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ABRAM, William N., (West Fulton,) carpenter and farmer 50.
ABRAMS, Miller, (West Fulton,) farmer leases of D. Joslin 80.
ADAMS, Ambrose W., (Fultonham,) farmer 90.
AKELEY, Martin, (West Fulton) farmer.
AKER, David, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 100.
AKER, John S., (Cobleskill,) farmer 245.
AKERSON, Hiram, (Breakabeen,) farmer 30.
AKLEY, Edgar, (West Fulton,) postmaster
ARMLIN, Phillip, (Breakabeen,) farmer 50
ARMLING, Tunis, (Breakabeen,) farmer 25.
ARMLING, William, (Breakabeen,) farmer 180
ASH, Betsey E. Mrs., (West Fulton,) farmer 66.
AVERY, John, (Fultonham,) farmer 55.
BAKER, William, (Fultonham,) grist and saw mills, and farmer 100
BARKMAN, John, (Fultonham,) farmer 150
BARNARD, Danle, (Middleburg,) hoe maker and farmer 45
BECKER, Dennis, (Breakabeen,) carpenter.
BECKER, Jacob J., (West Fulton,) farmer 80
BECKER, William G.,(Fultonham,) farmer 75
BERGH, Albert, (Breakabeen,) farmer 100 and (with Washington,) prop. of saw mill.
BERGH, Benjamin, (Breakabeen,) farmer 100.
BERGh, Sophia Mrs., (Breakabeen,) farmer.
BERGH, Washington,, (Breakabeen,) farmer 300 and (with Albert,) prop. of saw mill.
BEST, Charles S., (Fultonham,) postmaster and shoemaker.
BEST, Jacob, (Fultonham,) farmer 80
BEST, William, (Fultonham,) shoemaker and farmer 8.
BICE, Ezra D., (Fultonham,) shoemaker.
BICE, Minerd R., (West Fulton,) school teacher and farmer 70.
BIRCHARD, Elias, (Cobleskill,) farmer 42.
BISHOP, Catherine, (Middleburg,) farmer 110. 
BORST, Chas., (Middleburg,)  farmer.
BORST, Charles H., (Breakabeen,) town clerk.
BOUCK, Anna M., (Fultonham,) farmer 150.
BOUCK, Charles, (Fultonham,) farmer 460.
BOUCK, Daniel, (Breakabeen,) farmer 100.
BOUCK, George H., (Breakabeen,) farmer 80.
BOUCK, Gerorge P., (Middleburg,) farmer 200.
BOUCK, Jeremiah, (Breakabeen,) blacksmith.
BRADY, James, (West Fulton,) farmer 130.
BRAMAN, James B., (Cobleskill,) farmer 200.
BUNN, Edward H., (West Fulton,) farmer 110.
BURGET, Caty, (Breakabeen,) prop. of hotel
BURGET, Charles S., (Fultonham,) hotel prop., blacksmith and cooper.
BURGET, George W., (Fultonham,) cooper.
BURGET, Peter, (Fultonham,) cooper and carpenter.
BURGET, William B., (Breakabeen,) apiarian, cabinet maker, tailor, tinsmith and blacksmith.
CAMPBELL, Furman M., (Breakabeen,) farmer 150.
CAMPBELL, George C., (Mineral Springs,) school teacher and farmer 98.
CAMPBELL, Hiram, (Fultonham,) farmer 70.
CAMPBELL, Milton, (Breakabeen,) farmer leases 130.
CHAPMAN, Jacob, (Breakabeen,) farmer 130.
CHAPMAN, Jacob, (Fultonham,) farmer.
CHAPMAN, Moses, (West Fulton,) farmer 200.
CHAPMAN, Spencer, (Fultonham,) farmer.
CHASE, George W., (West Fulton,) farmer 80.
CHASE, John, (Cobleskill,) farmer 100.
CHASE, Joseph, (West Fulton,) cooper and farmer 20.
CLAPPER, Raymond, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
CLAPPER, Richard, (West Fulton,) farmer 200.
CLARK, Isaac, (West Fulton,) farmer 97.
CLARK, James, (West Fulton,) prop. of West Fulton House.
COLLINS, Jacob, (Franklinton,) local preacher, carpenter and farmer 86.
