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ADAMS, Rufus, (West Conesville,) farmer leases 100.
ALLEN, James, (Conesville,) farmer 158.
BANDOW, John H., (Conesville,) retired merchant.
BARLOW, Galleta, (Broome Center,) dairyman and farmer 62.
BARLOW, John S., (Broome Center,) farmer 70.
BARRETT, Michael, (West Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 300.
BARTHOLOMEW, Laren W., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) carpenter, turner and farmer 50.
BARTHOLOMEW, Solomon J., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) carpenter and farmer 126.
BARTLEY, David, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 130.
BARTLEY, Loretta Mrs., (Conesville,) farmer 97.
BARTLEY, Simeon, (Conesville,) farmer 97.
BASSETT, Daniel, (West Conesville,) millright and joiner.
BATES, Gideon, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) miller and farmer 66.
BENHAM, John T., (West Conesville,) physician and surgeon.
BEERS, Ebenezer H., (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 170.
BISHOP, Manin, (Manorkill,) (with James Weed,) farmer 75.
BLOODGOOD, David D., (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 118.
BLOODGOOD, George H., (Conesville,) carpenter, dairyman and farmer 220.
BRAINERD, Jason P., (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 100.
BRAINERD, Zechariah, (Manorkill,) dairyman, carpenter and farmer 300.
BRAND, Allen, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 200.
BRANDOW, Cornelius S., (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 265.
BRANDOW, Mathew H., (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 100.
BRANDOW, Romeyn, (Conesville,) school teacher.
BRINK, Charles, (Conesville,) farmer 35.
BRINK, Delevan, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 100.
BRINK, John H., (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 96.
BROWN, Albert, (West Conesville,) blacksmith.
BROWN, Albert N., (Manorkill,) photographer.
BROWN, Artemas, (West Conesville,) (Artemas Brown & Son,) millright and farmer 8.
BROWN, Artemas & Son, (West Conesville,) (Lewis W.,) grist mill.
BROWN, Lewis W., (Gilboa) (Artemas Brown & Son.)
BROWN, Wellington, (Manorkill,) town clerk and shoemaker.
BURHANS, William W., (Manorkill,) (Humphrey & Burhans,) deputy postmaster.
BUSHNELL, Calvin, (Durham, Greene Co.,) farmer 100.
CAMMER, John L., (Conesville,) weaver and farmer 40.
CARPENTER, Smith S., (Manorkill,) farmer 120.
CASE, Allen, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 110.
CASE, Betsey Mrs., (Conesville,) farmer 100.
CASE, Elisha, (Conesville,) prop. of sawmill and farmer 62.
CASE, Elisha G., (Conesville,) farmer 144.
CASE, George, (Conesville,) blacksmith, carriage maker, gunsmith and farmer 43.
CASE, Joel, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 140.
CASE, William, (Conesville,) farmer 102.
CASE, Wilston, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 127.
CASTON, George, (Manorkill,) farmer 21.
CHICHESTER, William E., (Manorkill,) farmer 67.
CLARK, David S., (Manorkill,) farmer 115.
COLE, Loren P. Rev., (Gilboa,) clergyman and farmer 270.
COLE, Luman, (Conesville,) blacksmith.
CONESVILLE HOUSE, (Conesville,) Angeline C. Layman, prop.
COOK, Albert, (West Conesville,) farmer 100.
CORNELL, John T., (West Conesville,) merchant and carpenter.
COUCHMAN, Edward, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer leases of Jane Steele, 260.
COUCHMAN, Peter, (Conesville,) supervisor, member of assembly, dairyman and farmer 100.
CRANE, Erwin B., (Manorkill,) blacksmith and wagonmaker.
CROUCH, Martha Mrs., (West Conesville,) dairy and farmer 130.
DAVIS, Uriah, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 60.
DECKER, Isaac, (Conesville,) hatter and farmer 100.
DEWELL, Cyrus R., (Conesville,) farmer 133.
DEWELL, Cyrus W., (Conesville,) justice of the peace, dairyman and farmer 106.
