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ALLEN, Reynolds K., (South Gilboa,) farmer 125.
BAKER, Alvin L., (Gilboa,) carpenter.
BAKER, Grandus, (Gilboa,) farmer 113.
BAKER, Isaac, (Gilboa,) carpenter and farmer 108.
BAKER, Suel C., (Gilboa,) farmer.
BAKER, Wm., (South Jefferson,) farmer 150.
BALDWIN, Andrew G., (Gilboa,) (Layman & Baldwin,) justice of the peace and farmer 2,336.
BALDWIN, Wm. B., (Gilboa,) lawyer.
BALEY, David, (South Jefferson,) farmer 98.
BALEY, Thos., (Gilboa,) mason.
BARTHOLOMEW, Lewis, (North Blenheim,) farmer 125.
BARTLEY, Albert, (Gilboa,) farmer 125.
BECKER, Gideon, (Breakabeen,) farmer 200.
BECKER, Winfield H., (South Gilboa,) carpenter and farmer 50.
BENJAMIN, Ebenezer, (South Gilboa,) farmer 85.
BENJAMIN, Hiram, (South Gilboa,) farmer 77.
BENJAMIN, John H., (South Gilboa,) farmer 85.
BETTS, Hiram P., (Gilboa,) carpenter.
BLISS, Harvey M., (Jersey City, N. J.,) cattle broker, commission dealer and farmer 132.
BREWSTER, Horace E., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) dairyman and farmer 203.
BREWSTER, Sylvester, G., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 220.
BRINK, Wm., (Gilboa,) farmer 101.
BRINK, Zachariah, (Gilboa,) farmer 22.
BROWN, David A., (North Blenheim,) farmer 275.
BROWN, Hiram W., (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 244.
BROWN, Waldron E., (Gilboa,) millinery, dress making, yankee notions &c., Miss Adie Brown in charge.
BROWN, Wm., (Gilboa,) farmer 30.
BROWN, Wm., (South Gilboa,) farmer 74.
BROWNELL, Jeremiah, (Gilboa,) farmer 155.
BUCKBEE, John W., (Gilboa,) confectioner and shoemaker.
BUCKINGHAM & FACE, (Gilboa,) (Merritt Buckingham & Geo. W. Face,) blacksmiths.
BUCKINGHAM, Merritt, (Gilboa,) (Buckingham & Face.)
BULL, Nelson F., (Gilboa,) lumber dealer and farmer 60.
CASE, Daniel, (Gilboa,) farmer 159.
CASE, Griffin, (Broome Center,) farmer 75.
CASE, Lester, (Gilboa,) farmer 100.
CHAMPLIN, John, (South Gilboa,) farmer 100.
CHICHESTER, David T., (Broome Center,) farmer 85.
CHICHESTER, James, (Broome Center,) school teacher and farmer 98.
CHICHESTER, Joseph, (Broome Center,) farmer 113.
CHICHESTER, Theron, (Broome Center,) farmer 80.
CHOATE, Gardner T., (South Gilboa,) postmaster and farmer 20.
CLAPPER, George, (Broome Center,) farmer 135.
CLAPPER, Peter H., (Gilboa,) farmer 107.
CLAPPER, Philip, (Broome Center,) farmer 89.
CLAPPER, Sylvester, (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
CLARK, Alfred, (South Gilboa,) farmer 50.
CLARK, Cyrus, (Gilboa,) agent for Grover & Baker Sewing Machine and farmer 50.
CLARK, John H., (South Gilboa,) farmer 45.
COLBY, Thomas, (Moresville, Delaware Co.) assessor and farmer 255.
COLE, Barnard, (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 150.
COLE, Daniel B., (Gilboa,) farmer 140.
COLE, Olive Mrs., (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
CONROW, John, (South Gilboa,) farmer 12.
CONROW, Robert W., (South Gilboa,) carpenter.
CONROW, Stephen, (South Gilboa,) farmer 240.
COOK, Geo. E., (Broome Center,) farmer 130.
COOK, Geo. T., (South Gilboa,) farmer 100.
COOK, Reuben E., (Broome Center,) constable.
COONLEY, Daniel H., (Broome Center,) cooper, carpenter, mason and farmer 53.
COONLEY, John, (Breakabeen,) farmer 200.