COMSTOCK, Chas. H., (Summit,) farmer 40.
CONARO, Humphrey, (Summit,) farmer 208.
CONINE, Derick, (Fultonham,) farmer 120.
COOK, Charles, (Eminence,) farmer 100.
COOK, Truman L., (Eminence,) carpenter and farmer 85.
COON, Harman, (Summit,) farmer.
CORNELL, Maria, (Eminence,) tailoress.
CORNELL, Smith, (West Fulton,) farmer 116.
CORNELL,Warren, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 60.
CRARY, Horace B., (Fultonham,) farmer.
CRAWFORD, Joseph, (West Fulton,) farmer 200.
COWEN, James, (Middleburg,) farmer 100.
COWEN, William, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
DAWLEY, George, (West Fulton,) farmer 42.
DAWLEY, John, (West Fulton,) dairyman and farmer 205.
DEARSTINE, Andrew, (Breakabeen,) blacksmith.
DEARSTINE, David O., (West Fulton,) cooper and farmer leases of B.E.Ash, 65.
DEARSTYNE, Lydia L. Mrs., (West Fulton,) farmer 56.
DECKER, Charles, (Breakabeen,) farmer 200.
DENEY, Horace, (Eminence,) carpenter and prop. of saw mill.
DIBBLE, Ambrose, (West Fulton,) farmer leases of Samuel Kelly, 78.
DIBBLE, Bartholomew F., (West Fulton,) farmer 100.
DIBBLE, Benjamin, (Summit,) farmer 84.
DIBBLE, Charles, (Summit,) farmer 140.
DIBBLE, David, (West Fulton,) farmer 75.
DIBBLE, Menzo, (Summit,) farmer 60.
DIBBLE, Minzo, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
DOTY, William, (Breakabeen,) farmer 93.
DUDLEY, Addison, (Breakabeen,) shoemaker.
DUDLEY, Daniel L., (Breakabeen,) shoemaker.
DUDLEY, George S., (North Blenheim,) cooper.
EDMONSON, James, (Fultonham,) school teacher.
ELLIS, Daniel, (Fultonham,) farmer 60.
EMPIE, Luther, (Breakabeen,) (John J. Zeh & Co.)
FRANCHER, Harvey W., (West Fulton,) farmer 150.
FEECK, Jacob Jr., (Fultonham,) farmer 150.
FEECK, Jacob J., (Fultonham,) blacksmith and farmer 305.
FELLOWS, M. B., (West Fulton,) general merchant.
FINCH, John, (Fultonham,) saw mill and farmer 150.
FINEGAN, Michael, (West Fulton,) blacksmith.
FOLAND, Jonas, (Breakabeen,) carpenter.
FOLAND, Martin L., (Breakabeen,) carpenter, blacksmith and farmer 95.
FOLICK, John H., (Mineral Springs,) cooper and farmer 103.
FOSTER, Edward, (West Fulton,) farmer 90.
FOSTER, Thomas G., (Fultonham,) general merchant, glove and mitten manuf., deputy postmaster and farmer 237.
FRANCE, David, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 100.
FRAYER, Adam, (Breakabeen,) farmer 100.
FREEMYER, John, (Breakabeen,) farmer 100.
FREEMYER, William, (Breakabeen,) farmer 250.
FULLINGTON, Angeline Mrs., (West Fulton,) farmer 60.
GARDNER, Richard, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
GATES, Abram, (Breakabeen,) singing teacher and farmer 114.
GATES, Edmond, (Breakabeen,) farmer 175.
GATES, Horatio, (Breakabeen,) apiarian and farmer 10.
GATES, Stephen, (Breakabeen,) farmer 80.
GETTER, David, (Fultonham,) blacksmith.
GETTER, Harvey, (Fultonham,) blacksmith.
GETTER, Henry, (Fultonham.)
GIFFORD, James F., (Summit,) farmer leases of Chas. Myer, 120.
GIFFORD, Paul, (West Fulton,) farmer 67.
GIFFORD, Simon, (Breakabeen,) farmer 71.
GORSE, David, (West Fulton,) farmer 113.
GRAY, John, (Summit,) farmer 94.
GRAY, William, (Summit,) farmer 70.
HADSEL, Peter, (West Fulton,) farmer 130.