DEWITT, John C., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) dairyman, fruit raiser, sheep breeder and farmer 283.
DIBBLE, Mahaley Mrs., (Conesville,) farmer 80.
DINGMAN, John H., (Manorkill,) assessor and farmer leases of George Simpson, 100.
DINGMAN, Joseph, (Manorkill,) farmer 100.
DISBROW, Asahel, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 130.
ELLIOTT, David S., (Manorkill,) farmer 126.
FANNING, Benjamin, (Conesville,) physician and surgeon.
FOX, David, (Manorkill,) farmer 132.
FOX, Giles, (Manorkill,) farmer 80.
FRAYER, Calvin J., (Manorkill,) farmer 100.
FRAYER, Malinda, (Manorkill,) farmer 56.
FREDENBURG, Hiram, (Conesville,) farmer.
FREESE, Roswell, (Manorkill,) farmer 200.
FROST, Ambrose, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 78.
FULLER, Hezekiah, (Manorkill,) blacksmith and farmer 44.
FULLINGTON, Jennie Miss, (Broome Center,) farmer 35.
GAYLORD, George, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 126.
GAYLORD, John W., (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 165.
GAYLORD, Woodford, (Manorkill,) overseer of the poor, dairyman and farmer 125.
GOODFELLOW, G. T., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 70.
GOODFELLOW, Henry S., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) school teacher and farmer.
GOODFELLOW, Isaac B., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) carpenter, dairyman and farmer 100.
GOODFELLOW, John, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 100.
GOODFELLOW, Sylvester P., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 64.
GORDON, George, (Manorkill,) mason and farmer 7.
GORSE, John W. Rev., (Manorkill,) pastor M.E. Church.
GRAHAM, John, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 105.
GUSTIN, P. A., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) dairyman and farmer 100.
HAMMOND, Elisha, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 150.
HAMMOND, Elisha Jr., (Manorkill,) school teacher.
HANER, Isaac, (Prattsville, Greene Co.,) farmer 234.
HARRINGTON, Orlando, (Conesville,) farmer 55.
HASKINS, Phillip, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 11.
HATFIELD, Theodore W., (West Conesville,) marketman.
HATFIELD, William, (West Conesville,) constable and marketman.
HAWYER, James, (Conesville,) saw mill, dairyman and farmer 147.
HAWYER, William W., (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 133.
HENDRICKS, Winslow, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 200. 
HINMAN, Nelson, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 148.
HITCHCOCK, Davis S., (Manorkill,) farmer 90.
HITCHCOCK, Stephen J., (Conesville,) notary public, prop. of saw mill, carpenter, dairyman and farmer 270.
HOLLENBECK, Truman, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) dairyman and farmer 100.
HOWARD, James, (Manorkill,) carpenter and farmer 90.
HOWARD, Sabrina, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 44.
HUBBARD, Betsey Mrs., (Manorkill,) farmer 28.
HUBBARD, Coland, (Preston Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer leases 100.
HUBBARD, Danan., (Conesville,) waggon maker. 
HUBBARD, Enos, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 222.
HUBBARD, Orin, (Manorkill,) carpenter and farmer 75.
HULBERT, Seymour E., (West Conesville,) cooper.
HULBERT, Reuben H., (Manorkill,) carpenter and farmer 90.
HUMPHREY & BURHANS, (Manorkill,) (Ira D. Humphrey and William W. Burhans,) general merchants.
HUMPHREY, Ira. D., (Manorkill,) (Humphrey & Burhans,) farmer 165.
HUNT, John, (Manorkill,) farmer 120.
HUNTER, William, (Conesville,) farmer 300.
JORDAN, Thomas, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 80.
KINGSLEY, Benoni A., (Conesville,) dealer in live stock, insurance agent and farmer 115.
KNOWLES, E. Catharine, (West Conesville,) dairy and farmer 157.
LADU, Cornelius, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 127.
LAMOURE, George S., (Gilboa,) dairyman and farmer 207.