COONLEY, John E., (Broome Center,) farmer 111.
COONS, David, (Broome Center,) dairyman and farmer 168.
COONS, Elisha, (Breakabeen,) farmer 85.
COONS, John H., (Broome Center,) farmer 115.
COONS, Rufus, (Breakabeen,) physician surgeon and farmer.
CORNELL, Ezekiel, (South Jefferson,) dairyman and farmer 265.
CORNELL, Henry, (South Jefferson,) farmer.
CORNELL, John, (South Jefferson,) physician.
CORNELL, Simon, (South Jefferson,) farmer 50.
CRAFT, Wm., (Gilboa,) farmer 80.
CRONK, Harrison, (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 88.
CRONK, Isaac, (Gilboa,) farmer 110.
CRONK, Lawrence J., (Gilboa,) farmer 185.
CROSWELL, Kellogg, (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
CROWELL, Cheney A., (South Jefferson,) justice of the peace and farmer 111.
CURTIS, Benj. P., (South Jefferson,) farmer 10.
CURTIS, Jacob K., (South Jefferson,) farmer 150.
DARLING, John S., (Gilboa,) farmer 116.
DARLING, Solomon, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 60.
DECKER, Abram, (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
DECKER, David, (Broome Center,) physician, carpenter and farmer 43.
DECKER, Geo., (South Jefferson,) dairyman and farmer 195.
DECKER, Jacob, (South Jefferson,) carpenter, dairyman and farmer 266.
DESILVA, Hiram, (Gilboa,) saw mill and farmer 100.
DEWELL, Wm. H., (Gilboa,) farmer 55.
DIES, John, (Gilboa,) farmer 133.
DURHAM, Freeman, (North Blenheim,) farmer 80.
ELLARSON, Daniel, (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 120.
ELLARSON, Delos, (Gilboa,) farmer 165.
ELLARSON, Geo. W., (Gilboa,) clothier and farmer 108.
ELLARSON, Rufus D., (Gilboa,) farmer 48.
ELLERSON, David F., (North Blenheim,) farmer 160.
ELLIS, James P., (Gilboa,) carriage maker and machinist.
ELLISON, Ransom, (Gilboa,) farmer 100.
FACE, Geo. W., (Gilboa,) (Buckingham & Face,) repairer of mowing machines.
FACE, Wm. H., (Broome Center,) blacksmith.
FANCHER, Orlando, (Breakabeen,) farmer 48.
FELTER, Lafayette, (Broome Center,) farmer leases of Thos. Lawton, 50.
FENNEN, Andrew, (Gilboa,) farmer 100.
FOLNSBEE, Thaddeus, (South Gilboa,) carpenter and farmer 40.
FOX, Marques De Lafayette, (Gilboa,) farmer 37.
FRASER, Cornelius, (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
FRASER, Jesse, (Gilboa,) tailor.
FRASIER, John, (Gilboa,) farmer 100.
FRAZEE, Edmund C., (South Gilboa,) farmer 140.
FRAZEE, Marcus, (Gilboa,) (Hazard & Frazee.)
FRAZEER, David, (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 100.
FREDENBURG, Chas., (Gilboa,) (Fredenburg & Ryer,) insurance agent.
FREDENBURG, Isaac M., (Gilboa,) farmer 92.
FREDENBURG, Meander, (Gilboa,) (Shaler & Fredenburg,) town clerk.
FREDENBURG & RYER, (Gilboa,) (Chas. Fredenburg and Albert B. Ryer,) general merchants.
FRISBIE, David K., (Gilboa,) harness dealer and carriage trimmer.
FRISBIE,Wm. M., (Moresville, Delaware Co.,) farmer 150.
GARDNER, Chas. C., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 180.
GARRETT, Michael T., (Gilboa,) carpenter and farmer 160.
GAVETT, Ira, (North Blenheim,) farmer 105.
GIFFORD, Leonard B., (Gilboa,) farmer 240.
GILBOA HOTEL, (Gilboa,) Chas. H. Stryker, prop.
GOFF, Robert, (North Blenheim,) farmer 165.
GORDON, John H., (Broome Center,) farmer 66.
GORDON, Seth, (Broome Center,) farmer 91.
GORDON, Wm., (Broome Center,) farmer 160.
GOVERN, Hugh, (South Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 440.