HAGER, Daniel J., (Breakabeen,) shoemaker.
HAM, Alonzo, (Breakabeen,) carpenter and cooper.
HAM, Jeremiah, (West Fulton,) farmer 150.
HAM, Stephen, (West Fulton,) farmer.
HAM, Valentine, (Breakabeen,) cooper and farmer leases of J. J. Shultis, 5.
HANES, Abraham, (Fultonham,) farmer 95.
HANES, Charles, (Fultonham,) carpenter and cooper.
HANES, George L., (Fultonham,) farmer 200.
HANES, Jacob H., (Fultonham,) carpenter and farmer 25.
HANES, Peter, (Fultonham,) farmer 200.
HANNAY, Hamilton F., (West Fulton,) farmer 80.
HARDER, Alfred, (West Fulton,) farmer 300
HARRIS, Laking, (West Fulton,) farmer 126.
HARRIS, Wellington, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 78.
HAYNES, George W., (Middleburg,) farmer.
HAYNES, John L., (Middleburg,) farmer 50.
HAYNES, Peter S., (Middleburg,) broom manuf. and farmer 140.
HEMSTREET, Adam, (West Fulton,) saw mill and farmer 25.
HENNISS, Abram, (West Fulton,) farmer 200.
HENNISS, John, (West Fulton,) farmer 200.
HESS, Benjamin, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 100.
HESS, Caleb, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 48.
HILLSINGER, Abram, (West Fulton,) carpenter and farmer 120.
HILTS, George, (Breakabeen,) farmer.
HILTS, Gideon D., (Breakabeen,) farmer 500.
HILTS, Jay, (North Bleneim,) farmer 203.
HITCHMAN, Josiah, (Middleburg,) farmer leases.
HOFFMAN, Henry, (Breakabeen,) cooper.
HOGAN, Oliver, (Breakabeen,) farmer 159
HOLLENBECK, William, (West Fulton,) farmer 65.
HOLIDAY, Albert E., (Fultonham or West Fulton,) farmer 78.
HOLIDAY, Harvey H., (Fultonham,) farmer leases of Bartholomew Becker, 95.
HOLIDAY, Henry, (Fultonham,) lumber dealer, prop. of saw mill and farmer 212.
HOLIDAY, William E., (Fultonham,) farmer 200.
HOLMES, John, (West Fulton,) farmer 2.
HOLMES, Mansfield, (Fultonham,) carpenter and farmer 157.
HOTALING, Jacob, (West Fulton,) farmer 75.
HUSSONG, Leopold, (Breakabeen,) carriage maker.
INGRAHAM, Eli, (West Fulton,) shoemaker.
INGRAM, Michael, (West Fulton,) farmer 90.
INGRAM, Russel, (West Fulton,) shoemaker and farmer 30.
JACKSON, Andrew, (West Fulton,) saw mill and farmer 116.
JOHNS, Robert, (West Fulton,) farmer70.
JONES, Alanson, (Fultonham,) mason.
JONES, Emeline Mrs., (Fultonham,) carpet weaver and farmer 23.
JONES, Reuben, (Eminence,) farmer 71.
JONES, Stephen S., (West Fulton,) farmer 375.
JOSLIN, Daniel, (West Fulton,) farmer 130.
JOSLIN, Lucius, (West Fulton,) farmer 80.
KANE, A. B., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 115.
KEYSER, Abram, (Breakabeen,) farmer 100.
KEYSER, Jacob, (Breakabeen,) saw mill and farmer 300.
KEYSER, Peter W., (Breakabeen,) cooper and farmer.
KING, Abram J., (West Fulton,) carpenter and farmer 300.
KING, Phillip, (Mineral Springs,) cooper and farmer 50.
KLING, Cristopher, (West Fulton,) grist mill.
KLING, John N., (Fultonham,) miller, prop. of saw mill and farmer 42.
KLING, Martin L., (Breakabeen,) blacksmith.
KNESKERN, Harrison, (Breakabeen,) cooper and farmer 50.
LAMONT, Stuart, (West Fulton,) saw mill.
LAWYER, George M., (Fultonham,) farmer.
LAWYER, Phillip B. (Fultonham,) assessor and farmer 120.
LAWYER, Valentine, M., (Fultonham,) physician and surgeon, and farmer 140.
