers and farmers 10.
SHELMADINE, Lewis, (Jefferson,) farmer 14.
SHELMANDINE, Reuben, (Jefferson,) farmer 166.
SIMKINS, George H., (Jefferson,) farmer 133.
SIMONS, William W., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 136.
SMITH, Benjamin B., (Jefferson,) farmer 70.
SMITH, Charles T., (South Jefferson,) farmer 137.
SMITH, Charles W., (Jefferson,) farmer 86.
SMITH, John, (Jefferson,) farmer 140.
SMITH, Patrick H., (Jefferson,) farmer 100.
SPORE, Edgar, (Summit,) farmer 50.
SPORE, John, (Summit,) farmer 105.
STANLEY, Joseph, (Jefferson,) (Mann & Co.)
STANLEY, Wilbur E., (Jefferson,) blacksmith.
STANLEY, William R., (Jefferson,) blacksmith and farmer 15.
STARKINS, Barnet, (Jefferson,) farmer 73.
STEPHENS, Alonzo, (Jefferson,) farmer 130.
STEVENS, Aaron, (Jefferson,) farmer 240.
STEVENS, Williams, (Jefferson,) cooper.
STEWART, Elijah, (South Jefferson,) (with John,) farmer 200.
STEWART, John, (South Jefferson,) (with Elijah,) farmer 200.
TABER, Peleg S., (Charlotteville,) farmer 108.
TAYLOR, H. J., (Jefferson,) farmer 260.
TAYLOR, Watson S., (Jefferson,) (Jones & Taylor.)
THOMAS, Daniel R., (Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 10.
THORN, Avery, (South Jefferson,) farmer 100.
TINKLEPAUGH, Abraham, (Summit,) farmer 100.
TOLES, Asa, (Jefferson,) farmer 92.
TOTTEN, Silas W., (Jefferson,) farmer 43.
TREADWELL, Eliza Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 110.
TRUAX, Charles, (Charlotteville,) shingle maker and farmer 22.
TRUAX, Edward, (Charlotteville,) constable, collector, carpenter and farmer 25.
TRUAX, Isaac, (Charlotteville,) justice of the peace and farmer 116.
TUTTLE, Benjamin O., (Jefferson,) farmer 60.
TWITCHELL, Ezra, (Jefferson,) (Ira Twitchell & Son.)
TWITCHELL, IRA & SON, (Jefferson,) (Ezra,) general merchants.
TYLER, Stephen J., (Jefferson,) supervisor and farmer leases of Aaron Tyler estate 93.
VAN BEUREN, George H., (Charlotteville,) shoemaker and farmer 40.
VAN BEUREN, Hannah Mrs., (Charlotteville,) farmer 50.
VAN BEUREN, Harmon, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 10.
VAN BEUREN, Jacob, (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 5.
VAN BEUREN, William, (Charlotteville,) farmer 50.
VAN DEUSEN, Peter, (Jefferson,) farmer 50.
VAN DYKE, Stephen C., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 160.
VAN HOSEN, Carlos, (Jefferson,) farmer 235.
VAUGHN, Heman, (Summit,) farmer 275.
VAUGHN, Hiram B., (Summit,) farmer 247.
VAUGHN, Ira, (Summit,) farmer 108.
VELEY, Peter, (South Jefferson,) farmer 127.
VORHES, Henry, (Summit,) farmer 115.
VROMAN, Albert L., (Jefferson,) farmer 85.
VROMAN, C. A., (Jefferson,) farmer 35.
WAGONER, Levi, (Jefferson,) shoemaker and farmer 140.
WARNER, Adin, (Charlotteville,) blacksmith and farmer 3.
WARNER, Eli, (Charlotteville,) farmer 124.
WARNER, John M., (North Harpersfield, Delaware Co.,) farmer 120.
WARNER, Powley, (Charlotteville,) farmer 50.
WAYMAN, Darius, (Charlotteville,) farmer 196.
WAYMAN, Leonard, (Charlotteville,) farmer 95.
WAYMAN, Levi G., (Charlotteville,) farmer 57.
WELDMAN, Nicholas, (Summit,) farmer 94.
WELTON, Ezra, (Charlotteville,) cooper and farmer 8.
WEST, Abraham, (South Worcester, Otsego Co.,) farmer 115.
WHITBECK, Jacob H., (Charlotteville,) farmer 115.
WHITE, Alfred S., (Jefferson,) cooper and farmer 135.
WILCOX, M. S., (Jefferson,) attorney, insurance agent and farmer 323.
WILDER, Austin J., (Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 2.
WILSON, George S., (Jefferson,) farmer 82.
WILTSIE, George, (Summit,) shoemaker.
WOOD, A. A., (Jefferson,) physician and dentist.
WOODBECK, John H., (Jefferson,) farmer 80.
YAGER, John, (Charlotteville,) farmer leases of Mrs. Julia Ann Johnson, 100.
YOUNG, Edward, (Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 40.
YOUNG, Lucy A. Mrs., (Jefferson,) farmer 25.
ZEH, Lewis, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 185.

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