GOVERN, Michael, (South Gilboa,) farmer 130.
GRANT, Wm., (Gilboa,) blacksmith and farmer 26.
GRAY, Michael, (South Gilboa,) farmer 200.
GRIFFIN, Allan, (Gilboa,) farmer 80.
GRIFFIN, Daniel E., (Gilboa,) farmer 90.
GRIFFIN, Elisha, (Gilboa,) farmer 13.
GRIFFIN, Horace A., (Gilboa,) justice of the peace, carpenter and farmer 164.
GRIFFIN, John, (Moresville, Delaware Co.,) farmer 50.
HAGADONE, Edward, (Broome Center,) farmer 223.
HAGADONE, Justus, (Broome Center,) farmer 142.
HAGADORN, Addison, (Broome Center,) (F. & A. Hagadorn.)
HAGADORN, Frank, (Broome Center,) (F.& A. Hagadorn,) collector and deputy post master.
HAGADORN, F.& A., (Broome Center,) (Frank and Addison,) dry goods, groceries, hardware etc..
HAGADORN, Levi, (Broome Center,) veterinary surgeon.
HAGER, Erskine, (Minekill Falls,) farmer 125.
HALL, Wm. D., (Broome Center,) prop. Broome Center Hotel.
HALLOCK, Geo., (Broome Center,) farmer 150.
HALLOCK, John, (Broome Center,) farmer150.
HANER, Geo. H., (Gilboa,) farmer 94.
HANER, Ozias M., (Gilboa,) farmer 155.
HARRINGTON, Wm. H., (Gilboa,) farmer 170.
HARRIS, James, (Gilboa,) farmer 25.
HARRIS, Richard, (Gilboa,) farmer 190.
HASTINGS, Rachel, (South Jefferson,) farmer 60.
HASTINGS, Wm. B. C., (South Jefferson,) assessor and farmer 72.
HAY, Daniel, (Gilboa,) foreman DeSilvas & Wood's saw mill.
HAYNES, Osmar, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 105.
HAZARD & FRAZEE, (Gilboa,) (James M. Hazard and Marcus Frazee,) general merchants.
HAZARD, James M., (Gilboa,) (Hazard & Frazee,) druggist.
HENDRICK, John, (Gilboa,) farmer 115.
HICKS, Samuel, (Broome Center,) farmer 207.
HILDRETH, Geo. H., (Gilboa,) watchmaker.
HILDRETH, Luman, (Gilboa,) (Warner & Hildreth,) house painter.
HITCHCOCK, Darius, (Gilboa,) carpenter and millwright.
HITCHCOCK, Eunice P., (Gilboa,) millenery and dressmaking.
HOAGLAND, Alex., (Gilboa,) farmer 140.
HOAGLAND, James, (Gilboa,) carpenter.
HOAGLAND, Nathan R., (South Gilboa,) farmer 85.
HOLLENBECK, Mary A. Mrs., (Broome Center,) farmer 128.
HOREY, Jane, (North Blenheim,) farmer142.
HOUGHTALING, Philip, (Broome Center,) farmer 50.
HUBBELL, R. Delevan, (Jefferson,) farmer 106.
HULBERT, David, (Broome Center,) farmer 100.
HULBERT, Geo. H., (Broome Center,) farmer 68.
HUNT, Abraham, (South Gilboa,) farmer 100.
IVES, Wm. J. Rev., (Broome Center,) clergyman.
JACKSON, David, (Boome Center,) farmer 60.
JACKSON, John L., (Gilboa,) lawyer and farmer 30.
JACKSON, Oscar, (Gilboa,) (Strycker & Jackson.)
JOHNSON, Edgar, (South Jefferson,) dairyman and farmer 231.
JOHNSON, Francis, (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
JUMP, Adelbert R., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 116.
KINGSLEY, Chancellor S., (Gilboa,) carpenter and farmer 75.
KINGSLEY, David E., (Gilboa,) farmer 80.
KINGSLEY, Eilsha A., (Gilboa,) farmer 150.
KINGSLEY, Henry, (Gilboa,) general merchant, notary public and farmer 100.
KINGSLEY, Jonathan, (Gilboa,) farmer 125.
KINGSLEY, Philip, (Gilboa,) produce salesman.
KINGSLEY, Wm., (Gilboa,) farmer 90.