LEE, Richard, (West Fulton,) farmer 75.
LEVALLEY,Amasa, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
LIVINGSTON, Hiram, (West Fulton,) farmer 25.
LOUDON, Stephen, (Fultonham,) farmer 145.
LOVELAND, Andrew, (West Fulton,) farmer 90.
LOVELAND, Isaac, (West Fulton,) farmer 83.
LOVELAND, Thomas C., (West Fulton,) farmer 180
MABEY, George, (West Fulton,) farmer.
MANCHESTER, Daniel, (Fultonham,) farmer 35.
MANN, John B., (Middleburg,) school teacher and farmer.
MANN, John H., (Middleburg,) civil engineer and farmer 24.
MANN, Josiah, (Fultonham,) horse dealer and farmer 175.
MARKHAM, C., (Breakabeen,) school teacher and farmer.
MATTICE, Adam L., (Middleburg,) farmer 170.
MATTICE, Freeman S., (Fultonham,) peddler and farmer 14.
MATTICE, Henry W., (Middleburg,) broom manuf. and farmer 150.
MATTICE, James H., (Fultonham,) farmer 55.
MATTICE, Lawrence, (Fulton,) farmer.
MCGLOTHLEN, Thomas, (West Fulton,) farmer 57.
MCNEIL, John, (West Fulton,) farmer 390.
MCNEIL, Walter, (West Fulton,) farmer 134.
MICKLE, David, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 96.
MICKLE, George A., (Middleburg,) farmer 100.
MICKLE, Henry J., (Summit,) saw mill and farmer120.
MILLER, John B., (Breakabeen,) tannery.
MILLER, Robert, (West Fulton,) farmer 100.
MITCHELL, Wm. H., (Fultonham,) assessor and farmer 180.
MOREY, John W., (West Fulton,) farmer 45.
MOREY, Stephen A., (West Fulton,) shoemaker and farmer 70.
MURPHY, Peter, (Fultonham,) farmer.
MYER, Chas., (Summit,) cooper and farmer 130.
MYERS, Henry, (Summit,) farmer 80.
MYERS, Henry P., (West Fulton,) farmer 150.
MYERS, Hiram, (West Fulton,) farmer 79.
MYERS, Jermiah, (Summit,) farmer 40.
MYERS, John, (West Fulton,) (with Peter R..,) farmer 13.
MYERS, Peter R., (West Fulton,) (with John,) farmer 18.
MYERS, Peter W., (West Fulton,) farmer 165.
MYERS, Samuel E., (Summit,) farmer 60.
MYERS, William, (Summit,) dealer in live stock and farmer 85.
NEER, Alonzo, (West Fulton,) saw mill.
NEER, Geo. 2d, (West Fulton,) farmer 45.
NOBLES, Silas, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 120.
PANGBURN, George, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
PARTRIDGE, Adelbert, (West Fulton,) (Partridge and Rosecrans,)deputy postmaster.
PARTRIDGE & ROSECRANS, (West Fulton,)(Adelbert Partridge and Fredrick W. Rosecrans,) dry goods, ready made clothing and hardware.
PATRICK, Jesse, (West Fulton,) physician and farmer 50.
PATTERSON, Ephraim, (Breakabeen,) prop. of Patterson House.
PATTERSON HOUSE, (Breakabeen,) Ephraim Patterson, prop.
PECHTLE, John, (Breakabeen,) farmer.
PERRY, W. Russel, (West Fulton,) farmer 80.
PHANEUFF, Delia Ann Mrs., (West Fulton,) dressmaker.
PHANEUFF, Frank, (West Fulton,) carriage maker and farmer 90.
PHILLIPS, Joseph, (West Fulton,) farmer 122.
POLLOCK, Jesse W., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 200.
PORTER, Asbury G., (Breakabeen,) cooper.
PORTER, B., (Breakabeen,) farmer leases.
PORTER, Ira S. Rev., (Breakabeen,) pastor St. Mathew Evangelical Lutheran Church.
PRESTON, Isaac, (Breakabeen,) shoemaker.
PROUT, John G., (Fultonham,) farmer 152.
REESE, John, (West Fulton,) shoemaker and farmer 105.
REIB, Henry, (Fultonham,) farmer 100.