LAMPHERE, John, (Conesville,) boot and shoe maker.
LAYMAN, Angeline C., (Conesville,) prop. of Conesville House.
LAYMAN, Hiram, (Conesville,) farmer 50.
LAYMAN, Peter A., (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 95.
LAYMAN, Peter M., (Manorkill,) grist and saw mills, and farmer 6.
LEWIS, Benjamin, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 106.
LOWN, David G., (Broome Center,) farmer 70.
MAKELY, Maria, (Manorkill,) farmer 135.
MAKELY, Peter, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 90.
MATTICE, Homera Mrs., (Manorkill,) dairy and farmer 440.
MATTICE, Isaac, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 120.
MAYBIE, Isaac F., (Conesville,) farmer 50.
MCGAVY, John W., (Conesville,) farmer 207. 
MILLER, Daniel H., (Conesville,) assistant postmaster and general merchant.
MILLER, Harmon, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 260.
MILLER, William, (Conesville,) farmer 180.
MORSE, John A., (West Conesville,) (Joseph Morse & Son.,) carpenter.
MORSE, Joseph & Son, (West Conesville,) (John A.,) dairymen and farmers 240.
MYERS, John H., (West Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 112.
O'BRYON, Dennis R., (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 180.
PARKS, Amazon, (Conesville,) carpenter, dairyman and farmer 136.
PATRIE, Alexander W., (West Conesville,) assessor, dairyman and farmer 140.
PATRIE, C. Kimber, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 100.
PATRIE, Dolly Mrs., (Conesville,) farmer 210.
PATRIE, Polly, (Conesville,) farmer 50.
PATRIE, Winslow P., (Conesville,) school teacher.
PHELPS, Orson, (Manorkill,) carpenter and postmaster.
PHELPS, Rolla, (Conesville,) carpenter and farmer 250.
PHELPS, Wallace, (Manorkill,) carpenter, wagon maker, constable and collector.
RICHARDS, George, (Manorkill,) farmer 120.
RICHMOND, Almeron M., (West Conesville,) shoemaker.
RICHMOND, A. M. Mrs., (West Conesville,) dressmaking and tailoring.
RICHMOND, Cyrus H., (Conesville,) constable.
RICHMOND, Daniel, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co,) farmer 225.
RICHMOND, Edward, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 168.
RICHMOND, Stephen B., (West Conesville,) justice of the peace and boot and shoe dealer.
RICHTMYER, Abraham F., (Manorkill,) justice of the peace and farmer.
RICHTMYER, Cornelia Mrs., (Conesville,) farmer 80.
RICHTMYER, estate, heirs of, (Manorkill,) (Abram, Edward, Mary E., E. Helen, Mrs. Ervilla,) farmers 780.
RICHTMYER, Jacob R., (Conesville,) farmer 45.
RICHTMYER, Madison, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 110.
RICHTMYER, William, (Conesville,) farmer 150.
RICHTMYER, William E., (Conesville,) farmer 150.
RIDER, Isaac, (Conesville,) farmer 96.
RIKARD, George, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 220.
RIVENBURGH, James, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 160.
ROGERS, Henry T., (Manorkill,) farmer 100.
ROSE, Wesley, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 77.
ROSS, Euphania Mrs., (Manorkill,) dairy and farmer 150.
SANFORD, Sylvester, (Conesville,) cooper and herb doctor.
SAULSBURY, Charles, (Potter's Holloe, Albany Co.,) farmer leases of Mrs. H. Saulsbury, 129.
SAULSBURY, Hannah Mrs., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 129.
SCHEMERHORN, Peter S., (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) blacksmith, dairyman and farmer 175.
SCHERMERHORN, William, (Conesville,) farmer 106.
SCOVILL, Clinton, (Manorkill,) live stock dealer, dairyman and farmer 140.
SCOVILL, Elijah, (Manorkill,) blacksmith, dairyman and farmer 200.
SCOVILL, Eugene, (Durham, Greene Co.,) farmer.