LAFFARTY, Wm., (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 370.
LATHAM, Cornellus, (South Jefferson,) farmer 54 and leases of J. L. Wood, 6.
LAWRENCE, Horace D., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) carpenter.
LAWRENCE, John W., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) carpenter and farmer 142.
LAWRENCE, Luman W., (South Jefferson,) farmer 135.
LAYMAN & BALDWIN, (Gilboa,) (W. S. Layman and Andrew G. Baldwin,) farmers 2150.
LAYMAN, Peter E., (Gilboa,) tanner and farmer 150.
LAYMAN, W. S., (Schoharie,) (Layman & Baldwin.)
LEE, Eleanor, (Broome Center,) farmer 205.
LEONARD, Duncan M., (Broome Center,) physician and surgeon, postmaster and farmer.300.
LEWIS, Anson S., (Gilboa,) farmer 800.
LEWIS, Geo., (Gilboa,) farmer 90.
LOSEE, Roswell, (Gilboa,) sexton Baptist Church.
LOUDON, John, (Gilboa,) farmer 16.
LYNCH, Homer, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 100.
MABEY, Stephen, (South Gilboa,) farmer 172.
MABEY, Wm., (South Gilboa,) farmer 111.
MACE, Chas.., (Broome Center,) farmer 85.
MACKEY, Albert, (Broome Center,) farmer 119.
MACKEY, Daniel, (Gilboa,) farmer 180.
MACKEY, Edgar, (Gilboa,) farmer 133.
MACKEY, James G., (Gilboa,) farmer 160.
MACKEY, Obadiah K., (Gilboa,) farmer 100 and leases of David Kingsley, 30.
MACKEY, Solomon D., (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 120.
MAHAM, Cornelius, (South Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 230.
MAHAM, James A., (South Gilboa,) farmer 150.
MAHAM, Lorenzo, (South Gilboa,) carpenter.
MARSHALL, Daniel, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 109.
MARSHALL, Wm., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,)(with Daniel,) farmer 109.
MARTIN, Valentine, (South Jefferson,) farmer 70.
MATTICE, David B., (Breakabeen,) farmer 109.
MATTICE, Esther, (Gilboa,) farmer 65.
MATTICE, Jacob H., (Breakabeen,) dairyman and farmer 530.
MATTICE, Jacob M., (Breakabeen,) farmer 70.
MATTICE, Jerry, (Gilboa,) farmer 60.
MATTICE, John H., (Gilboa,) farmer 100.
MATTICE, Martin P., (Gilboa,) farmer.
MATTICE, Paul, (North Blenheim,) farmer 55.
MAYHAM, Benj. S., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) grist and saw mills, and farmer 230.
MAYHAM, Chas. H., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 150.
MAYHAN, John S., (South Gilboa,)dealer in dry goods, groceries and general merchandise, deputy 
post master and notary public.
MCCABE, Keron C., (South Gilboa,) farmer 144.
MCCABE, Thos., (South Gilboa,) farmer 175.
MCCLAURY, Lawson, (South Jefferson,) prop. saw mill, dairyman and farmer 192.
MCHENCH, Eliza, (Breakabeen,) farmer 115.
MCHENCH, Willard, (Broome Center,) blacksmith and farmer 130.
MCKILLIP, John, (Moresville, Delaware Co.,) cooper and farmer 160.
MCMAHON, Michael, (South Gilboa,) farmer 150.
MCMAHON,  Peter, (South Gilboa,) farmer 90.
MEEHEN, Peter, (South Gilboa,) farmer 100.
MOORE, Horatio, (Broome Center,) farmer 106.
MOORE, Leander P., (Broome Center,) farmer 155.
MORE, Liberty P., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 168.
MORE, Wm. C., (Broome Center,) farmer 100.
MORE, Wm. S. Rev., (Gilboa,) pastor Reformed Church.
MORRISON, James K., (South Jefferson,) boot and shoe maker.
MORSS, Burton G., (Gilboa,) (Morss, Reed & Co.)
MORSS, REED & CO., (Gilboa,) (Burton G. Morss and Luman Reed,) props. Gilboa Cotton Mills.
OAKLEY, Hiram T., (South Gilboa,) farmer 8.
O'BRIEN, John, (Gilboa,) farmer 150.