REYNOLDS, Eliphalet, H., (West Fulton,) farmer 100.
REYNOLDS, John, (West Fulton,) farmer 115.
RICKART, John, (Middleburg,) farmer 160.
RIDER, Smith, (Summit,) farmer 70.
ROE, Henry, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
RONEY, George W., (Fultonham,) carpenter, cabinet maker, wagon maker and millwright.
RONEY, John M., (Fultonham,) wagon maker and farmer 165.
ROSECRANS, Frederick W., (West Fulton,) (Partridge and Rosecrans.)
ROSSMAN, Benjamin, (West Fulton,) farmer 185.
ROSSMAN, George, (West Fulton,) justice of the peace and farmer 130.
ROSSMAN, John, (West Fulton,) physician and surgeon.
ROSSMAN, Reuben, (Summit,) farmer 180.
ROSSMAN, William, (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
RUSSELL, Polly Mrs.,(Breakabeen,) farmer 25.
RUSSELL, Abram, (Franklinton,) farmer 19.
SCHEAFFER, Hendrick, (Middleburg,) live stock dealer and farmer.
SCHERMERHORN, Cornelius, (West Fulton,) farmer 105.
SCHERMERHORN, George, (West Fulton,) prop. of saw mill and store, assistant postmaster and farmer 196.
SCROM, Walter, (Fultonham,) cooper.
SHAFER, Friend, W., (Fultonham,) post master, physician and surgeon, and general merchant.
SHAFER, F. W. Mrs., (Breakabeen,) millinery.
SHAFER, Pasco, (West Fulton,) farmer 63.
SHAFER, Sylvester, (Mineral Springs,) carpenter and farmer 140.
SHAFER, William H., (Breakabeen,) farmer 60.
SHALER, John H. W., (West Fulton,) school teacher and farmer 80.
SHAVER, Abram, (West Fulton,) farmer 93.
SHAVER, Adam C., (West Fulton,) farmer 109.
SHAVER, Andrew, (West Fulton,) farmer 80.
SHAVER, Jane, (West Fulton,) farmer 106.
SHOLTIS, John, J., (Breakabeen,) saw mill and farmer 376.
SHUFELT, George H., (Breakabeen,) carriage maker and undertaker.
STILLMAN, David M. Rev., (West Fulton,) clergyman and farmer 80.
SIMMONS, Peter H., (West Fulton,) farmer 50.
SIMPKINS, Alfred, (West Fulton,) farmer.
SISSON, Ransom E., (Breakabeen,) (Waldron & Sisson.)
SITZER, John, (West Fulton,) farmer 109.
SLOUT, Robert, (West Fulton,) farmer.
SMITH, Abram, (West Fulton,) blacksmith and farmer 53.
SMITH, Charles, (West Fulton,) blacksmith and farmer.
SMITH, Ezra, (Mineral Springs,) carpenter and farmer 108.
SMITH, Phillip, (Summit,) farmer 160.
SPALDING, William, (Summit,) farmer 134.
SPAULDING, Charles, (West Fulton,) farmer 100.
SPAULDING, George W., (West Fulton,) farmer 133.
SPAULDING, Hiram, (West Fulton,) farmer 145.
SPAULDING, Samuel, (West Fulton,) farmer 112.
SPAULDING, Orgin M., (West Fulton,) school teacher and farmer 50.
SPENCER, Niram, (West Fulton,) general merchant.
SPENCER, Norman, (Cobleskill,) farmer 135.
SPICKERMAN, George, (West Fulton,) farmer 170.
SPICKERMAN, Orson, (West Fulton,) justice of the peace and school teacher.
SPRINGSTED, John, (West Fulton,) farmer 100.
SPRINGSTED, Mason, (West Fulton,) farmer 52.
SPRINGSTED, Uriah, (West Fulton,) farmer 162.
SPURBECK, David, (Fultonham,) carpenter, cooper and farmer.
STANTON, Aretas, (Breakabeen,) farmer 82.
STANTON, Robert, (Mineral Springs,) farmer 9.
STEVER, Henry, (Breakabeen,) farmer 50.
STEWART, Richard, (Fultonham,) saw mill and farmer 240.
STEWART, Robert, (Fultonham,) sash and blind factory and farmer 20.