SCOVILL, Solomon N W., (Manorkill,) apiarian and farmer.
SCOVILLE, Cyrus, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 130.
SCOVILLE, Joseph, (Manorkill,) farmer 50.
SCOVILLE, Josaph C., (Manorkill,) farmer 12.
SCOVILLE, Sylvester, (Durham, Greene Co.,) dairyman and farmer 130.
SCOVILLE, Theresa Mrs., (Durham, Greene Co.,) farmer 130.
SCOTT, John, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 16.
SELLICK, Lydia E., (West Conesville,) general merchant.
SHOEMAKER, Abram, (Conesville,) carpenter and (with Wideman,) (Conesville,) (with Abram,) leases saw mill.
SHOEMAKER, Wideman, (Conesville,) (with Abram,) leases saw mill.
SHOEMAKER, Wideman F., (Conesville,) carpenter.
SMALL, William, (West Conesville,) cooper.
SMITH, Annias, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 236.
SMITH, David, (Conesville,) farmer 12.
SMITH, Jacob, (Manorkill,) farmer 121.
SMITH, John A., (Oak Hill, Greene Co.,) farmer 120.
SMITH, Rhodes, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 123.
SMITH, William, (Conesville,) farmer 100.
SNOW, Stephen, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) farmer 60.
SNYDER, Eliza A. Mrs., (West Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 95.
SNYDER, George A., (Conesville,) school teacher, deputy sheriff and farmer.
SNYDER, Jeremiah J., (Conesville,) blacksmith, wagon maker and farmer 86.
SNYDER, Peter, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 70.
SNYDER, William, (West Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 128.
SOULES, Agnes, (Manorkill,) farmer 60.
STEELE, Jane, (Manorkill,) dairy and farmer 260.
STEVENS, Levi F., (Gilboa,) farmer 175.
STRYKER, George W., (West Conesville,) farmer 109.
STRYKER, Peter M., (Gilboa,) farmer 100.
SUTTON, A. Nettleton, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 260.
TALARDY, Ovando, (Oak Hill, Greene Co.,) farmer 200.
THOMAS, A. Sidney., (West Conesville,) insurance agent.
THOMAS, Erasmus D., (West Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 168.
THOMPSON, Abram, (Manorkill,) farmer 76.
THOMPSON, Darlus, (Manorkill,) farmer 60.
THORP, Douglas B., (Manorkill,) live stock dealer, dairyman and farmer 430.
THORP, Eugene, (Manorkill,) farmer 80.
TOMPKINS, Deborah Mrs., (Conesville,) farmer 50.
TRAVIS, Caleb, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 240.
TRAVIS, John S., (Conesville,) farmer.
TUTTLE, James L., (Conesville,) farmer 74.
TUTTLE, William, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 70.
VAN DYKE, George, (Conesville,) dealer in live stock and farmer 250.
VAN LOAN, Jacob, (West Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 95.
VAN LOAN, Ransom, (Conesville,) dairyman and farmer 343.
VAN STEENBURGH, John H., (manorkill,) dairy and farmer 192.
VOSBURGH, John H., (West Conesville,) cooper and shoemaker.
WADE, Berl, (Manorkill,) saw mill, dairyman and farmer 149.
WADE, Marcus, (Manorkill,) peddler.
WALKER, John, (West Conesville,) post master and clothier.
WEED, James, (Manorkill,) (with Marvin Bishop,) farmer 75.
WEED, Philemon, (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 100.
WEED, Sillick, (Conesville,) assessor, dairyman and farmer 100.
WILBUR, Clark, (Manorkill,) veterinary surgeon, dairyman and farmer 85.
WINANS, Peter, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) justice of the peace and farmer 180.
WRIGHT, Burton C., (Manorkill,) farmer 10.
YOUNG, David, (Potter's Hollow, Albany Co.,) dairyman and farmer 147.
YOUNG , John W., (Manorkill,) dairyman and farmer 100.
YOUNG, Nathan M., (Manorkill,) carpenter and farmer 95.

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