O'BRIEN, Lewis S., (Gilboa,) farmer 185.
PALMER, Gilbert, (Gilboa,) carpenter.
PARSONS, Aurilla, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 130.
PARSONS, David W., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) dairyman and farmer 260.
PERRY, Lyman, (Minekill Falls,) farmer 76.
PHELPS, Chester, (Gilboa,) saw mill and farmer 57.
POLEN, Dennis, (Gilboa,) farmer 50.
POPPINO, David M., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 240.
POTTER, William C., (Gilboa,) chair maker, carriage and house painter.
RAUSHELBACK, Chas. F., (Gilboa,) jeweler.
REED, Lyman, (Gilboa,) (Morse, Reed & Co.,) general merchant, prop. grist mill, supervisor and
farmer 150.
RICHTMYER, Abraham N., (Gilboa,) farmer 77.
RICHTMYER, Frank & Bro., (Gilboa,) farmers 300.
RICHTMYER, John W., (Gilboa,) farmer 160.
RICHTMYER, Peter W., (Gilboa,) apiarian and farmer leases 100.
RICHTMYER, Willis, (Gilboa,) farmer 113.
RIFENBURGH, Jacob, (Gilboa,) cooper and farmer 114.
ROBINSON, Chas. H., (Gilboa,) carpenter and painter.
ROBINSON, Emory S., (Gilboa,) carpenter, prop. saw mill and planing machine.
ROBINSON, John D., (Broome Center,) farmer 78.
ROBINSON, Justus, (Broome Center,) farmer 72.
ROE, Jenck P., (Broome Center,) blacksmith.
ROGERS, Patrick, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 100.
ROSE, Wm. H., (Gilboa,) farmer leases of  B. W. Stryker, 150.
RULIFFSON, Peter S., (South Gilboa,) farmer 140.
RYER, Albert B., (Gilboa,) (Fredenburg & Ryer.)
SAFFORD, Elizabeth Mrs., (Broome Center,) farmer 135.
SAFFORD, Moses, (Broome Center,) carpenter and farmer 120.
SANFORD, Vernor A., (Gilboa,) cooper.
SAX, Maryett, (Gilboa,) farmer 55.
SCHEMERHORN, Abraham, (Gilboa,) poor master and farmer 274.
SELLECK, Ezra B., (Broome Center,) farmer 300.
SELLECK, Wm. M., (Broome Center,) assessor and farmer 88.
SHAFER, Peter, (Broome Center,) carpenter, dairyman and farmer 148.
SHAFER, Wm. D., (South Jefferson,) farmer 159.
SHALER & FREDENBURG, (Gilboa, ) (Geo. C. Shaler and Meander Fredenburg,) hardware,
house furnishing goods and agricultural implements.
SHALER, Geo. C., (Gilboa,) (Shaler & Fredenburg,) insurance agent.
SHEW, John H., (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 210.
SHULTES, Peter I., (Breakabeen,) farmer 157.
SIMONS, Chauncey, W., (South Gilboa,) tailor and farmer 20.
SIMONSON, Roxana, (South Gilboa,) millinery.
SITZER, Chas. D. Rev., (Gilboa,) clergyman and farmer 140.
SLATER, Delila A., (Broome Center,) farmer 10 1/2.
SMITH, A. Emeline, (Broome Center,) farmer 140.
SMITH, Job, (Broome Center,) carpenter and farmer leases 111.
SMITH, Michael, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 20.
SMITH, Tobias, (Broome Center,) farmer 116.
SMITH, Wm. R., (Gilboa,) farmer 53.
SNYDER, John E., (Gilboa,) farmer 96.
SOUTHARD, Smith, (Gilboa,) farmer 210.
SOWLES, Chas., (South Gilboa,) farmer 80.
SOWLES, Erastus A., (South Gilboa,) farmer 100.
SOWLES, Orin, (South Gilboa,) ax handle manuf.
SPENCER, Marcus D., (Gilboa,) boots and shoes.
SPRAGUE, John E., (Gilboa,) farmer 30.
STANARD, Mary A., (Breakabeen,) farmer 65.
STEVENS, Calvin, (South Gilboa,) farmer 180.
STEVENS, Ozias, (Gilboa,) farmer 200.
STEVENS, Wm., (Minekill Falls,) farmer.