STROBECK, John A., (Mineral Springs,) farmer 85.
SWART, William J., (West Fulton,) farmer 105.
SWEET, Philo B., (Eminence,) painter and farmer 170.
TANNER, Smith, (Breadabeen,) farmer 500.
TELLER, William E., (Fultonham,) cooper.
THEGART, Alexander, (West Fulton,) farmer 130.
THOMPSON, Lowrand, (West Fulton,) farmer 7.
TRAVIS, Gilbert, (Breakabeen,) carriage manuf. and owns Patterson House.
TRIP, Squire, (West Fulton,) farmer 95.
TURK, Cooper, (West Fulton,) wagon maker, blacksmith and farmer 65.
VALWIDER, Abraham, (Fultonham,) farmer 33.
VAN AUKEN, James, (West Fulton,) farmer.
VAN BUREN, John H., (West Fulton,) farmer 30.
VAN VORIS, Benjamin, (Summit,) farmer 60.
VAN VORIS, George, (West Fulton,) shoemaker and farmer 150.
VAN VORRIS, J. Platt, (Fultonham,) mason, carpenter and farmer 66.
VAUGHAN, Isaac, (Breakabeen,) wagon maker.
VAUGHAN, Sarah M., (Breakabeen,) millinery.
VROMAU, Bartholomew H., (Middleburg,) farmer.
VROMAN, Benjamin, (Fultonham,) school teacher.
VROMAN, David J., (Middleburg,) carpenter, supervisor and farmer 43.
VROMAN, Ephraim, (Fultonham,) farmer 200.
VROMAN, Ephraim, B., (Fultonham,) farmer 180.
VROMAN, Harman J., (Fultonham,) farmer.
VROMAN, Henry D., (Middleburg,) farmer 45.
VROMAN, John H., (Middleburg,) farmer 100.
WAGONER, Henry, (West Fulton,) carpenter and farmer 206.
WAINRIGHT, Maria, (Franklinton,) farmer 50.
WALDRON, Edwin, (Breakabeen,) (Waldron & Sisson,) machinist and moulder.
WALDRON, John, (Breakabeen,) moulder and carpenter.
WALDRON & SISSON, (Breakabeen,) (Edwin Waldron and Ransom E. Sisson,) prop. of iron foundry and saw mill, manufs, platform churn powers.
WARNER, Abraham, (Middleburg,) farmer 80.
WARNER, Geo., (Fulton,) farmer.
WATSON, Benjamin, (West Fulton,) farmer 100.
WATSON, Charles, (Fultonham,) general merchant, cooper and notary public.
WAYMAN, George, (West Fulton,) wagon maker and carpenter.
WEIDMAN, Ralph, (Fultonham,) wagon maker, cooper and carpenter.
WENTWORTH, Erastus, (Mineral Springs,) harness and shoemaker, and farmer 46.
WENTWORTH, Sherman, (Fultonham,) shoemaker.
WEST, Evean Mrs., (Breakabeen,) farmer 70.
WEST FULTON HOUSE, (West Fulton, James Clark, prop.
WHITE, John F., (Breakabeen,) farmer 200.
WHITE, Wilbur, (West Fulton,) mail contractor and farmer 35.
WILBER, Abraham, (Breakabeen,) machinist and moulder.
WILDAY, David, (West Fulton,) farmer 150.
WOOD, Jacob H., (Breakabeen,) farmer 135
WOOD, Thomas, (Fultonham,) farmer 176.
WOOD, Thomas, (Fultonham,) farmer 40.
WORMER, John Jr., (Breakabeen,) commission dealer in butter, hops &c., and farmer 150.
YOUNGS, Peter, (West Fulton,) farmer 96.
ZEH, Jacob W., (Breakabeen,) grist mill and farmer 28.
ZEH, John J., (Breakabeen,) (John J. Zeh & Co.,) justice of the peace, miller and tinsmith.
ZEH, John J. & Co., (Breakabeen,) (Luther Empie,) dry goods, groceries, tinware, hardware, yankee notions &c.
ZEH, Marcus, (Breakabeen,) poor master and farmer 400.
ZEH, Philip, (Breakabeen,) farmer 175.
ZIMMER, Peter, (Fultonham,) farmer 136.

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