STILLWELL, Daniel, (Gilboa,) farmer 160.
STILLWELL, Lorenzo, (Moresville, Delaware Co.,) farmer 7.
STILWELL, Simeon, (Gilboa,) farmer 65.
STREET, Warren P., (Gilboa,) cabinet maker and undertaker.
STRYCKER, Isaac, (Gilboa,) (Strycker and Jackson,) farmer 77.
STRYCKER & JACKSON, (Gilboa,) (Isaac Strycker and Oscar Jackson,) brickyard.
STRYKER, Abram, (Gilboa,) farmer 105.
STRYKER, Alonzo, (Gilboa,) (Zelie & Stryker,) postmaster.
STRYKER, Barent W., (Gilboa,) farmer 500.
STRYKER, Chas. H., (Gilboa,) prop. Gilboa Hotel, blacksmith and farmer 12.
STRYKER, Harmon, (Gilboa,) farmer 95.
STRYKER, Oliver, (Gilboa,) live stock dealer.
STRYKER, Warren P., (Gilboa,) billiard, ice cream and lunch room, and news depot.
THORN, Ann E., (North Blenheim,) farmer 14.
THORN, Reuben, (Gilboa,) farmer 51.
TIBBITS, Henry, (Broome Center,) farmer 300.
TIBBITS, James M., (Broome Center,) wagon maker.
TITUS, Oliver B., (South Jefferson,) farmer 120.
TRAVELL, Revilo, (Gilboa,) farmer 110.
VAN DYKE, David, (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) dairyman and farmer 150.
VAN DYKE, Hiram, (Broome Center,) farmer 130.
VAN VALKENBURG, John L., (Stamford, Delaware Co.,) farmer 200.
VAN WIE, Henry, (Broome Center,) blacksmith.
VAN WIE, Lorenzo, (Broome Center,) blacksmith.
VROMAN, Cornelius S., (South Jefferson,) carpenter and farmer 100.
VROMAN, John B., (Minekill Falls,) farmer.
VROMAN, William, (South Jefferson,) farmer 106.
WALLACE, George A., (Gilboa,) justice of the peace and farmer 210.
WALLACE, Henry, (South Gilboa,) farmer 118.
WARNER & HILDRETH, (Gilboa,) (Milo C. Warner and Luman Hildreth,) harness makers.
WARNER, Milo C., (Gilboa,) (Warner & Hildreth.)
WELCH, Abraham, (South Jefferson,) farmer 100.
WEST, Aaron, (Broome Center,) carpenter and manuf. of bee hives.
WEST, David, (Breakabeen,) farmer 83.
WEST, David & Son, (Breakabeen,) (Noah D.,) apiarians and farmers 30.
WEST, Noah D., (Breakabeen,) (David West & Son.)
WEST, Wm. H., (Broome Center,) farmer 126.
WHITE, Wm. H., (Broome Center,) grocer and boot and shoe maker.
WILBUR, Seneca, C., (Broome Center,) farmer 97.
WILBUR, Vincent R., (Broome Center,) farmer 55.
WILCOX, Eli, (Gilboa,) farmer 60.
WOOD, Henry, (South Jefferson,) dairyman, prop. saw mill and farmer 250.
WOOD, Milo, (South Jefferson,) dairyman and farmer 230.
WOODS, Jacob, (Broome Center,) farmer 140.
WYCKOFF, Daniel, (North Blenheim,) farmer.
WYCKOFF, Geo., (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 138.
WYCKOFF, Nathan B., (Gilboa,) farmer 99.
YANSON, Abram, (South Jefferson,) farmer leases of Cornelius Latham 54.
YEOMANS, Charlotte Mrs., (Broome Center,) farmer 25.
YEOMANS, Harvey & Son, (Gilboa,) (Horace A.,) farmer 130.
YEOMANS, Horace A., (Gilboa,) (Harvey Yeomans & Son.)
ZEH, Jeremiah, (Breakabeen,) dairyman and farmer 197.
ZEH, Phillip J., (Gilboa,) physician and surgeon.
ZELIE, David, (Gilboa,) (Zelie & Stryker,) deputy postmaster.
ZELIE, & STRYKER, (Gilboa,) (David Zelie and Alonzo Stryker,) general merchants and boot and shoe manufs.

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